Customizing PULLIP NINA 🧑 // Re-bodying PULLIP on an OBITSU

EDIT: Not all Pullips on a type-3 body come with a head consisting out of three parts. I just recently got Pullip Kirsche from 2008, whose head just has two pieces!

In this video I am showing you how to rebody a Pullip on an Obitsu body. Pullip Nina is an older Pullip, originally on a type-3 body, and the Obitsu is helping her to get a lot more articulate and expressive. The Obitsu in this video is a natural (flesh) toned 27cm Obitsu in S size with a soft bust. This also mark the day, when all of my girls are finally re-bodied! Yay! 🍾

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

How To Change Rubber Pullip Eyechips (on Pullip Summer Purezza)

This is going to be a quick post, since I already went super into detail in my previous post about changing plastic eyechips on Pullips. Click here to read the full article!

Pullip Summer Purezza before and after her customization.Instead of having to break the eyechips out of the eye mechanism’s sockets, you will have to cut them out with an exacto knife. I did not want to take any pictures of this process, since it was pretty gnarly looking. My recommendation would be, to cut directly into the middle of the rubber eyechips and to pull the pieces of rubber out of the sockets with your hands. In contrast to plastic eyechips, rubber eyechips are not reusable. The most delicate step is to make sure that no residue of the eyechips stays behind in the sockets, which you might need to again use your exacto knife for. It is important to be careful not to scratch the white plastic of the eye-mechanism in the process. The rest is pretty much a piece of cake!

I hope this short piece helped and thank you so much for reading!


Review: Pullip Summer Purezza (2005)

Pullip Summer PurezzaThere have been a few different releases of Pullip Purezza in Pullip history. There was Winter Purezza, Spring Purezza, Fall Purezza and finally Brand New Purezza, next to my baby that I want to show you today: Summer Purezza from 2005, who was released from Jun Planning on an early type-3 body. She was limited to 500 dolls. I found her last September in Japan and really fell in love with her clean face up and cute expression. Early Pullips have their own charm about them, even though they do will come with some flaws due to their age, which I will also discuss in this review. Continue reading Review: Pullip Summer Purezza (2005)

My Dolly Week #30: Summarizing my 2nd Week in Japan!

Pullip Summer Purezza and Pullip PrunellaWelcome to the latest Dolly Week yet, which gives me the chance to catch up on my second week in Japan, after I was crashing super hard due to jet-lag. I cannot remember ever being this tired and having my bio-rhythm destroyed after my previous Japan travels. Also I was trying to make the best out of the last days there and tried not to get super sad because I love Tokyo so much! Tomorrow I will post a full on Dolly Week post with all new announcements and how I plan to work through all of the material, I have gathered while being away.

Poison Girls Ruri and MayuThis leads me to say that the second week of my honeymoon passed way too quickly. I managed to daily update my Instagram account (all posts will be listed after the jump), but it just got super hard to concentrate on the writing of this Dolly Week’s post, which I want to apologize myself for. The same applies to the answering of comments.

Munchkins Ruri and MayuWhen it comes to dolly purchases, I have been pretty good by mostly buying the three missing obitsu bodies for my type-3 girls and some more shoes. Because, if there is one thing a dolly collector always seems to be missing, are a proper pair of shoes to fit a certain outfit. I really wanted to take Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon home with me, but resisted, since it is a way more sensible option to get her through Western retailers. I did had to put in all of my restraint, though – like for all the gorgeous Azone dolls in the Azone International Store, but my luggage space simply said ‘no’! (Ask my hubby, how the packing on the last night went…haha!)

I will now go to work on writing my post on the Junie Moon store in Shinjuku and also hope to see everybody tomorrow in Dolly Week #31! πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for reading!

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My Dolly Week #29: Happy in Japan!

Welcome to Dolly Week #29, which is released a few hours too late because time in Japan flies. I love being here so much, there really are no words. It is my fourth time being in Tokyo and it still does not get old or less exciting. Especially, when you are a dolly person!
Pullip Summer PurezzaLast week was a whirlwind. We travelled more than 24 hours to arrive in Ikebukuro on Tuesday night and thanks to my amazing husband our first adventures on Wednesday were mostly dolly related. This is how Miss Poppy was welcomed into my Pullip family on the first day. She is a Pullip Summer Purezza and I simply could not help myself, when I saw her sitting NRFB on the shelf. Now I think the reason, why I instantly liked her so much, is that she reminds me of Groove’s upcoming Belle release. Do you agree?
Pullip Summer Purezza on the beachPoppy also was my first Pullip ever to come to the beach, when we went to Kamakura. I did not think a lot about her outfit, when I bought her, but her yellow shorts and bandeau top, which can be covered by an emerald green top, are really nice quality and won against the test of time! (Her necklace was another story, but more about this issue in her upcoming review.)
Pullip Summer Purezza on the beachUntil right now, I have checked out several dolly places so far, but I have to say that Akihabara’s Radio Kaikan building wins every time, when it comes to availability of different dolls and accessories. I definitely have to go back this week, also due to the fact that Groove announced the release date of Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon, which will be this Wednesday, the 13th of September!
Pullip PrunellaAnother girl that was on my mind a lot during the week, was Pullip Prunella. My biggest problem with her was the look of her wig (which I am even less fond of now that she is unboxed), but thanks to the internet and mostly instagram, I was completely blown away with how pretty her eyebrows are and how good she looks in different wigs. I still need a name for her, but I am leaning towards a Japanese one.
I need to stop writing now because the bustle of a city like Tokyo is making every day so fun and exciting that I am super exhausted every evening. ><
Thank you so much for reading!
PS: I will embed all of my Japan Diary Instagram posts so far at the end of this article. So please click ‘read more’, if you haven’t seen them already!

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Review: Pullip Blanche

Pullip BlanchePullip Blanche's wrists!Some time ago, Pullip Blanche’s face appeared on my computer screen and her beautiful face immediately struck me. At that time I had no idea, who she was and so my search for her started. Turns out, she was released in 2007 when Pullip was still produced under Jun Planning and not Groove. She is on a type-3 body and, being ten years old, pretty hard to find due to her still ongoing popularity in the Pullip community. I was lucky to get her NRFB and in mint condition, although type-3 bodies are prone to breaking, especially their fragile wrists. Continue reading Review: Pullip Blanche

My Wishlist of Pullip Grails

As soon as you get interested in dolls, you will get aware of the definition of grails that people talk about. A grail is a sold out and therefore hard to find doll that is on the very top of your wishlist. Some people only have one grail, but I am super loose with this definition and love it to find older Pullips that add beautifully to my collection. Grails are like magical unicorns that love to cross your way from time to time! πŸ˜€

1) Kore (2014)

Stock photo of Pullip Kore.The release of Pullip Kore is a tale about a beautiful doll inspired by the works of Alfons Mucha, who at first completely flew under most collectors’ radar, only to suddenly sell out completely and never to get back into production (as of this point). Her bright blue eyes and lovely pastel colors are divine, but right now she is pretty much unattainable, since she goes for crazy prices on Ebay. Continue reading My Wishlist of Pullip Grails