My (Updated) Blogiversary Dolly Wishlist!

Pullips Elodie Day & MarieI am so excited for this post and have so much to update, since I have decided to only share my dolly wishlist every six months! This way, it is way easier for me to evaluate, which girls I actually want to move in with me (after the first phase of infatuation) and to keep track with the overall number of my cuties. This is also the first post, where I am going to talk about different types of dolls I really like and about my current collection, for example about which changes some girls might go through in the future. Let’s start!

Pullip & Pullip Family Dolls

Pullips Cassie, Nina & CallieWhen looking at my prior Pullip Wishlist and also at my Pullip Grail Wishlist, there have been some happy additions so far! Three cuties were able to move in: Pullip Nina and twins Pullip Callie and Cassie! When it comes to grails, my wishes did not really change. Of course, there are some sold out girls, which are really tickling my fancy too, but for me and the current situation I am in, it often goes like this: I either have to decide to spend more money on a sold out grail doll or save up a bit more and get a custom Pullip! And to be completely honest, I way more often prefer the customs! You never know, which cutie by a great artist is waiting for you at a completely random time and ‘ruins’ your plans (in the most positive way ever)!

Pullips from the Sailor Moon Series

Stock photo of Pullip Sailor Pluto.Stock photo of Pullip Sailor Neptune and Uranus.I am rewatching the whole Sailor Moon anime from the 90ies with my husband at the moment and am going through massive waves of nostalgia at the time! In this state I simply want to throw all of my money at Sailor Moon merch, the Pullip dolls are no exception! Still, my new plan is to minimize my Senshi wishes a bit further and to only get Pullips Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Pluto for my collection, which until now houses Pullips Princess Serenity and Sailor Neptune. Getting the Outer Senshis (without Dal Sailor Saturn, who is sold out) with Sailor Moon’s ultimate transformation makes sense in my extremely biased brain and has a chance of leaving me satisfied. Now I have to find a way not to think of the Inner Senshi AT ALL. At least it’s a plan!

Still on my Wishlist:

Stock photo of Pullip Very Berry Pop.Now on to the dolls, which did not move a spot from my wishlist: Pullip Very Berry Pop still rocks! I did not actually know that her skintone is more bronzey than other dolls, until I saw this beautiful picture by Virvatulia, who has also rewigged her. She is wonderful!

Stock photo of Pullip Dahlia Cinderella.Equally wonderful and pretty is Pullip Dahlia Cinderella – I am still seeing so many lovely customized dollies, who all turn out to be her! I consider her a Pullip classic like most Alice releases!

Stock photo of Pullip Bonnie.Pullip Bonnie follows one trend here: I like dolls with pretty lip make up! Bonnie’s face is amazing with her full orange toned salmon lips and, like Very Berry Pop, her stock does not do her justice! I don’t know, if it is just my feeling of her being a bit overlooked due to her ‘bunny’ outfit, but she is a stunning doll!

Stock photo of Pullip Tokidoki Super Stella.A Pullip with a very 80ies inspired make up is Pullip Super Stella. Again, very full and chewing gum pink lips and I love her blue hair. I wonder, what kind of outfits would suit her loud, poppy persona and hope to one day be able to play around with her!

Stock photo of Taeyang Reonhardt.Stock photo of Taeyang Koichi.It is taking me a long time to introduce male dolls to my collection! I automatically gravitate towards the girls. Nothing has changed for me regarding the guys: I still like Taeyangs Koichi and Reonhardt, as well as Isul Glen. How long will it take me to actually purchase one of these gentlemen?! I honestly don’t know! XD

Dropped Dolls (Worst Alliteration Ever):

Belle Disney Doll from PLEXThere are no words to describe, what a big disappointment the Disney collaboration dolls brought for Pullip collectors last year! Belle was initially on my wishlist, but I never got to pre-order her. After checking her first reviews and the many quality issues that not only she, but also Taeyang The Beast (especially the Taeyang!) came with, she immediately disappeared from my list. There have been no further announcements for more Disney dolls, but as a Disney fan myself, the whole handling of this collection makes me quite sad!

Stock photo of Pullip Katrina.Also not quite tickling my fancy anymore, is Pullip Katrina. I still like her face up, but I am honestly not thinking as much about her anymore like the other dolls on my list. Also, her stock outfit, wig and eyechips are not super interesting for me either, which is a lot of negatives. And I just know that if I would love her face up no matter what, all of those factors would not bother me at all.

