My Blythe girls came back from their makeover by Poshidolls and are now sporting their own adorable personalities! ‘Lorshek Molseh’ was customized with BLACKPINK’S Jennie in mind, while ‘Ufo A-Go-Go’ has a spring, sakura theme.

Are you a collector of Blythe dolls too?

Thank you so much for watching! 💕 Theri


Last Friday two friends and I headed out to Schönbrunn Castle to take pictures of our dolls in the park. It was such an interesting experience to shoot outside of my home and I am happy to share our day and photographs with you! 💛

Thank you so much for watching! 💕 Theri

Video: My Custom Pullip Doll Collection! ❤

The day has finally come: My first video on YouTube! I decided to talk about something that is very close to my heart and is bringing me lots of happiness: My Custom Pullips! Here they all are in one place and I hope that you are going to enjoy it! Thank you for watching and loving Pullips!

A list of all of my dolls and their creators, including links, after the jump! Continue reading Video: My Custom Pullip Doll Collection! ❤

A Short Introduction to My Newest Sweethearts!

As promised, I am eager to show you the new girls that moved in with me during the last months. They are all going to get their own posts, but I cannot wait any longer to properly introduce them to you!

Hime, my newest girl by Poison Girl! Continue reading A Short Introduction to My Newest Sweethearts!

Meet Sencha by Nina’s Dolls!

Pullip Sencha was a wonderful way to start the new year and is my first Pullip addition of 2018. She was created by extremely talented Nina from Nina’s Dolls, who has her own distinctive style, which I have been admiring for a while, when looking at her dolls owned by lucky fellow collectors. She does not take commissions at the moment, but I highly recommend a visit to her Facebook page or Instagram to keep an eye out for future customs and to admire all of her many different creations!

Beautiful Pullip Sencha Continue reading Meet Sencha by Nina’s Dolls!

Meet Pullip Suzume with a Face Up by Mikiyochii: How to Style a Pullip around her Custom Face Up!

Pullip SuzumeA little girl of mine is ready to say ‘hello’ today to all of you: It’s Suzume, aka Suzy, who is my autumnal mori girl with a love for nature and green as her favorite color. I was super lucky to score a face up slot from talented German Pullip artist Mikiyochii, who was super nice throughout the process of creating the face up and I could not be happier with the outcome and cherish it forever and ever! Since it was my first time not getting a full custom, I wanted Suzume’s style to be extra cute and fitting to the image I had of her. I am now happy to be able to share the whole process with you around creating my Pullip’s character! Continue reading Meet Pullip Suzume with a Face Up by Mikiyochii: How to Style a Pullip around her Custom Face Up!

Meet Rise by Poison Girl’s Dolls!

Rise from Poison GirlThere once was a girl with cherry red hair, who looks like a tiny button. A tiny red button, of course! Her favorite time of the year was winter, since she brought warmth, wherever she went and in 2017 I was lucky enough that she decided to come and stay with me forever! Continue reading Meet Rise by Poison Girl’s Dolls!

My Dolly Week #37: Seeing Red!

Welcome to another Dolly Week! I hope that everyone is having a lovely time, even though Halloween is over! 😉 I was a bit sad at first because the time for scary and cute decorations is over, but now I am free to plan Komonogatari‘s first Christmas, which will be equally exciting for me and my dolls. So please stay excited and let’s start!

Mayu, Rise and Ruri from Poison GirlSome things in life do not change. They still feel like the first time and leave you completely in awe with your happiness not wearing of whatsoever. This is how I feel about my dolls from María, the artist behind Poison Girl’s Dolls. Two days ago the most precious and prettiest (not to mention earliest) Christmas gift ever showed up on my door step: A little redhead called Rise, who is my warm and toasty doll family addition for the cold season. I am planning to dedicate a blog post to her next Thursday and in the meantime I could not help myself, but take pictures of her next to Mayu and Ruri.

Mayu, Rise and Ruri from Poison GirlAren’t those three the cutest?! María was so lovely to include some goodies into the package, of which these lovely Chip’n’Dale dolls were part of! They are part of the Ufufy series, which is finally available in European Disney stores! Great news, especially for doll fans, since their sizes vary from the Japanese ones. We finally have doll-sized Disney plushies available! I am so happy and a big thank you to María for the wonderful presents! <3

Mayu, Rise and Ruri from Poison GirlWhen looking at those three, I believe that Mayu is the oldest sister, while Ruri is a very responsible middle child and Rise is the little sister. While Mayu likes to space out after photoshoots, Ruri seems to be saying: ‘Oh, no! Why are Chip’n’Dale already tumbling down…we just got them!’. 😀 You can see all of María’s beautiful photographs of Rise in her blog’s gallery! Continue reading My Dolly Week #37: Seeing Red!