I am so happy that the original, full-size QPosket Sailor Moon figures got re-printed and are now availabled again! πŸŒ› They are so beautiful and I cannot wait for the new releases, which will come out this upcoming autumn (they are Super Sailor Moon and Super Chibi Moon).

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

PULLIP DOLL HOLIDAY GIFT & SHOPPING GUIDE 2018 πŸŽ„ // Who is available right now?!

This might be a bit soon, but at the same time editing this video just made me too excited to not share right away: Are you looking to gift a Pullip doll to somebody, but have no clue where to begin? Or are you a doll collector, who is a little out of the loop, when it comes to the world of Pullips? No problem, this gift guide has you covered! 😊

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri


Pullip Princess Kakyu literally arrived at my doorstep this morning and I had to share her with you immediately because I just feel that she is such a fabulous Pullip release! She is brand new and was just released in Japan last Saturday, which made her arrival even more surprising and joyous for me! Princess Kakyu is a character from Sailor Moon’s last storyline/anime season and Groove Inc. did an amazing job to bring her character into (dolly) life!Β  πŸŒ–

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 1

Pullip Princess SerenityFinding particular Sailor Moon merchandise in Japan can unfortunately not be as easy as you might think. Or you might happen to find exactly, what you wanted, but then the prize is double or triple the amount of its initial value. Many items were only manufactured according to the amount of pre-orders. After missing out on pre-ordering it, attaining products can become a nightmare, as it is often the case with Sailor Moon products by Bandai. This is exactly the reason, why I often prefer to buy my Sailor Moon goodies over the internet because sometimes even Ebay can be less of a struggle than trying to find a grail product in person! On the contrary, you can have lots of fun by having an open mind and looking at merchandise, which you might otherwise would not have thought about appreciating. These are all of the pretties I have obtained last September: Continue reading My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 1

My Dolly Week #54: Clear Lan & A Wedding Usagi!

It is ‘Dolly Week’ time! I hope that March welcomed you all warmly and that everybody is doing well! Last week I tested out a wonderful clothing brand for all kinds of dollies and we got some pretty surprising news from Groove Inc., regarding two new June releases. Let’s start!

Miss Mayu wearing a new outfit!Miss Mayu, thinking about music!The clothing brand I was just writing about and I completely fell in love with, is ‘Clear Lan‘. It is based in Singapore and offers to make clothes fitting for various dolls and body types. After ordering, you enter a waiting period and its length depends on how many orders came in before yours. I only had to wait for two weeks, before I got the shipping confirmation. But honestly, I would not have minded waiting longer for something that truly fits my obitsu girls! In the picture above, Mayu is wearing two tops from Clear Lan: A long sleeved tight fitting beige turtleneck sweater out of thin cotton and a dark red coloured strappy top on top of it. I just love that their clothes are inspired by contemporary Asian fashion, especially this combination feels like something you could encounter on Korean streets! Mayu likes to combine her lovely tops with a asymmetrical skirt by Jiajiadoll and crimson tights. Doesn’t she look ready for dance lessons?! Continue reading My Dolly Week #54: Clear Lan & A Wedding Usagi!

Review: Pullip Princess Serenity (2014)

Pullip Princess SerenityIf you are a fan of Sailor Moon or a silly schoolgirl with a heart of gold called Usagi Tsukino, you are probably going to have a hard time choosing your favorite Pullip version of this beloved character. So far there have been four Pullip doll releases: Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity from 2015, who today’s review is all about. Even though I am a big Sailor Moon fan, collecting the various releases proved to be quite a difficult task for me, since most dolls come with little stock and higher prices. While I do intend to get Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon in the near future, Princess Serenity’s stock is so beautiful and her face up has such nice details that I could not get her out of my head and she ended up being the second addition from the Sailor Moon series after Sailor Neptune in my collection! Continue reading Review: Pullip Princess Serenity (2014)

My Dolly Week #28: Just Married & Official Japan Diary Announcement!!