New on my Wishlist:

Pullip Classical RabbitThere is one doll, which was prior sold out, but brought back by Groove last year: Pullip Classical White Rabbit, CWR for short! I am a little bit offended by myself that I did not get her yet, since she was on my grail wishlist, before the news of her comeback were announced. Somebody needs to get her priorities in order! ><

Stock photo of Pullip TiphonaAnother Pullip classic is Pullip Tiphona, a representative of my favourite colour green! (At least in my mind, she was sent out to bring more green shades into the Pullip world.) She also has such interesting coral tones in her make up with beautiful looking stock clothes. I definitely have an eye out for her!

Already Pre-Ordered

Pullip HimawariPullip CinnamorollI have a countdown on my phone, which is set to go off on May 1st. Around that time Pullip Cinnamoroll and Pullip Himawari will be welcomed into my dolly family! Today, there are still 66 days to go, but your girl is excited! My plan is to review them as soon as possible to get my thoughts out into the world for fellow collectors, who might be interested in them too! Cinnamoroll and Himawari are also the reason, why no other Pullips from 2018 so far have made it onto the list: Those two have so much going for them!

Blythe Dolls

My Neo-Blythes are a touchy topic, which is sometimes keeping me up at night. As a super rookie, the many ways they can be customized scare me a little and I always feel a bit of pressure to do more with them/send them to an artist. Their hair needs a spa day too, but on some days I appreciate their shiny faces, minimal make up and button noses. I am pretty much completely lost because I would also love to rebody them. I have a lot of studying ahead of me!

What I love about most Blythe dolls, are their amazing concepts. Still, I have kind of a bad conscience to get another Neo-Blythe, since I am still so ignorant. There is however a girl on my wishlist: Middie Blythe Pebble Cakes & Shrinking Alice (yes, that’s her actual name); under the condition that her actual self is as cute as her illustration! Middie Blythes are so incredible cute and I have wanted one for the longest time now!

Smart Dolls

See the world with #smartdoll 世界の旅、スマートドールの旅。

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Now we are entering territory, which is the most unfamiliar to me: Dolls I have never ever seen in person, but love to look at on social media! There is just something about the anime cuteness of Smart Dolls, which is speaking to me! When I get to go to Japan again, I want to check out the Mirai Store in Tokyo to visit them in person. So far my favourites are Melody, which is relatively new and always sold out for now, and Cherry, who has not been released yet. If you are interested in Smart Dolls too, I highly recommend Danny Choo’s, their creator’s, Instagram! But honestly: Imagine travelling to Japan and to return home with a Smart Doll! Heaven!

Azone 1/6 Dolls, MiniFée & Super Dollfie/Dollfie Dream

Alisa in a kimono!This is my least thought out section! First of all I could absolutely kick myself for not getting my Azone Twinkle à la Mode Alisa another 1/6 friend, when I had the chance in the actual Azone Store! She has been hanging out all alone on my writing desk for ages and the bad conscience is eating away at me: What a wasted opportunity! Thanks to Azone International constantly releasing pretty cuties, I am not planning too much ahead, but I am sure that can so something about that!

I am kind of obsessed with MiniFée Celine and MiniFées by FairyLand in general. It is a dream to one day have my own girl, but it is going to be a dream for a while. I think, I would not even mind the waiting time for a girl and afterwards for a face up slot because it is definitely worth it!

A Cute from Volks' Doll Point in Radio Kaikan!A Cute from Volks' Doll Point in Radio Kaikan!A Cute from Volks' Doll Point in Radio Kaikan!Now Super Dollfie/Dollfie Dream is here on my list because I loved the dolls, they had on display in their Volks Doll Point in Akihabara! I also had visited their old store once, but since they revamped it, there is just so much more to see and the atmosphere is way nicer! Next to the basic fact that Volks revolutionized BJDs, I am completely lost, when it comes to their dolls and different categories. I am going back to do my homework and hopefully am able to join the conversation one day! 😉

Dollfie Dream's Emilia from Re:ZeroCan you tell that my wishlist is way too long?! XD Nevermind that I would like a custom doll here and there…but that’s, what wishes are for! How much will change in six months? Let’s find out in August!

What are your biggest dolly wishes right now? Are you also keeping a wishlist? Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My (Updated) Blogiversary Dolly Wishlist!”

  1. Omg! So many dolls, so little time (and $$)! 😜 I can’t wait to see what you add.

    I preordered Alice. I couldn’t help it! She’s too cute.

    Your photos just make me want to buy everything!!!!

    1. Haha, when I was finished writing, I actually thought the same thing: So many dolls! XD I am not planning to go too crazy because you never know, what new releases wait behind the curtain of time… >< I mean, now we know it's another Sailor Moon! XD Yaaay, little Miss Pebble Alice! I cannot wait to see her on your account; that little cutie with her bunny ears! 😀

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