I had it coming: After Pullip Sailor Neptune, who was the fifth Pullip and therefore a pioneer for my other girls, moved in a long time ago, Pullip Uranus has finally joined her and I don’t need to have a bad conscience anymore to stand in the way of true love! ⭐

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PULLIP DOLL HOLIDAY GIFT & SHOPPING GUIDE 2018 πŸŽ„ // Who is available right now?!

This might be a bit soon, but at the same time editing this video just made me too excited to not share right away: Are you looking to gift a Pullip doll to somebody, but have no clue where to begin? Or are you a doll collector, who is a little out of the loop, when it comes to the world of Pullips? No problem, this gift guide has you covered! 😊

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Year after year, you will find more Sailor Moon Petit Chara figures in my home…they just multiply! I would complain, if they weren’t so incredibly cute! πŸ™ˆ What are your thoughts on them?

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My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 2

Beautiful MichiruWelcome back to the second part of my Sailor Moon haul from Japan! Today I am going to share a lot more tiny trinkets and gashapon, which I can never say no to! If you randomly found this post (welcome!), you can click here to see part one! Continue reading My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 2

My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 1

Pullip Princess SerenityFinding particular Sailor Moon merchandise in Japan can unfortunately not be as easy as you might think. Or you might happen to find exactly, what you wanted, but then the prize is double or triple the amount of its initial value. Many items were only manufactured according to the amount of pre-orders. After missing out on pre-ordering it, attaining products can become a nightmare, as it is often the case with Sailor Moon products by Bandai. This is exactly the reason, why I often prefer to buy my Sailor Moon goodies over the internet because sometimes even Ebay can be less of a struggle than trying to find a grail product in person! On the contrary, you can have lots of fun by having an open mind and looking at merchandise, which you might otherwise would not have thought about appreciating. These are all of the pretties I have obtained last September: Continue reading My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 1

Funko Pop! Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune by Funko! PopFunko Pop!’s vinyl figures rose to so much fame in the last few years that I am pretty sure that no introduction to them is necessary, since they are so good in fulfilling everybody’s pop culturall needs. I got my first figure, Princess Amidala, in Saint-Denis in 2013, when visiting the Star Wars Identities exhibition and was magically able to resist their other dozens and dozens of figures – until now! Toei Animation teamed up with Funko! to bring us the beloved characters from Sailor Moon; first the inner and now even the outer senshi. And of course I had to get my favourite Sailor Neptune first! Continue reading Funko Pop! Sailor Neptune

Komonogatari’s 2017 Review!

I always feel weird, when there is no proper review before or right after a new year begins. This blog will turn one year old at the end of February, which marks 2017 as its most important year, since starting new things is always the biggest step to take. Many wonderful things happened this year and I am happy to share them with you!

Luise, my Pullip LupinusPullip Customizing

One year ago I did not have any clue about customizing my Pullips. Changing eyechips was a terrifying thought and I did not get the appeal of re-wigging, even though I detected some quality issues with certain stock wigs. I did however start to change them out of their stock clothes, mainly because I wanted my Pullip Sailor Neptune not to be battle ready all of the time and to be able to relax with the other girls. (Imagine all of your dolls wearing long lolita-type dresses and then there is Sailor Neptune right next to them in a mini skirt and bare legs.) As soon as I had discovered Etsy, a new world opened up with that many creators of doll clothes and accessories around the world, there are truly limitless possibilities to get creative!

Michiru, my Pullip Sailor Neptune

Continue reading Komonogatari’s 2017 Review!

Qposket Petit Vol. 3: Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus

Qposket Petit Vol. 3Last December I remember running around Tokyo to find the newly released Qposket Sailor Moon set including my favourite outer senshi Sailor Neptune. You might have already read my review on her Pullip doll or seen my past collection in an Instagram post, so it should not be a surprise that I was beyond happy to have found the whole set nine months later in a secondhand store in Akihabara (which still remains the only time I have spotted it since then). The prize was pretty reasonable with 2980 Yen and I should also mention that, just as my Rapunzel figure, those figures were prices in crane machines in Japanese arcades. Let’s get started with some Sailor Moon cuteness!

Sailor MoonSailor MoonSailor MoonSailor MoonEven though I wanted this set mainly for Sailor Neptune, the figure of Sailor Moon is my favorite! Her face looks the cutest to me, her mouth the poutiest and her pose the most iconic. The biggest surprise are the decorations in her dangos, which have a lovely orange red sheen. Her hairstyle in general looks lovely and also the metallic sheen of her jewelry is stunning. For a smaller Sailor Moon figure, I am so surprised by the quality and accuracy. Her face is very peachy toned and she has the prettiest greenish blue eyes. She also comes with a clear yellow stand, which also supports her head in the back. Continue reading Qposket Petit Vol. 3: Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus

Review: Pullip Sailor Neptune

Who says that Luna cushions never come in handy?! Sailor Neptune is a 2015 release!
Who says that Luna cushions never come in handy?! Sailor Neptune is a 2015 release!

Sailor Neptune or Michiru Kaiou in her civilian form is my favorite character in the Sailor Moon universe because she is the embodiment of intellect and elegance. She is a quite serious character and tragic heroine. She is basically the total opposite of Usagi Tsukino, who is my other number one girl (it’s a tie, you see), who is clumsy and has a very welcoming personality. Pullip Princess Serenity is on her way (she is supposed to arrive tomorrow), but today it is Pullip Sailor Neptune’s turn. I have had her for several months now and it has not always been easy. In general you always have to pay more for collaboration and Creator’s Label dolls because there are more people involved. What this means at the same time for the collector, is that you kind of expect a premium product and this is, where some people got put off from the Sailor Moon releases. The most criticism was earned for sailor suits that are made out of pleather and also the dolls’ face-up are pretty minimal, which did not let collectors justify the price tag. My decision was to take it my time with the Sailor Moon series and start with Sailor Neptune to build my own opinion. She is beautiful and I love having her in my collection! Continue reading Review: Pullip Sailor Neptune

My Dolly Week #9: Outfits and Boxes!

Welcome to my weekly Dolly Week-post! Komonogatari turns two months-old today! And there is still so much to share, so please stay along for the ride! πŸ˜‰

Sundays are for relaxing on sofas that actually are Sumikko Gurashi cell phone stands!
Sundays are for relaxing on sofas that actually are Sumikko Gurashi cell phone stands!

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