My Limited Edition Pullip Doll Collection // Let’s Talk Grails 2.0 πŸ‘‘

Edit: Pullip Cinnamoroll is going to be available again in January! 😊 Yay! ❀

Even though all Pullips are kind of limited editions anyways, there are some girls, who have an extra limited release. Today I am going to show you, which limited edition Pullip girls I was able to add to my collection so far! 😍 Who is your favourite?

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

Video: My Custom Pullip Doll Collection! ❀

The day has finally come: My first video on YouTube! I decided to talk about something that is very close to my heart and is bringing me lots of happiness: My Custom Pullips! Here they all are in one place and I hope that you are going to enjoy it! Thank you for watching and loving Pullips!

A list of all of my dolls and their creators, including links, after the jump! Continue reading Video: My Custom Pullip Doll Collection! ❀

Review: Pullip Dilettante (2014)

Pullip DilettantePullip Dilettante was one of the first Pullips that I discovered online and instantly loved. There is something about this girl, released in early 2014, which left me fascinated. Her concept isΒ  being a hard-working business girl in the big city, therefore her stock is quite unusual for a Pullip, being extremely chic business attire. I love otherworldly concepts, but sometimes it’s nice to have a selection of clothes that are more realistic in an adults day to day life, while still being super fancy. In her official description it does not say, how much her name ‘Dilettante’ actually refers to her character, but the way this girl is wearing her make-up and is dressing up, doesn’t scream dilettante to me! πŸ˜‰

Close-up of Pullip Dilettante Continue reading Review: Pullip Dilettante (2014)

My Dolly Week #25: mitsubashi@BabyBee – Love

Pullip Alura in Sailor Moon gear!I am a completionist. It is one of my biggest issues, when it comes to collecting. Oftentimes, when I am getting a certain doll, I immediately need to know, if there was another release in direct correlation to my new addition. This absolutely happened, when I first got Pullip Alura (review coming soon), a Creator’s Label release from 2015 with a face-up by the amazing mitsubashi@BabyBee. I started to read up more about her and found out about the prior Pullips she has worked on (there are more Creator’s Label Groove family dolls, but right now I am really trying not to think about them; Taeyang Natsume is so dreamy and so hard to find). My next cutie was My Melody X HEN-NAKO from 2016. I overlooked her at first and fell in love with her in person in Japan and am so happy that I was able to order her shortly thereafter because she disappeared from the shelves since then. Equally lucky were my finds of KΓΌhn (review coming soon) from 2013 and Seila from 2012. Galene, one of the most beautiful Pullips ever in my eyes, also from 2012, followed my family thanks to Ebay. And Laura from 2015 is still available and completed my mini-collection some weeks ago.

All of my mitsubashi@BabyBee Pullips!My customized Pullip Laura!I was itching to take a group shot of my beauties for so long, but I had to get Laura a different wig first. She is so beautiful, but I was always feeling a little bit unsure about her look. After I customized her, I can finally present you my cuties (top to bottom, left to right): Elodie Day (My Melody X HEN-NAKO), Tsukimi (Alura), Katie (KΓΌhn), Wednesday (Laura), Gigi (Seila) and Hanako (Galene). I love them all so much with their dark rimmed eyes and high kitten eyeliner flicks (with the exception of Hanako/Galene). It is also no secret that Alura and Laura are hommages to Seila, but the three other girls also have something in common: Juicy red lips, which make my heart sing! It should not come as a surprise that I hope that we will see some more collaborations with mitsubashi@BabyBee in the future! Continue reading My Dolly Week #25: mitsubashi@BabyBee – Love

My Wishlist of Pullip Grails

As soon as you get interested in dolls, you will get aware of the definition of grails that people talk about. A grail is a sold out and therefore hard to find doll that is on the very top of your wishlist. Some people only have one grail, but I am super loose with this definition and love it to find older Pullips that add beautifully to my collection. Grails are like magical unicorns that love to cross your way from time to time! πŸ˜€

1) Kore (2014)

Stock photo of Pullip Kore.The release of Pullip Kore is a tale about a beautiful doll inspired by the works of Alfons Mucha, who at first completely flew under most collectors’ radar, only to suddenly sell out completely and never to get back into production (as of this point). Her bright blue eyes and lovely pastel colors are divine, but right now she is pretty much unattainable, since she goes for crazy prices on Ebay. Continue reading My Wishlist of Pullip Grails