Doll Company Blogs for Beginners | Dollspiration #3

So you have just started getting into the doll hobby, but everything is confusing and you are not completely sure, where everybody is taking their infos from and always seem better informed than you?! Look no further: Your girl is going to list all of her favorite doll company blogs, so that you can start bookmarking and plan your next purchases!

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My (Updated) Blogiversary Dolly Wishlist!

Pullips Elodie Day & MarieI am so excited for this post and have so much to update, since I have decided to only share my dolly wishlist every six months! This way, it is way easier for me to evaluate, which girls I actually want to move in with me (after the first phase of infatuation) and to keep track with the overall number of my cuties. This is also the first post, where I am going to talk about different types of dolls I really like and about my current collection, for example about which changes some girls might go through in the future. Let’s start! Continue reading My (Updated) Blogiversary Dolly Wishlist!

Visiting the Junie Moon Store in Daikanyama!

Junie Moon in ShibuyaAfter I was super impressed with the Shinjuku Junie Moon store, I could not wait to visit their main store in Daikanyama. I have to be completely honest and tell you that it is not that easy (for us at least) to find because it is pretty much on the complete opposite side of Shibuya’s famous Hachiko exit and Shibuya crossing, so be adviced to have a map available to you, since it is going to be your best friend!

Junie Moon in ShibuyaInstead of being inside of a department store, Junie Moon in Daikanyama is located in its own tiny pink house, which is so lovely that it is hard to describe, how much excitement goes through a dolly fan, when you finally spot it.

Junie Moon in ShibuyaTheir side window display was Halloween themed, which immediately struck my heart. The dolls were wearing outfits that went on sale with a 50% discount a few days prior and were available inside. Just darling!

Junie Moon in ShibuyaJunie Moon in ShibuyaJunie Moon in ShibuyaJunie Moon in ShibuyaAnother interesting aspect of the Shibuya store are the lotteries for artists’ clothing that are regularly being held. It basically means that you have to enter a lottery to be able to purchase one of those special outfits – a procedure which is also used for Blythe dolls, which are limited and/or in very high demand. When I visited the theme of the next lottery (which is going to be held on October 1st) was Forest Friends 2 and only featured clothing for Middie Blythes. This was also displayed at the shop’s front window, but was even more impressive once you saw the whole presentation on the wall next to the cash register. The outfits were so cute, special and beautifully made, I had to take some detail shots of super cute Middies!

Junie Moon in ShibuyaJunie Moon in ShibuyaWhen it comes to the range of outfits available that were to be purchased immediately, the Shibuya store definitely wins, concerning outfits by Azone International and their selection of shoes. They also had a bigger variety of hair clips, but when it actually came to ‘Junie Moon Dollywear’ the stock was basically the same. So, if you can only go to Shinjuku and are piorily interested in Junie Moon’s own line of dolly clothing, you won’t miss out.

Custom dolls.Junie Moon in ShibuyaJunie Moon in ShibuyaThat being said, I think that their selection of custom dolls was more impressive. The Shibuya branch definitely has the show stoppers! So many cute, interesting and colorful girls! But just like in Shinjuku I noticed that their faces were barely carved. Very interesting!

Sweet Little DeeWhat really made my day, was the display of new Middie Blythe release Cute Little Dee, right there on the cash register. Her name 100% falls into the category of ‘Nomen est omen!’.

Pineapple Princess next to Devi DelacourThe dolls available for purchase were exactly the same like in the Shinjuku location, with the exception of Devi Delacour, while Pineapple Princess was only to be found restyled in a summer setting on one of their shelves.

Custom dolls.All in all I would say that the Shibuya main store definitely tops the Shinjuku location, when it comes to size, displays and selection. But the one in Shinjuku is easier to access and inside of a fun department store, with a selection of ‘Junie Moon Dollywear’, which has outstanding quality and is fun on its own.

I really hope that you found my posts helpful and/or fun to look at! πŸ™‚ It was an amazing experience to visit both stores!

Thank you so much for reading!


Visiting the Junie Moon Store in Shinjuku!

Inside of Junie Moon in Shinjuku!The Junie Moon shop inside of Shinjuku’s Marui Annex building was the first I have ever visited, but I do not believe that I will not sneakily stop by once more (Edit: I did a few days after I wrote that! πŸ˜€ ). Their main focus are Takara Tomy’s Blythe dolls and they sell lots of accessories; even cute stationary, bags, wallets, etc. for super fans.

The available stock Blythe dolls.The Neo-Blythe dolls available were Vera Florentine, Joanna Gentianna, Gracey Chantilly, Ufo A Go-Go, Varsity Dean and Playful Raindrops, along with Middie-Blythes Dainty Meadow and Rampion of the Valley.

The wall with all of the dolly clothes!Junie Moon also produces their own doll clothes, which are mostly on a 1/6 scale and will also fit dolls like Pullip or Momoko. Their label is called ‘Junie Moon Dollywear’ and often collaborates with different brands. Right now they sell two gorgeous sets designed by Japanese lolita fashion brand ‘Alice and the Pirates’ and four lovely sets in collaboration with Sanrio’s ‘Little Twin Stars’ characters. Their doll clothes are not cheap, but they are lovely and well made. Definitely worth a splurge!

Pretty and affordable hair pins!My most favorite part of the shop, was the corner with lots of pretty hair clips for super reasonable prices. I cannot imagine more kawaii hairclips than those available in Junie Moon! Almost as exciting was their tiny selection of doll clothes created by other creators, formost Jiajiadolls. I had a hard time resisting, but I have so many items from Jiajiadolls on my wishlist that I plan to order them through her Etsy shop.

Jiajiadoll's outfit! Another outfit by Jiajiadoll!Also very interesting is their small selection of glasses (or their plastic frames) and shoes, which are mainly by the obitsu brand. My favorites were cute ballet flats in baby blue and pink that I had already seen on Etsy. I don’t know their exact label, but they were also available in black and white, as were other pleather platform heels and boots. Super cute is their 3-pack of cute dolly panties for just 1000 Yen.

Cute mugs!If you want to own lots of accessories with cute Blythes on them, you are in luck: You have a wide selection from washi tapes to notebooks and various calendars. You can even go as far as purchasing totes, shopping bags and wallets.

Restyled Pineapple Princess!Different hairstyles!There is also lots of eye candy in the store, starring stock Blythes redressed with new hairstyles. This is how I spotted a wildly popular and therefore sold out Neo-Blythe Pineapple Princess. You can even bring your doll to the store as well and use one of their petite and ΓΌber cute photo backgrounds.

Custom Blythe!Custom Blythe!With a logically higher price tag, there are also some custom dolls available, which were so interesting to check out. Especially for me, since I have never had seen a custom Blythe in the wild before! πŸ˜‰

A real cutie!Before you visit the store, I can absolutely recommend you its Instagram account, which gets frequently updated and where you can check out any sales or promotions. Actually, the next day after my shopping tour, lots of Halloween and even some Christmas outfits became available in the Shinjuku location with a 50% off discount tag.

Custom Middie!I also visited their Shibuya location as well and do a detailed dolly haul separately! πŸ˜‰

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