Video: My Custom Pullip Doll Collection! ❤

The day has finally come: My first video on YouTube! I decided to talk about something that is very close to my heart and is bringing me lots of happiness: My Custom Pullips! Here they all are in one place and I hope that you are going to enjoy it! Thank you for watching and loving Pullips!

A list of all of my dolls and their creators, including links, after the jump! Continue reading Video: My Custom Pullip Doll Collection! ❤

My Dolly Week #65: Happy Birthday, Ruri chan!

Happy Birthday to Ruri!Welcome to another ‘Dolly Week’ post on Komonogatari: Time just flies during these warm and sunny weeks! Last Saturday it has actually been one year since my lovely Ruri by Poison Girl’s Dolls joined my doll family. She was my first custom doll ever and I feel so lucky to have her! When friends and acquaintances ask me about my dolls, I tell them that it is all about fantasy and creativity. If you really love a doll, she (or he) is going to develop a personality. In Ruri’s case, she is pretty much my collection’s mascot and sweetheart. She means a lot to me!

Ruri’s outfit was made by Petite Creayations! Continue reading My Dolly Week #65: Happy Birthday, Ruri chan!

Review: Pullip Outfit Selection Capri Picnic Look Set

Sencha, wearing the Capri setUnfortunately there are not that many official Pullip outfit sets around anymore, but one that I am still seeing here and there, is Groove’s ‘Capri Picnic Look Set’ from their Outfit Selection line. It took me some time to add it to my dollies’ closet, but in the end I am glad that I did. Let’s dive into the post for this super season appropriate and darling Pullip ensemble starring Miss Sencha! Continue reading Review: Pullip Outfit Selection Capri Picnic Look Set

My Dolly Week #53: Nostalgia!

Welcome to another Sunday post! I hope, you are doing well! Temperatures in Central Europe are so cold right now, which leaves you with more time to stay inside and play with your dollies. Even though we are playing inside, my dollies’ wardrobe is constantly updated with more winter gear. Probably because dolls are simply the cutest, when wearing layers, scarves and coats! Sencha being the newest arrival, got spoiled a few days ago with this lovely camel coloured cape from Ringo No Matsuri, which even comes with it’s own white fluffy collar. Miss Sencha is staying warm this winter!

Sencha in casual clothes still looks like a Goddess to me! Continue reading My Dolly Week #53: Nostalgia!

My Dolly Week #52: Doggies and some Matcha!

Pastels look so nice on Ruri!Happy 'Year of the Dog'!Happy Sunday and happy Lunar New Year to everybody who is celebrating! Since everybody has safely arrived in the ‘Year of the Dog’ now, Ruri could not let the chance drop to dress up like a cute little puppy! She is wearing a hat, which arrived last week and was a little rainbow in a pretty bad week (especially last Wednesday, ugh!). It is my second helmet by Dr. Rabbitland on Etsy and again, I am completely smitten with the look and quality. Her hats are originally designed for Blythes, but I like how they look on my Pullips! The puppy hat has such a lovely pastel lilac colour and plushy pink ears. It is so, so cute and really suits Ruri’s pink wig! Ruri is also wearing an ensemble by Atelier Milabrocc consisting out of a pastel lilac knit sweater and a pleated skirt with suspenders. What a doll! Continue reading My Dolly Week #52: Doggies and some Matcha!

Meet Sencha by Nina’s Dolls!

Pullip Sencha was a wonderful way to start the new year and is my first Pullip addition of 2018. She was created by extremely talented Nina from Nina’s Dolls, who has her own distinctive style, which I have been admiring for a while, when looking at her dolls owned by lucky fellow collectors. She does not take commissions at the moment, but I highly recommend a visit to her Facebook page or Instagram to keep an eye out for future customs and to admire all of her many different creations!

Beautiful Pullip Sencha Continue reading Meet Sencha by Nina’s Dolls!

50 ‘My Dolly Weeks’!!! Let’s Celebrate!

Welcome to the 50th Sunday post; it’s so nice to see you again! 🙂 Very fitting for the occasion, we have tons of doll news and I honestly could not imagine a better start into February! Last week had some really lovely and springy days, which inspired me to take this picture of my Spring Goddess Sencha. Her headdress was also made by It’s MY Caprice and I love how it matches her dress. Let’s hope that Sencha will bring us an early spring this year!

Sencha by Nina's DollsFirst of all: Last Sunday after publishing last week’s post, I went on Pullip Style only to find out that Pullip Cinnamoroll and Pullip Himawari‘s pre-orders had opened! After a short state of shock, both jumped into my shopping cart! They are supposed to be in stock at the end of April, which probably means that they will be home at the beginning of May. The wait will feel endless, but everybody knows that patience is key in this hobby. It feels really weird to have a Pullip on pre-order; my last one was Pullip Lupinus about one year ago. I am honestly having trouble to hide my excitement; there are so many things I love about both of them: Especially Cinnamoroll’s eyechips, her plushy, obviously, and Himawari’s orange toned make-up including her smiley expression! Continue reading 50 ‘My Dolly Weeks’!!! Let’s Celebrate!

My Dolly Week #49: Introducing Sencha!

Welcome to the last Dolly Week post of January 2018! When looking at January so far, it feels like so many dolly related things happened that one month feels way too short. >< I also have lots of content for my Tuesday posts lined up, which means lots of cute things in the future! Yaaay! 🙂

Sencha by Poison GirlThe first girl to join my doll family in 2018 is Sencha, a girl whose beautiful face-up was done by Nina’s Dolls. I feel so lucky to have her because I love how Nina gives her Pullips tear ducts and her carving work on the nose, lips and philtrum. It is a very ethereal look. I don’t want to talk too much about Sencha now, since I still want to continue to give every girl her own post in 2018, but she definitely has a goddess of spring vibe. I am so excited! Continue reading My Dolly Week #49: Introducing Sencha!