Qposket: Rapunzel (Special Coloring vol. 3)

I sometimes wonder, what I would be collecting, if dolls weren’t my priority. Although I am pretty sure that I would have lots of figures from Qposket, since they strike a lot of strings, when it comes to my favorite things. I love that they are very dolly-looking and so far they have done wonderful collaborations with Sailor Moon, One Piece and are now constantly releasing new or re-colored figures of Disney Princesses. On my last trip to Japan I finally picked up some figures myself and the first girl, who is getting her review, is Rapunzel from the Special Coloring vol. 3 series. These figures are meant to be prizes from game centers, but I prefer to buy them in secondhand stores, since I am super bad at the crane games! If a figure is pretty new and can still be won in the arcades, the prices are pretty nice. Although it definitely is a good idea to compare prices, since they can vary in huge amounts. If a figure has already vanished from the arcades, be prepared to pay a lot more for it, if it is your absolute priority. Luckily, Miss Rapunzel was a recent release and I got her for 1790 Yen, which was the cheapest I could find her at!

Qposket RapunzelThe thing I love most about Qposket figures, is how absolutely dainty they are. Even though my Rapunzel is part of the ‘bigger’ line, they are still only about 2/3 of your usual anime figures. Due to their big eyes, I can definitely see the often mentioned resemblance to Blythe dolls and Rapunzel’s are a beautiful shiny sea green. Next to her cute small lips, her face is the absolute cutest! The arch of her eyebrows makes her look super curious, which is very true to character and as a big fan of blushy cheeks, I cannot complain either. Continue reading Qposket: Rapunzel (Special Coloring vol. 3)