More Perfect Gashapon For Your Dolls!

Are you ready for more gashapon that are perfect for your dolls and for your (in my case imaginary) doll house?! Then let’s begin right away! πŸ˜‰

Camera Keyrings

Charlotte with an oldschool camera.Back of gashapon camera.Gashapon cameras.Gashapon Cameras.I was so happy, when I found these! These keyrings (the actual keyrings can be super easily removed) came in two different designs with tons of different color variations. The first design imitates an oldschool camera, which looks pretty cool. But I had to play three times until I got the modern looking DSLR, which I really wanted for my dolls to have. Both kinds light up by pressing a button in accordance with a super fake sounding shutter noise. From my experience, I only saw this machine once and it sold out pretty quickly. Also the sound and light effect is already broken on one camera and pretty weak on another, which let’s me guess that they are pretty old. So get on it as long as you still can!

Pullip Saya and Lu with cameras.

Craftholic Plush Keyrings

Lily with Craftholic plushies.gashapon machinecraftholic gashaponCraftholic plushiesBefore visiting Japan this autumn, I had never seen the Craftholic plushies before, which are super big and soft. One day I will own one of them and only have the sweetest dreams-forever! In the meantime, my dollies will be getting their sleep in with their tiny plushies out of a gashapon machine. These keyrings have been pretty much around everywhere and are just as soft as the original!

Traditional Style Japanese Beauty Tools

Ruri with a comb.gashapon machinebeauty gashaponbeauty gashaponMayu with mirror.This series is so amazing! I managed to get one of each with the exception of the container, but I am over the moon in love with everything I got out of the machine. This includes a make-up palette with an extra brush, a mirror and a comb with a decorative hairpin. The hairpin is just for show and I might glue it on an actual pin to make it functional, but the rest are the most beautiful props ever. I saw this series here and there, but always selling out super fast. Super recommended, whether you love your dolls dressed up in traditional Japanese clothes or not!

Ruri with make-up palette.Sumikko Gurashi Light-Up Figures

Hattie with Shirokuma and Pengin?.gashapon machineSumikko gashaponSumikko gashaponI love Sumikko Gursahi a lot! They are the sweetest characters and this year there is a big trend of light-up gashapon going on, which is super interesting and awesome. These figures are out of squishy plastic and light up in various colors as soon as your finger is touching both metal contacts at the bottom. I got two figures out of five: Shirokuma (the ice bear) and Pengin? (the green penguin, who is not sure, if he actually is a penguin or a kappa). I imagine these figures being really nice lamps in dollhouses in your dolls’ living and/or bedroom. Thanks to Sumikko Gurashi’s 5th anniversary and the characters’ general popularity, this series of gashapon is widely distributed. They are so much fun!

Mayu with mirror.Looking for dolly-sized gashapon has been a real pleasure and everytime I was able to discover some, my heart was beating faster! What gashapon are your favorites?

Thank you so much for reading!


3 thoughts on “More Perfect Gashapon For Your Dolls!”

  1. I can’t wait until the next time I go to Japan! I will look at gashapon in a whole new light. What will be best for my dolls???

    1. Yes! πŸ˜€ I also only did this the last time. It is so fun to change your way of thinking with these little dolls are taking over! πŸ˜€

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