I am so happy that the original, full-size QPosket Sailor Moon figures got re-printed and are now availabled again! πŸŒ› They are so beautiful and I cannot wait for the new releases, which will come out this upcoming autumn (they are Super Sailor Moon and Super Chibi Moon).

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri


Banpresto has been knocking it out of the park with their most recent QPosket figures and I recently managed to pick up three of them.
Is it just me or are they getting prettier and prettier?! Who is your favourite? And please stay tuned for my Qposket collection video!

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 2

Beautiful MichiruWelcome back to the second part of my Sailor Moon haul from Japan! Today I am going to share a lot more tiny trinkets and gashapon, which I can never say no to! If you randomly found this post (welcome!), you can click here to see part one! Continue reading My Sailor Moon Goodies from Japan / Part 2

Oposket: Aurora/Briar Rose (Version A)

Qposket Briar Rose/AuroraHere we go again with more Qposket cuties! As a fan of ‘Sleeping Beauty’, I was excited to see that there was going to be a release of Princess Aurora, while she was still living under the name of Briar Rose, which was given to her by the three fairies to protect her from Maleficent. (It worked out for a while…) Her figure is brand new and no recoloured release, which traditionally means that next to her version, there also is a version b with a pale pastel colouring. This is a common release strategy, when it comes to Japanese figures, but I personally have to say that I always prefer my figures to have bright colours! Continue reading Oposket: Aurora/Briar Rose (Version A)

Qposket: Alice in Wonderland (Special Coloring vol. 1)

It happened. I am in love with Qposket figures now. I bet, this statement is absolutely shocking nobody that is halfway familiar with the things I am investing my money in, so please look forward to my latest cutie: Alice from the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland, which is my most beloved Disney film ever! I got her in the recolored edition, since the original Alice figure that came out a few years ago, is far more expensive now. When I found out about the newer version, I did not want to miss out again and ordered her from Ebay.

Qposket's AliceIn general the figures of this series count 13,5 cm/5,3 inches, which is neither too big or too small in my opinion. I also like that they are quite sturdy. In the Qposket universe ‘recolored version’ basically means that her hair is painted in a color with a pearly sheen. The rest of the colors of her dress are slightly different as well, but the most prominent difference is definitely the shimmering metallic effect of her hair. If you are not a fan of this look, I highly recommend you to stay away from the recolored Qposket figures and to rather look for the original releases. Continue reading Qposket: Alice in Wonderland (Special Coloring vol. 1)

Qposket Petit Vol. 3: Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus

Qposket Petit Vol. 3Last December I remember running around Tokyo to find the newly released Qposket Sailor Moon set including my favourite outer senshi Sailor Neptune. You might have already read my review on her Pullip doll or seen my past collection in an Instagram post, so it should not be a surprise that I was beyond happy to have found the whole set nine months later in a secondhand store in Akihabara (which still remains the only time I have spotted it since then). The prize was pretty reasonable with 2980 Yen and I should also mention that, just as my Rapunzel figure, those figures were prices in crane machines in Japanese arcades. Let’s get started with some Sailor Moon cuteness!

Sailor MoonSailor MoonSailor MoonSailor MoonEven though I wanted this set mainly for Sailor Neptune, the figure of Sailor Moon is my favorite! Her face looks the cutest to me, her mouth the poutiest and her pose the most iconic. The biggest surprise are the decorations in her dangos, which have a lovely orange red sheen. Her hairstyle in general looks lovely and also the metallic sheen of her jewelry is stunning. For a smaller Sailor Moon figure, I am so surprised by the quality and accuracy. Her face is very peachy toned and she has the prettiest greenish blue eyes. She also comes with a clear yellow stand, which also supports her head in the back. Continue reading Qposket Petit Vol. 3: Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus

Qposket: Rapunzel (Special Coloring vol. 3)

I sometimes wonder, what I would be collecting, if dolls weren’t my priority. Although I am pretty sure that I would have lots of figures from Qposket, since they strike a lot of strings, when it comes to my favorite things. I love that they are very dolly-looking and so far they have done wonderful collaborations with Sailor Moon, One Piece and are now constantly releasing new or re-colored figures of Disney Princesses. On my last trip to Japan I finally picked up some figures myself and the first girl, who is getting her review, is Rapunzel from the Special Coloring vol. 3 series. These figures are meant to be prizes from game centers, but I prefer to buy them in secondhand stores, since I am super bad at the crane games! If a figure is pretty new and can still be won in the arcades, the prices are pretty nice. Although it definitely is a good idea to compare prices, since they can vary in huge amounts. If a figure has already vanished from the arcades, be prepared to pay a lot more for it, if it is your absolute priority. Luckily, Miss Rapunzel was a recent release and I got her for 1790 Yen, which was the cheapest I could find her at!

Qposket RapunzelThe thing I love most about Qposket figures, is how absolutely dainty they are. Even though my Rapunzel is part of the ‘bigger’ line, they are still only about 2/3 of your usual anime figures. Due to their big eyes, I can definitely see the often mentioned resemblance to Blythe dolls and Rapunzel’s are a beautiful shiny sea green. Next to her cute small lips, her face is the absolute cutest! The arch of her eyebrows makes her look super curious, which is very true to character and as a big fan of blushy cheeks, I cannot complain either. Continue reading Qposket: Rapunzel (Special Coloring vol. 3)