While I was busy doing other things, this little one suddenly hopped into my life and reminded me that it’s already the end of August!

Can you believe that we have been waiting for her for six months and now the wait is finally over?

Thank you so much for watching! 💕 Theri

My Limited Edition Pullip Doll Collection // Let’s Talk Grails 2.0 👑

Edit: Pullip Cinnamoroll is going to be available again in January! 😊 Yay! ❤

Even though all Pullips are kind of limited editions anyways, there are some girls, who have an extra limited release. Today I am going to show you, which limited edition Pullip girls I was able to add to my collection so far! 😍 Who is your favourite?

Thank you so much for watching! 💕 Theri

My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 1

Pullip Princess SerenityFinding particular Sailor Moon merchandise in Japan can unfortunately not be as easy as you might think. Or you might happen to find exactly, what you wanted, but then the prize is double or triple the amount of its initial value. Many items were only manufactured according to the amount of pre-orders. After missing out on pre-ordering it, attaining products can become a nightmare, as it is often the case with Sailor Moon products by Bandai. This is exactly the reason, why I often prefer to buy my Sailor Moon goodies over the internet because sometimes even Ebay can be less of a struggle than trying to find a grail product in person! On the contrary, you can have lots of fun by having an open mind and looking at merchandise, which you might otherwise would not have thought about appreciating. These are all of the pretties I have obtained last September: Continue reading My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 1

My (Updated) Blogiversary Dolly Wishlist!

Pullips Elodie Day & MarieI am so excited for this post and have so much to update, since I have decided to only share my dolly wishlist every six months! This way, it is way easier for me to evaluate, which girls I actually want to move in with me (after the first phase of infatuation) and to keep track with the overall number of my cuties. This is also the first post, where I am going to talk about different types of dolls I really like and about my current collection, for example about which changes some girls might go through in the future. Let’s start! Continue reading My (Updated) Blogiversary Dolly Wishlist!

It’s Been A Year: Komonogatari’s First Blogiversary!

Exactly one year ago, my review of Pullip Optical Alice, who I got one day prior brand new from Japan, went online. She was the perfect reason to finally create a blog, an idea, which had been dancing in my head for months and went in lieu with dozens hours of brainstorming because I did not want to start under a blog name or social media handles, which I would have want to change after a short while. And there was one more thing: I was scared! Scared of my own writing and photographing skills and even more scared of not finding anybody to share my passions with! Today I consider February 23rd, 2017 as one of the best days of my life because it was the start of me, putting myself out there. I am a strong believer that the more open I am about my passions and feelings here, the more I hope to deliver the message that it is okay to be passionate about the things you are passionate about!

So many cuties! Continue reading It’s Been A Year: Komonogatari’s First Blogiversary!

My Dolly Week #44: Christmas Festivities and Their Consequences!

Welcome to the 44th Dolly Week and let me tell you: Celebrating with my family and all of my dolls swallowed all of my energy! I am still recovering. Especially my dolls look like the sweetest cuties, but they are such party animals in real life! I am a bit afraid of what New Year’s Eve will look like! Yikes! 😀 Furthermore, I am working through the holidays this year and I was so tired yesterday that I completely overslept. Thankfully, I did not get up to late, but you can imagine that I am not the best version of myself right now! >< But(!): I am SO excited to make more dolly content! It is a bit weird to me that I am not uploading daily anymore on my Instagram, but I still have some pictures up my sleeve and want to do a nice photoshoot for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day!

My Poison Girls Mayu, Rise & RuriOn Christmas Eve I wanted to share this picture of my Poison Girl cuties, who are wearing some of my favorite outfits and Mayu and Ruri are carrying Christmas handbags from La Prinfresa. I simply love Rudolph and the little Christmas tree. Their quality is out of this world and the details are simply so nice! I will use them every year from now on and I also saw online that they look so nice as ornaments on dolly sized trees! If that does not sound like a good investment, I truly do not know, what is! 😉 Continue reading My Dolly Week #44: Christmas Festivities and Their Consequences!

