In 2013 Pullip Classical White Rabbit hopped onto the doll scene to be shortly followed by Classical Alice afterwards. She is a classic through and through…plus oh so cute! 🐰

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

PULLIP DOLL HOLIDAY GIFT & SHOPPING GUIDE 2018 πŸŽ„ // Who is available right now?!

This might be a bit soon, but at the same time editing this video just made me too excited to not share right away: Are you looking to gift a Pullip doll to somebody, but have no clue where to begin? Or are you a doll collector, who is a little out of the loop, when it comes to the world of Pullips? No problem, this gift guide has you covered! 😊

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

My Dolly Week #61: Pullip’s 15th Anniversary Custom Contest!

Welcome to this very high spirited ‘My Dolly Week’ post! After months of waiting, all the entries for Groove’s custom contest have been revealed and there are some serious works of art in the run! And the best thing about this? You can vote too, even if you are unable to attend the exhibition in Yokohama! Click here for the complete contestant list and click on the individual doll pictures for more details on the creators and more importantly: Detailed pictures of the dolls and their face ups! After checking out all of the dollies (even though mostly Pullips, there are also appearances of Isul, Taeyang and Dal), you can click here for the voting ballot and support your favourite! The doll with the most votes, will be made into a Groove Creator’s Label stock doll! I am so happy that so many wonderful artists are participating and am excited to have discovered some new artists to follow!

Mia with lots of toys!

Continue reading My Dolly Week #61: Pullip’s 15th Anniversary Custom Contest!

My Dolly Week #53: Nostalgia!

Welcome to another Sunday post! I hope, you are doing well! Temperatures in Central Europe are so cold right now, which leaves you with more time to stay inside and play with your dollies. Even though we are playing inside, my dollies’ wardrobe is constantly updated with more winter gear. Probably because dolls are simply the cutest, when wearing layers, scarves and coats! Sencha being the newest arrival, got spoiled a few days ago with this lovely camel coloured cape from Ringo No Matsuri, which even comes with it’s own white fluffy collar. Miss Sencha is staying warm this winter!

Sencha in casual clothes still looks like a Goddess to me! Continue reading My Dolly Week #53: Nostalgia!

My Dolly Week #39: Groove is Back on Track with Pullip Nanette Erica Ver., Pullip Himawari and Pullip Eileen for Spring 2018!

Welcome to an amazing Dolly Week! As many of you might know, I finally started collecting Pullips in 2016, which was a year full of several amazing releases per month. Since I am writing this blog, Pullip releases have been a rare thing and to say that I was worried, is an understatement. My thoughts were pretty much that I might have started, when it was all coming to an end. But today, I finally have great news about upcoming releases, which I am excited about and immediately started budgeting for.

Elise, my Classical AliceElise, my Classical AliceBefore talking about them though, I spent my week customizing and styling my dolls. Elise, my Pullip Classical Alice, I already had customized before, but desperately needed new lashes. From some angles, her expression looked off because her stock lashes looked so thin with her new sparkling mint eyechips. I am much happier with her now and it seems like Elise is too! The more you customize your dolls, the more your skills grow and the more you will know, how you like to style your dolls. In these pictures, she met deer Gustav for the first time, who recently moved in, when I was browsing for dolly sized Christmas stuff!

Poppy, my Summer PurezzaPoppy, my Summer PurezzaThe girl, who needed most of my attention, was Poppy, my Summer Purezza. Her early type-3 body was so floppy that I hated myself, but could not prevent myself from calling her ‘Floppy Poppy’ in my mind. Look, who is now looking like an absolute queen with her new obitsu body! Floppy Poppy, no more! She also got new eyechips, new lashes and a new wig. Her look is now very grown-up and I am so grateful that everything went well! I am going to write up a quick post about changing rubber eyechips. Doing things for the first time is scary, but so educational at the same time! Continue reading My Dolly Week #39: Groove is Back on Track with Pullip Nanette Erica Ver., Pullip Himawari and Pullip Eileen for Spring 2018!

Wig Haul #1: Leeke World & MIO

Pullip Elise with new wigWhen I started collecting Pullips, I was sure that I was never going to change them out of their stocks. Little did I know, how much fun lies in customizing and how much creativity is truly involved for a cute result. Today I want to show you the first wigs that I got for my Pullips. I got five wigs from Korean retailer Leeke World and one from Groove’s own MIO line. All Leeke World wigs in this post are in the size 8-9 inches! Continue reading Wig Haul #1: Leeke World & MIO

My Dolly Week #24: ‘A Mad Tea Party’

Welcome to the 24th edition of My Dolly Week, which is my weekly Sunday post and this time I can show you some more finished mini-projects, which I really loved doing! πŸ˜€

My scene of 'A Mad Tea Party'!As we all know, Groove has an obsession with Alice in Wonderland and I wanted to make a little photoshooting session with my three latest cuties, who just got ready with their customization. I decided on the chapter A Mad Tea Party, which is one of my favorites. Continue reading My Dolly Week #24: ‘A Mad Tea Party’

My Dolly Week #23: New Header, Feeling Fresh!

Welcome to My Dolly Week! I am not going to lie: Due to the many things that have to be done before my wedding, I am lucky, if I can sqeeze in a little bit of dolly time during the day. Our wedding is going to be pretty small, so I have no idea how other people are handling more guests-no wonder wedding planners are in such high demand! >< It definitely hurts to have my blog sit on the backburner a little bit, but the pressure lessens, the more we can cross of our list. This week I have finally found my dress and we also got my fiancΓ©’s suit. At least there is no wondering anymore, if we will ever find something we like. And: Men have it so much easier, it’s crazy!

My Poison Girl cuties from today's photoshoot!Mayu in her new hat!Nonetheless, there were some awesome dolly moments, when Mayu’s new kitten hat from Juja Shop arrived in the mail all the way from Russia. I discovered them through MarΓ­a and the craftsmanship is no joke! It fits so perfectly, the mohair wool feels so nice and it immediately transforms your doll into a sweet kitty cat! She also has the most amazing hats for Blythes-those watermelon hats, I tell you! <3 I also hope that you like this rosy photograph of Ruri and Mayu and the new blog header. We are almost six months in and I wanted a slight change! πŸ™‚

Alice du Jardin Mint with new eyechips!Classical Alice with new eyechips!Customizing my stock dolls is also really taking over. I ordered eyechips from Lullaby for Dolls and loved playing around with them. Elise (Pullip Classical Alice) is currently wearing Menthe Glaciale, while Alice (Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint Ver.) is wearing Minuit. I haven’t figured out their outfits yet, but I was so happy that the weather had cooled off for a few days that Alice got my version of a Pride & Prejudice look. There will be some more playing around next week, I promise! Continue reading My Dolly Week #23: New Header, Feeling Fresh!

Review: Pullip Classical Alice

Pullip Classical Alice
Pullip Classical Alice at her recent tea party! Would you like to join her?

What Pullip was the first you ever set eyes on? Mine was Classical Alice. I remember her from a tiny stock-photo on, popping up in my recommendations. I did not know what a Pullip was back then, but I thought that she was the most incredibly beautiful doll I ever saw. (Imagine me, when I found out that Pullips can move their eyes side to side. What a revelation of endless possibilities!) It was during a time, when I had just stopped collecting Monster High dolls because the new releases weren’t my cup of tea anymore and there was also self-induced pressure to grow up. (Because all of those collectibles out there are for children-pure logic!) So I kept Classical Alice on my wishlist for several years and silently watched Groove release the Sailor Moon Series, while denying myself the fact how desperately I wanted to get into Pullip-collecting. Continue reading Review: Pullip Classical Alice