Where to buy Pullips in Tokyo!

My munchkins Ruri and Mayu from Poison Girl Dolls in Azone kimonos!I have visited Tokyo four times now, twice as a Pullip admirer and twice as a Pullip collector. Seeing Pullips in person in different stores is something very special and definitely influences your view on certain models, when you see their individual beautiful faces in person. As I have found out in the past, there are places, which are overwhelmingly amazing and some are a little disappointing, when it comes to your expectations. That is exactly, why I am writing this article to give my honest insights to help you get the Pullip experience you want.

Radio/Rajio Kaikan in Akihabara

Radio Kaikan from outside.Radio Kaikan is a big complex of different Japanese hobby related stores, full of figures, gashapon and goodies for doll collectors! Fans of BJDs might already have heard from it, since the Volks Store is on the 8th floor, but there are three stores on three different floors in total, which sell Pullip dolls.

Azone LabelshopAzone's kimonos.Pullips in the Azone Labelshop.Mad Hatter in Azone's World.The most famous one is the Azone Labelshop on the 7th floor, which primarily sells its own brand of cute dolls, but also carries a nice selection of recent Pullips next to a cute display case. They also sell MIO products and nude dolls, even though they do not come cheap for a price of approximately 8000 yen. Super exciting is the big selection of obitsu products and Azone’s own Pure Neemo clothing, which can also fit Pullips. My favorite pieces are two kimonos, which I will show in a separate dolly haul soon. If you are a fan of other dolls than Azones or Pullips, you also have a selection of Cu-Poche, Blythes, Momokos and Rurukos. It is also wonderful to browse their lovely displays, which you are allowed to take pictures of. There goes a lot of detail into these and you can basically feel the dolly love!

UchusenUchusenNot exactly famous for it’s name, Uchusen on the 5th floor will have come across your screen from doll collectors visiting Japan by having a beautiful massive display case full of dolls and figures-but mostly Pullip and Blythe dolls! For looking at Pullip dolls, this store is my absolute favorite! They did not only carry the new Dal Mocha MIO kits, but also had some Pullip ones left. And speaking of dolls in general: This is where I spotted some Neo-Blythe Pineapple Princesses in the wild! πŸ˜€ They sell some loose Pullip and Pullip family dolls, but like in the Azone store, they do not come cheap. You will also find the whole obitsu range there and Junie Moon Dollywear, which I absolutely adore! At least to look at, since it can be quite a splurge! πŸ˜€

AmiAmiFor a few months,Β AmiAmi has its main store on the 4th floor now. They mainly carry Azone dolls, including clothing, and the whole obitsu range. I could only spot a few Pullips, but since they are an amazing hobby store, it is a great opportunity for customizers to pick up supplies! (Since I am just going to start customizing in the upcoming days, it was a little too soon for me to fully form my opinion on this section of the store.)

Dollyteria in Ikebukuro

The building, where Dollyteria is in.Dollyteria's door!The lift to Dollyteria.One of my favorite things in the whole world is looking for sold out Pullip dolls. I have to search online for most of the time, but when I heard about Dollyteria‘s existence in my favorite part of Tokyo, Ikebukuro, I knew that I had to check it out. And this is what I did three times in two weeks. πŸ˜€ First of all, they do have an online presence, which they regularly update and they also added a service for international buyers, which I have not tried out as of right now. It is a pretty small shop on the 4th floor of an apartment building, which does not make it easy to find immediately, but it helps that it is on the same street as Mister Donut and Starbucks. So rebuild your strength because you will need it for their big wall of Pullip and Pullip family boxes (it was prohibited to take pictures inside). I definitely have to thank my husband for his patience, when I abused his height (1,91m) to lift a lot of boxes from the top shelf to help me look through them all! >< This is, where I discovered that the dolls listed on their website do not completely match their stock online. If you know that you are going to visit their store, I would show them the link to the certain doll you like on their phone, to help and fasten up the process. But be warned that you might run across dollies, which got in after their last online update. Thanks to Dollyteria I was able to add two NRFB Pullips to my collection: Summer Purezza and Prunella!

Kiddyland in Harajuku

KiddylandPullips in KiddylandCinderella in KiddylandThe Pullip corner in KiddylandWhen you are visiting Tokyo, it is inevitable that you will at least at one point visit Harajuku. Next to amazing places to shop for clothes, Kiddyland does a great job to offer the best of the very best character goods combined in one multi level shop, which also includes a store dedicated to Disney, Rilakkuma, Snoopy and of course Ghibli and Sanrio. There is also a display case with recent Pullips, but only on its very top you can make out the dolls, which are for sale. This means that I would rather recommend you to go to Akihabara, if you want a bigger variety of Pullip dolls to purchase, but for other new Japanese toys and stationary, Kiddyland is a must!

Mandarake in Nakano Broadway

Nakano BroadwayMandarake in NakanoMandarake‘s online presence is so amazing and current that I would never recommend to take a trip blindly to discover anything because there is a 99,9% chance that you will only find, what is listed online. That being said, if you like to monitor their Pullip listings, you will know that one of their biggest trading places for Pullip is their branch in Nakano Broadway. Located on the 4th floor, in the plastic section, there are lots of Pullip boxes in a dusty environment in the midst of several Blythe dolls. It is absolutely fun to check out and also look at BJDs and Azone dolls, which can also be found on the same floor. If you are a fan of gashapon and anime figures in general, Nakano Broadway is pure heaven and my number one nerdy place in Tokyo, tied with Radio Kaikan. If you are looking for something in particular, chances are that they are hiding in one of those two places!

Of course, you can also visit Mandarake’s numerous different stores all over the country, but from my experience the one in Nakano is the most impressive, while I would only visit their other stores to get a specific doll listed on their website!

Hakuhinkan Toy Park in Ginza

Hakuhinkan's Fashion Doll ParkStairway to dollies!Hakuhinkan Toy ParkUpdate: When I visited Hakuhinkan Toy Park in December 2018, they unfortunately did not sell Groove dolls anymore!

Ginza is famous for its expensive and exclusive shops, but my personal number one is Hakuhinkan Toy Park. That being said, even though they have their own Fashion Doll Park on level -1 with a separate entrance around the corner from the Toy Park’s main entrance, it is not very satisfying for Pullip collectors. I swear, I saw the same handful of Groove dolls in stock, which they already had last December. I would definitely rather recommend this store to fans of Licca and Barbie!

This have been my recommendation on where to buy Pullips in Japan’s capital and I really hope that you have found them helpful! It goes without saying that I cannot wait to go back! πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for reading!


Edit: I have updated my shopping guide in a video – here it is!

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  1. I’m so glad I’m much more equipped to visit stores after your list! I can’t wait to explore the Radio Kaikan building a bit more.


    1. Yaaay, that makes me so happy, since Radio Kaikan is one of the stores, where you can find lots of treasure! πŸ™‚ I miss it a lot already! ><

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