UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN HAUL | Which HARRY POTTER Character Did I Get With My Chocolate Frog?

I did a little bit of shopping at USJ, but still feel like I was relatively good. Let’s say that I was only shopping for essentials, which is why this video was filmed in vlogging style.
After weeks of wondering I also finally found out, which trading card I got with my Chocolate Frog! It was…

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A Simple Muggle’s Dreams Coming True at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN! | Theri Ppoi’s Japan Adventures

After years of hoping that my Hogwarts acceptance letter simply has been lost in the mail, I settled for the next best thing and went to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

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Are you ready for my updated shopping guide about where to buy Pullips in Japan?! A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about Pullip dolls in Tokyo, which I now updated with stores in Osaka and Yokohama as well.
I hope that this video will be helpful, when you are planning your dolly adventures and please leave me any new recommendations in the comments!

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TOKYO DISNEY SEA -nging in the Rain! 🧜‍♀️| Theri Ppoi’s Japan Adventures

Let me show you around Disney Sea, which is Tokyo Disney Resort’s second theme park next to Disneyland. As luck would have it, it was one of the two rainy days that we witnessed during our Japan travels. But don’t underestimated the magic of Disney: We still had an amazing time and I am fondly looking back to this day!

I am truly, truly happy to have filmed during that day and hope that you will enjoy it too! 🧜‍♀️

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We went to Mirai Store in Tokyo at the beginning of December and it was such a dream come true to be able to see all of those beautiful Smart Doll girls and boys in person! Aaand then we met Danny Choo! 🙈 It was such a great day and I also shopped quite a bit for my sweet girl Mei, who was patiently waiting for me at home! 💖

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Edit: I did not find my ICOCA, but I discovered that I can use my SUICA also in Osaka and their website states that it also works as IC card in Sendai and Niigata, Hokkaido, Tokai, West Japan and Kyushu.

Follow me on some recent adventures to the zoo and lots of Christmas markets – it was my first time filming out in public, but it was surprisingly so much fun and absolutely worth it. I am not worrying about vlogging in Japan anymore! And speaking of Japan: I am showing you some essentials that I am always bringing on long haul flights and many products are only sold in Japan as well! I am so excited! 🙈

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Disney Haul // Tokyo Disney Resort Plans, Merch & Outfits 🐻🐰😺

I bought things for my upcoming visits to Tokyo Disney Resort – that is basically the gist of this video! 😊 At the same time I am also sharing my plans, dreams and merchandise collection. There is lots of love for Duffy merchandise in this video as well! 🐻

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Why You Should Visit a Theme Café in Japan! Featuring Cinnamoroll & Sumikko Gurashi!

One of my most favourite things, when visiting Japan, are the numerous theme cafés that always seem to be popping up all around the large cities and often only for a limited amount of time – even though I have noticed that some locations seem to settle down permanently, when their characters are established enough! Permanent locations allow the decor to be more special with more love to detail, while the temporary locations often have to work with more simple approaches. When it comes to the food though, you are allowed to expect greatness, no matter the location’s longevity: Detailed dishes and drinks that are so cute, it is often hard to dig in right away!

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