The big day was yesterday! Yay! πŸ™‚ It was a lovely wedding and day to spend with our family and friends. We were engaged for a little bit less than two years now and finally being married still feels surreal to me. I completely crashed today after coming home and slept for a few hours, which means that it is finally time for the 28th Dolly Week!

Pullip Ruri chilling on pictures from Japan 2012.Another exciting thing is that I can finally announce the start of my Japan diary on Instagram next week! I will also try and update Komonogatari (100% not missing my Sunday posts), but if you want your daily dose of Theri, you are welcome to check out my insta posts! πŸ˜‰ My cutie mouse Ruri in the picture above is lying in a sea of pictures from our first Japan journey in 2012. I am beyond happy to be able to visit this wonderful place again. Is it too clichΓ© to say that my heart sings?! πŸ˜€ I also want to thank everybody here on my blog, who congratulated me on the wedding. Thank you so, so much; you have made me super happy!

My Pullip NinaPullip Nina arrived in the middle of very stressful finishing wedding touches and managed to brighten up my days immensely with her lovely face and orange toned make-up. Everything about her sweet 11 year-old face and stock surprised me! I especially love her little 2006 flip phone, which opens, closes and even comes with its own kawaii phone charm. I call my Nina Rola after the Japanese fashion model I really like.

Last week we also got two very lovely announcements for fans of Groove dolls, who love to make their own dolls: It is now official that Dal Mocha MIO kits are going to hit the stores soon! Equally great is the fact that Pullip Style started their pre-order for a bundle of 5 Pullip Mocha MIO kits. These 5 packs will be available in a limited number before single Pullip Mocha kits will be available in a couple of weeks. I won’t take the plunge for 5 kits at once, but am definitely having my heart set on at least two sets.

Sleeping Pullip Princess Serenity.I am going to finish up on my computer now to pack my suitcase! Have a lovely week, a lovely start of fall and school everyone! I hope to see you all soon!

Thank you so much for reading!


My Dolly Week #17: Blanche arrived, Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon & Pullip characters!

Welcome to another Dolly Week on Komonogatari! πŸ˜€ This week I have been away for a few days, but that did not stop me from getting some quality time with my dollies and there were some amazing announcements this week, which I am tremendously looking forward to!

Pullip Blanche and Princess SerenityFirst of all, Pullip Blanche arrived this week. I was pretty lucky to get her brand new in great condition, even though she is on a type 3-body, which are prone to be quite fragile and easy to crack especially at the wrists. Two stones fell out of her beautiful earrings, but they were securely sliding around in her box and it won’t be a hard task to glue them back in. Blanche, who I renamed Orphelia, is a stunning release. I cannot help feeling extremely lucky that she joined my family. I already love her so much! When I realised that her outfit had a lot in common with Pullip Princess Serenity, I had to make a picture of my cuties, put it on Instagram and I was quite happy and proud that it started trending under #pullip and made it to second place. I did not write on Instagram about it, but please note that I am very thankful for every support and love to share dolly love!

Carlie, my Pullip Bloody Red HoodActually, the more time I am spending with my dolls, the more they are getting their own characters and backstories. One day I wanted to change up Carlie’s hair and as it turns out, she is the type of girl that looks amazing in two braids. She can even wear this knitted beanie (from KukiDolls) in summer and looks amazing. I never until now knew that Carlie is an artist, who loves to paint, play guitar and play with kitties. We definitely got to know each other better this week! Continue reading My Dolly Week #17: Blanche arrived, Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon & Pullip characters!

My Dolly Week #11: Home Sweet Home, please come home!

Welcome everybody! It has been 11 weeks, since this segment started and this week my dolly week was mainly occupied with looking into future releases. Unfortunately, there is still no info on future Pullip or Pullip family releases from Groove. I am comforting myself with the presence of Optical Alice right next to me and am still hoping that there will finally be a Sunday post with an exciting Pullip release announcement!

My Blythie (Ufo A GoGo) and Lola (Lorshek Molseh)
I wonder, what those cuties are thinking about future Blythe releases?! Let’s find out!

Continue reading My Dolly Week #11: Home Sweet Home, please come home!