Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ Hermione Granger Doll by Mattel

Hermione Granger NRFBHere she is: One of my childhood heroines! When I heard about the release of the six ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets‘ dolls by Mattel, Hermione Granger excited me the most and I believe that I am not the only one, which is why we should get started with the review right now!

Hermione Granger by MattelHermione's eyebrowsJust like the other Harry Potter dolls, Hermione was modelled after actress Emma Watson and her face is just super cute with her little freckles. I was a bit unlucky, since my Hermione has a mark on her cheek and when I was trying to brush her bangs out of her face right after unboxing her, the product in her bangs was actually sticking to her eyebrows and removed some of their colour. I was able to remove most of the mark on her cheek with a magic sponge.

Hermione's bangsHermione's hair from the backAnd this brings us already to the thing I am unhappiest with: Her hair in general. I know that the character Hermione Granger is supposed to have an unruly head of curly hair. But the way it looks, especially from the back (and yes, I am ignoring the bold patch), just looks super dull and lifeless. There is a lot of frizzing and shedding. Unfortunately her bangs do not save her look at all, just the opposite. They are way too thick, weirdly stick out and do not look, as if they even belong onto her head. Some collectors have been able to fix Hermione’s hair and I hope that I might be able to change it into something cuter like this example from Instagram!

Hermione's wandHermione comes with her wand, which can be attached to her thumb and the rest of her Hogwarts school uniform, which is including her long black cloak with the Gryffindor seal on the chest, which is the same as the boys’.

Hermione's Gryffindor jumperHermione's skirtExactly also the same, is her red and golden Gryffindor jumper out of cotton with the printed on tie and white collar. Instead of long black linen trousers, the girls are wearing pleated skirts and grey knee socks out of cotton.

Hermione's shoesHermione's shoes' solesI am in love with her shoes, even though they are kind of the chunkiest Mary Janes that I have ever seen, there is something undescribable cool about them! They even have a heavy duty profile on their soles, making sure that the girls don’t slip!

Hermione's cloakHermione's handsThese releases have lovely poseability and articulation. Hermione also has dainty hands with tiny wrists, which are too pretty.

Hermione's hoodThere is no way that I would have missed getting this doll. Even her crazy hair is not changing that, it just needs a little more maintenance than the others.

Hermione & RonIf you haven’t read my review about Harry Potter’s doll yet, click here and please stay tuned for the next review, which will be about Ron Weasley’s doll! Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?

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5 thoughts on “Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ Hermione Granger Doll by Mattel”

  1. I need to get her! She is adorable!!! I feel so happy when I see her. It reminds me of when I would wait and wait for the next book to come out. πŸ˜€

    1. Yaaay, I really hope that you get her! She absolutely gives me these nostalgic vibes, you were writing about! πŸ˜€

  2. Hi! My 13 y.o. daughter us a big fan if Harry Potter! She has a display in her room for the Funko Pop and i’m planning to buy her the dolls! Do they come with a stand? How tall are they? (So i can buy a stand apart…). Big thanks! Janie

    1. Hello Janie!

      Unfortunately none of the dolls come with a stand. These are their heights:
      Harry & Ron: 26,5cm
      Hermione & Ginny: 25cm
      Dumbledore & McGonagall: 30cm

      I hope that this helps and that your daughter is going to love these dolls!

      Have a nice day, Theri

  3. Do Blythe clothing fit these dolls if you have any or does any other clothing fit these dolls because I have them and want to do there other looks.

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