Doll Company Blogs for Beginners | Dollspiration #3

So you have just started getting into the doll hobby, but everything is confusing and you are not completely sure, where everybody is taking their infos from and always seem better informed than you?! Look no further: Your girl is going to list all of her favorite doll company blogs, so that you can start bookmarking and plan your next purchases!

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Last Friday two friends and I headed out to Schönbrunn Castle to take pictures of our dolls in the park. It was such an interesting experience to shoot outside of my home and I am happy to share our day and photographs with you! 💛

Thank you so much for watching! 💕 Theri

Video: My Custom Pullip Doll Collection! ❤

The day has finally come: My first video on YouTube! I decided to talk about something that is very close to my heart and is bringing me lots of happiness: My Custom Pullips! Here they all are in one place and I hope that you are going to enjoy it! Thank you for watching and loving Pullips!

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Meet Iris Mint by Charon Dolls!

Iris Mint is a child of spring! She is a full custom Pullip by Charon Dolls and was created for the Omocha Crush Tea Party in London last May. She immediately caught my eye, since I am loving all things pastel and mint, but unfortunately I did not have the funds for her at the time and tried to let her go in my mind. That I am still super lucky to now be able to call her part of my collection must have been destiny! 😀

Iris Mint from Charon DollsIris Mint from Charon DollsIf you are familiar with Charon’s work, you will already know that she creates her Pullips after certain themes. The name Iris Mint says it all: We are talking about the prettiest minty iris flower ever! My favorite make-up point are the actual iris blossoms, which Iris Mint is rocking on her lower lashline and on her eyelids on a base of matte mint. Her eyeshadow is a lighter mint with a pearly sheen in the inner and a pastel lilac in the outer corners. The transition of the shades is flawless. For the eyeliner Charon chose a dark brownish aubergine with the cutest little curling flick at the outer corners. To complete the look with a special pop of color, Iris Mint is wearing a dash of hot pink in the inner corners of her eyes. The hot pink works so phenomenally well; Minnie (that’s my nickname for her) is an accumulation of happy colors! To complement her stylish look, Charon picked out deep indigo blue eyechips with purple shimmer from Lullaby for Dolls. These eyechips are simply perfect for giving her gaze a certain depth and curiosity! Have you noticed Minnie’s nostrils?! I love them so much! Continue reading Meet Iris Mint by Charon Dolls!

My Dolly Week #34: Meet My Mouse Minnie!

Welcome to my 34th post of My Dolly Week, which signals the end of a rather strange week with lots of turbulences and weird feelings. Why weird feelings?! I have been in the dolly hobby now for a little bit over a year. There are so many things, I still know nothing about and am still learning each week. Sometimes this leads to mistakes on my part, which feel just terrible and I can only count myself lucky that I have found some super lovely people, who still have my back and support me.

Pullip Iris MintOn a lighter note, this little girl above has been cheering me up with her colorful and soothing nature. Her official name is Iris Mint and she is a full custom by Charon Dolls, whose custom Pullips are simply delightful! My nickname for Iris Mint is Minnie, which I think suits her sweet face perfectly. I want to dedicate a whole post to her in the upcoming days, so please stay tuned. 😉

Cute Mayu is here to help!As a fact, Minnie and Mayu have been my little helpers for a spooky project, I have been working on lately. It will hopefully be cute and fun. If everything turns out the way I want it to, I will be able to announce it next week! During preparations I was re-organizing my whole Pullip collection, which I should have known before, was a total mess! >< And speaking of even messier things: My face-up skills are so bad! I am by no means getting discouraged, but right now I am basically ‘creating’ a face-up, while testing out the materials, and afterwards immediately remove it. I have read on several blogs that you have to have a lot of practice and patience before getting any better. Maybe one day in the future, I will be able to share a face-up as a creative product of mine next to photography and writing, but until then I could not justify shocking you with my try-outs. 😉 Continue reading My Dolly Week #34: Meet My Mouse Minnie!