My Dolly Week #61: Pullip’s 15th Anniversary Custom Contest!

Welcome to this very high spirited ‘My Dolly Week’ post! After months of waiting, all the entries for Groove’s custom contest have been revealed and there are some serious works of art in the run! And the best thing about this? You can vote too, even if you are unable to attend the exhibition in Yokohama! Click here for the complete contestant list and click on the individual doll pictures for more details on the creators and more importantly: Detailed pictures of the dolls and their face ups! After checking out all of the dollies (even though mostly Pullips, there are also appearances of Isul, Taeyang and Dal), you can click here for the voting ballot and support your favourite! The doll with the most votes, will be made into a Groove Creator’s Label stock doll! I am so happy that so many wonderful artists are participating and am excited to have discovered some new artists to follow!

Mia with lots of toys!

Cutie Mia, always stealing my heart!Last week was pure organizing. I ploughed through literally all of my doll clothes and accessories to split everything up into smaller categories. I also stored away some stock clothes, which I probably won’t use anymore in the near future. And my biggest little helper was Miss Mia in her denim outfit! Did I ever mention that Mia is a born stylist?! She helped me through a lot of tough fashion choices! Her cool jeans were made by Atelier Milabrocc and Mia loves to go all denim and combine it with her denim jacket!

Elise is a minty, blond fairy!What I did not know about Elise, was that she is a little wig snatcher! I totally had this wig for a different girl in mind, but Elise needed some love and somehow this style makes a lot of sense for her, since it manages to blend into her look without covering up too much of her gorgeous face. It is another Luts wig that I got via Pullip Style and it is style DW-231.  I was also able to remove two tiny shiny spots on her cheek with a dry magic sponge. It was such a relief!

横浜人形の家「ファッションドールプーリップ15周年♥アニバーサリー〜星空の夢〜」後援のグルーヴが、 今回の展覧会に向け特別にデザインした1/6ドール用のお洋服「LOVE MY COLLECTION(ラブ マイ コレクション)」も発売☆ 「横浜」を意識したマリンルックの色違い3アイテムの登場です。 付属のスカーフやリボンの付け位置次第で何通りものコーディネートを楽しめちゃいます! ブラック×ゴールドカラーの「Marine dress Gothic Style(マリンドレス ゴシックスタイル)」は、 横浜人形の家限定商品で特別にカモメのブローチが付属します。 3アイテムとも数に限りがありますので、お買い求めはお早めに。 #横浜人形の家 #yokohamadollmuseum #プーリップ #pullip

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Now onto new releases: Since we’ve already got the Pullip contest out of the way, Groove and the museum actually also announced an exciting collection of Pullip outfits, which is available in the museum shop. There are three varieties of the so called ‘Marine dress’, which are ‘Gothic Style’, ‘Ocean Style’ and ‘Feminine Style’. If I did not get it completely wrong, these sets are limited. Click here for the Doll Museum’s post, which has Pullip Gretel model all three dress sets! I am now even more jealous of everybody that gets to go to Yokohama! XD And I bet, it won’t be the last time! 😉

A new picture of a mermaid Neo-Blythe was already leaked online on Instagram and I guess that we will be seeing the official announcement in a few hours. I think that you cannot go wrong with a mermaid concept, so I am quite excited and wonder if she will be Garden of Joy’s successor and therefore the yearly anniversary release!

If you are interested in Smart Dolls like me, right now is the perfect time to make up your mind: Melody and Anniversary Mirai are not sold out anymore, Cherry has just been released and next week Smart Doll Infinity will be available as well!

Have you already voted for your favourite Pullip design? It definitely is not easy to choose! I am also feeling, how my hands are getting a bit grabby and want that new Creator’s Label doll right here, right now! 😀 How are we supposed to stand all of the anticipation?! 😀 I was quite excited that Charon Dolls and Mikiyochii are participating, since I know their outstanding craftsmanship first hand. Then there are also the amazing Eniva Queen, Polka Dolls Fabrics, Pikarina and so many more. I will feast my eyes on those gorgeous dolls many times more and really wish for the exhibition in Yokohama to be a success and to invite more people into the world of Pullip!

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #61: Pullip’s 15th Anniversary Custom Contest!”

  1. I’m glad it was allowed to vote for more than one doll- it would’ve been impossible to choose just one! I must admit though, that none of the dolls struck me as a must-have -but I’m sure that’s just because I’m usually gravitated towards more natural/realistic dolls.

    The new outfit sets are an exciting piece of news! But why did they have to use Gretel as the mannequin- she’s a doll I’ve been wanting to get and now I’m even more tempted…!

    There’s something I’d like to ask: Have you ever hesitated to customise a doll, debated whether to leave her in her stock condition or not, for whatever reason? I have one doll that I seem to be completely unable to alter -Pullip Fraulein. She’s one of my favourites, so I’d love to get to give her more love, but knowing she’s quite a rare doll just makes me hesitate. She was also a very lucky find as she was already sold out when I got her, so I’m still somehow so wowed by my luck that I can’t seem to bring myself to make any changes… Sigh!

    But anyway, thank you for this wonderful post and have a great week! 💚

    1. It is so hard to choose! I am so excited to see, who will win!

      I swear, regarding Gretel, I have had the exact same reaction! >< I have always found her super pretty, but tried to resist adding more dolls onto my wishlist. But after seeing these pictures, I am just blown away by how cute she is and how amazing she looks in different clothes! She is definitely on my mind now! XD About not being sure to customize a doll, I have the same feelings about a few dolls in my collection. For example, I keep Pullip Seila in complete stock, as well as Pullip The Rose, Myra, Clara, Chloi and Galene. Galene is kind of stressing me out sometime because I am considering changing her wig. But it is the same with your Fräulein: I had to look hard to even be able to get her. What I can advice you to do, is to not rush it. My second advice is that you don't forget that you are not owing anyone. She is your doll and you can change up her look - it does not matter, if somebody has something against changing the look of sold out dolls. Just wait, until you get into the right feeling! 🙂 Thank you so much and I hope that your week is going really, really well! All the best, Theri

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