Pokémon Center Plush: Pokémon Little Tales 2017

My little chubby cuties in Shinzi Katoh's signature Pikachu-style!
My little chubby cuties in Shinzi Katoh’s signature Pikachu-style! They are new releases!

Pokémon Little Tales is a yearly collaboration between the Japanese Pokémon Centers and Japanese artist Shinzi Katoh, of whose cute style I am a big fan. He also collaborated with various different popular companies, for example Disney. I ordered this year’s couple plush from Ebay and it arrived a few days ago.

Do you want my huuuge berry?!
‘Do you want my huuuge berry?!’

This year the Pikachu-couple is going berry picking and the result is tremendously cute! The girl Pikachu with her cute heart-shaped tail is wearing a red scarf with a tiny red bow and a pink flower out of felt on her head. In her hand she is carrying a huge felt blueberry. I have never ever seen such a gigantic blueberry before, but at the same time it’s not as if I’m all knowing.

I have a secret in my tiny bag!
‘I have a secret in my tiny bag!’

The boy Pikachu is wearing a dark blue scarf and a brown crossbody bag out of felt. In his bag, there is a tiny surprise in form of a big red berry or apple or tomato (out of felt as well). I really cannot tell at all. Both Pikachus have such cute faces with their shiny black button eyes, heart-shaped noses and w-formed mouths. This cuties also have fresh pink cheeks, which is a detail that I also loved on last year’s couple.

In 2016 the Little Tales series had a pastel-colored theme, which you will instantly notice in the picture above. The newly released plush has a quite orangey tone, while the tone that was used in 2016 was a soft pastel yellow. Also the top of their ears is black, while last year the color to go with the pastel yellow was a light brown.

They look, as if they are getting married!
They look, as if they are getting married!

Their faces pretty much stayed the same and hopefully will continue to do so in coming years. Last year’s girl Pikachu is wearing a pink bow on her had and is holding a bouquet of white, pink and red flowers. The flowers are made out of tulle. 2016 boy Pikachu is wearing a black top hat with a light grey ribbon on his head, a mint colored bow tie and a pink flower out of tulle.

They look so good together and I am really hoping that there will be another Pokémon Little Tales collaboration next year. What will their next tale be about?! Do you prefer last or this year’s couple?

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Pokémon Center Plush: Pokémon Little Tales 2017”

  1. I love Shinzi Katoh! I had no idea about these adorable pikachu! I want them too! How big are they?

    I like the color of the pastel ones but I like the design of this years better. They are just so sweet!!

    1. Due to their long ears they are 18cm (7 inches) high and together they are about 20cm (almost 7,8 inches) wide. Even wider, if you measure from ear to ear. They have a good size to be your dolls’ best friends! 😉

      They are really lovely! There was also a pair plush in 2015, but the prices on Ebay are a few times the original amount. 🙁 You have to be so fast, when there are extra cute Pokémon goods out!

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