My Dolly Week #53: Nostalgia!

Welcome to another Sunday post! I hope, you are doing well! Temperatures in Central Europe are so cold right now, which leaves you with more time to stay inside and play with your dollies. Even though we are playing inside, my dollies’ wardrobe is constantly updated with more winter gear. Probably because dolls are simply the cutest, when wearing layers, scarves and coats! Sencha being the newest arrival, got spoiled a few days ago with this lovely camel coloured cape from Ringo No Matsuri, which even comes with it’s own white fluffy collar. Miss Sencha is staying warm this winter!

Sencha in casual clothes still looks like a Goddess to me!Anastasia, not sure if she's a Barbie, but I love her!Elisabeth in her pretty dress!Megara, known for feisty loveliness!I love Esmeralda so much! No words!Today is all about nostalgia, since my parents were so kind today to retrieve an old box full of doll stuff from their cellar. My favourite dolls as a child were Barbie dolls and I could not be happier than to have found my old friends, foremost my old friends Anastasia (I don’t think that she was released by Mattel), Esmeralda, Megara and Sissi, modelled after Empress Elisabeth of Austria. I am also happy that they pretty much still have their whole stock clothes and need some minor fixing here and there. Do you know that I have never put my Pullips in Barbie clothes so far? Due to the fact that toy stores in my area do not have a large selection for 1/6 dolls, I never took the chance to try it out, but now there are no limits anymore because my favourite Barbie clothes will be worn by my Pullips! Some are bright pink and very, very Barbie. It’s going to be lots of fun!

Lu and Elise are the Queens of the castle!I was also playing around a lot with my old Polly Pocket castle. It has all of the Cinderella characters (minus the mice, sadly) in a hidden drawer in the back and it is still the most important toy of my childhood! It is so iconic and I love its little carriage…honestly, it deserves a whole blog post. It really does! The fact that it practically is Pullip sized, when Pullip is a very lucky girl with a massive doll house, only makes it more deserving of my love! There is no way, I could have planned that whole thing out in kindergarten..or could I?! πŸ˜‰

Pretty Sailor Moon Petit Chara girls in yukata!This is normally the second part of the post, where I like to talk about doll news and future releases, but there were none as far as I know. BUT I did pre-order something very exciting: If you are a Sailor Moon collector, you might be familiar with their Petit Chara series. I love them a lot, but am quite selective by now because I already own eight complete releases with a few odd figures. One of my favourite releases is the ‘Let’s Go To The Matsuri’ series, which I reviewed here, and this June it is getting its second release with all of the Outer Senshi! Yes, please! πŸ™‚ I love Haruka’s classy fedora!

This is it for today. I feel like it was a really casual Sunday, packed with nostalgia! My plans for next week are to give the apartment a thorough spring cleaning with the intent to make more room for my collection and to get more organized. My goal is to create an area for everything that still needs to be photographed to heighten my productivity! Yosh!

What are your plans for next week! Do you still own, collect and find joy in Barbies? Is there a recent line that I should be looking into?

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #53: Nostalgia!”

  1. Sencha looks so beautiful in her new cape!!! And it’s so nice to see the dolls from your childhood. I didn’t have many dolls growing up so I love them so much now!

    1. Thank you so much on Sencha’s behalf! πŸ™‚ I am so into doll coats, cardigans and capes; at least they don’t need as much space as human ones! XD

      I think, I enjoy collecting now way more than during my childhood. As a child, I always felt pressured that me dealing with dolls would need to come to an end. Now it relaxes me and makes me happy! πŸ˜€

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