My Dolly Week #25: mitsubashi@BabyBee – Love

Pullip Alura in Sailor Moon gear!I am a completionist. It is one of my biggest issues, when it comes to collecting. Oftentimes, when I am getting a certain doll, I immediately need to know, if there was another release in direct correlation to my new addition. This absolutely happened, when I first got Pullip Alura (review coming soon), a Creator’s Label release from 2015 with a face-up by the amazing mitsubashi@BabyBee. I started to read up more about her and found out about the prior Pullips she has worked on (there are more Creator’s Label Groove family dolls, but right now I am really trying not to think about them; Taeyang Natsume is so dreamy and so hard to find). My next cutie was My Melody X HEN-NAKO from 2016. I overlooked her at first and fell in love with her in person in Japan and am so happy that I was able to order her shortly thereafter because she disappeared from the shelves since then. Equally lucky were my finds of Kühn (review coming soon) from 2013 and Seila from 2012. Galene, one of the most beautiful Pullips ever in my eyes, also from 2012, followed my family thanks to Ebay. And Laura from 2015 is still available and completed my mini-collection some weeks ago.

All of my mitsubashi@BabyBee Pullips!My customized Pullip Laura!I was itching to take a group shot of my beauties for so long, but I had to get Laura a different wig first. She is so beautiful, but I was always feeling a little bit unsure about her look. After I customized her, I can finally present you my cuties (top to bottom, left to right): Elodie Day (My Melody X HEN-NAKO), Tsukimi (Alura), Katie (Kühn), Wednesday (Laura), Gigi (Seila) and Hanako (Galene). I love them all so much with their dark rimmed eyes and high kitten eyeliner flicks (with the exception of Hanako/Galene). It is also no secret that Alura and Laura are hommages to Seila, but the three other girls also have something in common: Juicy red lips, which make my heart sing! It should not come as a surprise that I hope that we will see some more collaborations with mitsubashi@BabyBee in the future! Continue reading My Dolly Week #25: mitsubashi@BabyBee – Love

My Dolly Week #15: Tired, but optimistic!

Welcome to my 15th post of My Dolly Week! Last week was pretty busy and still I get the feeling that I did not get enough done. I got to meet my best friends and celebrated the seventh anniversary with my fiancé. I am pretty tired and the heat outside is not exactly helping, so this is going to be a pretty rambly post!

Pullip KühnFrom a dolly perspective, I was mostly thankful for all the beautiful dolls I have collected so far. A very special doll is Pullip Kühn. I still have to write up a review about her and so I colorfasted her stock and displayed her in it since then. Although her stock outfit is unique, original and high quality, there is just so much more to her beautiful face and dark brown wig. Changing things up is fun and this especially applies to the doll hobby. I feel that keeping dolls in their stock and admiring them is fine, but now that I actually interact more with my collection to find out, what suits each girl individually, it is much more fulfilling!

Pullip Ruri from Poison GirlIt is still surreal for me to see Ruri in my collection. She makes me so happy and last week she got her first sets of clothes. I am so looking forward to her pair of shoes and hope they will fit her feet. 😀 I will keep you updated, when everything is here in form of a big photo shoot. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

When it comes to using my lightbox, I am still ambivalent. The lighting is great, but I am struggling a bit with the way the backgrounds look. It feels like everythings needs more character. It would be super helpful to get some feedback; what do you guys think of the picture of Elodie above?! Continue reading My Dolly Week #15: Tired, but optimistic!

Review: Pullip Creator’s Label My Melody HEN-NAKO Ver.

Pullip Creator's Label My Melody HEN-NAKO
Pullip Creator’s Label My Melody HEN-NAKO

Pullip My Melody HEN-NAKO was the first Pullip release in 2016. She came out in January as a new Creator’s Label doll and a collaboration with Sanrio, who is mostly known for characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, etc. In 2007 there even was a Pullip Hello Kitty and in 2008 the original Pullip My Melody released, but this time Groove asked well-known creator mitsubachi@BabyBee (who also worked on Pullips Seila, Galene, Kühn, Laura and Alura) to reinterpret My Melody’s character in her own way in 2016. This My Melody also wears the name HEN-NAKO, which is Japanese for “strange child”. HEN-NAKO is a character that mitsubachi@BabyBee created herself and in an awesome interview with The Dolly Insider, she mentions that she was inspired by HEN-NAKO’s and My Melody’s similarities to design My Melody HEN-NAKO Ver., who despite her quite unusual features has gotten hard to find as of the writing of this post. Continue reading Review: Pullip Creator’s Label My Melody HEN-NAKO Ver.