POKEMON CAFE & POKEMON CENTER DX | Theri Ppoi’s Japan Adventures

Near Tokyo’s Nihonbashi station, there is the home of the permanent Pokémon Café. You can book your table and time slot one month in advance, which I highly recommend. It is super popular and always booked out.

In this video I also show you around its neighbouring Pokémon Center DX, some Pokémon Donuts, as well as the scariest Eevee sheet mask, I’ve ever encountered!

Thank you so much for watching! 💕 Theri

Pokémon Center Plush: Pikachu’s Sweet Treats Pair Plush

Pokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsPokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsPokémon Center Pikachu's Sweet TreatsIt has been quite a long time, since there was a Pokémon post published on Komonogatari, but as my collection is growing, I have to choose wisely. Especially, when it comes to Pikachu. I might do a plush collection one day, but it will probably take ages to do. When comparing pictures with past Pikachu pair plushes, it is easy to see how this new pair, released right before Valentine’s Day, is different to past designs and why I (spoiler!) highly recommend it to be added to your collection as well or, if you aren’t into Pokémon plush yet, to start your collection in general! Even the artwork on the tag is uber adorable! Continue reading Pokémon Center Plush: Pikachu’s Sweet Treats Pair Plush

Putitto! Japan’s Newest Blind Box Trend!

Non Putitto Figures!
Sailor Moon and One Piece figures I have collected before Putitto came along!

Putitto boxes in Tokyu Hands!
Putitto boxes in Tokyu Hands!

Little figures, which are able to sit on the edge of your glasses to keep you company, are no new concept for Japanese blind boxes or gashapon. In the past years, I have already picked up various cuties, for example from Sailor Moon or One Piece. Now in 2017 these kinds of figures are more available than ever under the collective brand name Putitto. They have licenses with Disney, Pokémon, SAN-X and many, many more. Their figures are mainly sold in blind boxes, but I also found some in gashapon machines.

Putitto: Alice in WonderlandDisney’s Alice in Wonderland

There are lots of Disney Putitto series around (Toy Story, Disney Princesses, Classic Disney Scenes, etc.) and they looked mostly very well made and beautiful. My only beef with some of them were the wonky faces of the human characters, especially those of the Disney princesses! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite, if not my favorite Disney movie of all time! After already having invested a fair share of my shopping budget on Alice goods, my resistance towards these blind boxes proved to be futile, when I caved near the end of my trip and bought three boxes. I got super lucky and did not get Alice or the Mad Hatter, but my favorites: Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the Baby Oysters.

Putitto Cheshire CatThe Cheshire Cat looks so funny tipping his pink ears and eyebrows like a hat! The pose of his paws is simply darling! His face and expression are perfect and I can say that all of my Alice-figures are super well made! Continue reading Putitto! Japan’s Newest Blind Box Trend!

Blind Boxes: Pokémon Dessert Plate

Pokémon Dessert Plate Blind BoxOutside BoxA few weeks ago the Pokémon Center released their Dessert Plate collection, which featured a lot of super cute artwork and also a series of blind boxes. There are 8 different small figures of plastic dishes in Pokémon designs. First of all: How adorable is the outside of these boxes alone, not even speaking of what’s inside yet?! I really would have loved to get the whole set, but am at least able to show you three different figures today. Continue reading Blind Boxes: Pokémon Dessert Plate

Pokémon Center Plush: Sylveon & Leafeon Pokémon Doll (including my present collection)

I am always in trouble, when the Pokémon Center announces any releases related to the nine eeveelutions. So it was kind of a shock, when I read their announcement of their big event, which would bring back merchandise for all nine cuties at once. The main pieces of merchandise was the release of the new Pokémon Dolls, which I already own an Alolan Vulpix of. Deciding was pretty hard, but since I love pink and baby blue, Sylveon was basically a sealed deal from the beginning. Since a lot of past Leafeon releases looked kind of derpy, I was blown away by its cuteness and so these sweet creatures became part of my Poké-posse! 🙂

Pokemon Dolls Leafeon & Sylveon Continue reading Pokémon Center Plush: Sylveon & Leafeon Pokémon Doll (including my present collection)

Japan: Stationary Heaven! (Part 1/2)

Japanese StationaryAfter visiting Japan your view on stationary will change forever. Stationary has always been a fun factor related to my love for writing and unfortunately cute affordable stationary is hard to find in my country. This has lead me to stock up on stationary, when I am visiting Japan. My fiancé and I are pretty much the same, when it comes to stationary, even though our tastes differ. While he prefers cleaner designs that maybe have a cute element, I go for kawaii overload! Last December we took our stationary shopping in Japan to a new level and we cannot wait to go back to discover more cool stuff! Continue reading Japan: Stationary Heaven! (Part 1/2)

Pokémon Center Plush: Pokémon Little Tales 2017

My little chubby cuties in Shinzi Katoh's signature Pikachu-style!
My little chubby cuties in Shinzi Katoh’s signature Pikachu-style! They are new releases!

Pokémon Little Tales is a yearly collaboration between the Japanese Pokémon Centers and Japanese artist Shinzi Katoh, of whose cute style I am a big fan. He also collaborated with various different popular companies, for example Disney. I ordered this year’s couple plush from Ebay and it arrived a few days ago. Continue reading Pokémon Center Plush: Pokémon Little Tales 2017

Pokémon Center Plush: Alolan Vulpix Pokémon Doll & Collection

The Pokémon Center plushies from Japan are by far my favorite Pokémon plush releases. The detail that goes into designing most collections is amazing and I am also content with the quality. In general the Pokémon plushies from Japan are much nicer than those you can buy in Europe. Almost every week, sometimes even on several days, are new collections available in the physical Pokémon Centers or online. It can get quite overwhelming, but it helps, when you keep your focus mainly on your favorites.

My newest Alolan Vulpix addition to my collection!
My newest Alolan Vulpix addition to my Pokémon Center-collection! Isn’t it adorable?!

That being said, last year a new Pokémon generation in the form of games Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon was released and with this release a new favorite of mine: Alolan Vulpix, the snow white version of the original red cutiepie-fox! Since then I try to be up to date, when it comes to Alolan Vulpix releases and started a new collection. The latest release is this Pokémon Doll, which reinterprets Pokémon in a cute chibi-form. Continue reading Pokémon Center Plush: Alolan Vulpix Pokémon Doll & Collection