Re-ment: Little Twin Stars ‘Starry Sky Bakery’

Momo, my Pullip Kiyomi with Little Twin Stars Re-mentsThe outside of the box.It has been a while, since I got a whole set from Re-ment, but this adorable set starring Little Twin Stars from Sanrio and its typical color scheme of pastels just spoke to me. I honestly cannot wait to show you each box separately because these are just too cute to not write about them.

1) Animal Bread

Animal BreadAnimal BreadThe first set starts with a bang of cuteness: The Little Twin Stars are welcoming you on their blue unicorn hopping over a cloud and its golden tone gives this piece the feeling of being a baked good. The leaflet will also tell you that the bear-shaped bread is melon pan, while the kitty bread is black sesame. Both belong into their own white woven basket, which feels squishy to the touch and comes with its own branded lining paper-basically all baskets or surfaces for food in this set come with sheets like this, which is such an amazing detail and typical for Re-ment sets.

2) Character Bread

Character BreadCharacter BreadMore bread! But no complaining from my side! πŸ˜€ This time the breads are shaped like the twins Kiki and Lala’s faces. And they belong into the same kind of basket from set number one. It also comes with star-shaped pliers and a star-shaped stand for them, which has different artwork on both its sides.

3) Honey Bread

Honey BreadHoney BreadEven more bread! Still no complaining! Twin girl Lala makes her appearance as ususal with her star wand and as the owner of a bakery, in a little apron and chef’s hat. She also brought some honey bread in a squishy basket with her and a glass of strawberry and pistachio jam.

4) Hamburger

HamburgerHamburgerKiki and Lala’s lilac kitten friend seems to be a big fan of hamburgers, since it comes in the same set as this amazing white and pink cart with blue and white wheels. By now it probably won’t be a surprise that the wheels are functional. The cart is supposed to carry two kinds of hamburgers: A blue Kiki hamburger with cheese and a pink Lala hamburger with tomato.

5) Cream Sandwich Croissant

Cream Sandwich CroissantCream Sandwich CroissantMister Kiki makes his appearance with a piping bag in his hands and a little cream on top of his head. The reason for the piping bag is his responsibility for the cream sandwich croissants, which come in a variation of pink and blue cream and are presented on a yellow star-themed tray. This set also comes with an additional set of pliers.

6) Marshmallow Pizza

Marshmallow PizzaMarshmallow PizzaI have never come across a marshmallow pizza personally, but it looks simply sugary delicious. One piece of it is already missing from the beautiful lilac cake stand with figures of the twins on its see-through lid. And another piece has already been cut from the pizza pie to be put on a plate with the yellow star-themed cake server.

7) Quiche and Baguette

Quiche and BaguetteBaguette and QuichesBaguette and QuichesNext to hamburgers, the bakery is also offering another variety of savoury foods like baguette and two different kinds of quiche. The baguette is imprinted with three stars and belongs into its own basket, which has a super cute picture of the twins looking out of a window in the front. The broccoli and tomato quiche is served on a basket tray. If anyone is interested in take-out, Kiki and Lala also offer a tiny star-shaped box to transport your quiche home safely.

8) Rusk

RuskRuskIn my world rusk is a plain and not very cute food, but the Little Twin Stars serve theirs in the cutest tiny pink basket in pink, blue and yellow and of course star-shaped. You can add some flavor with milk jam, before you pay your bill at the prettiest cash register ever. It is shaped like a cloud with the twins sitting on top and every button on it is a tiny little star.

What is your opinion on this Re-ment set? Do you also always get so excited, when it comes to miniatures? πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “Re-ment: Little Twin Stars ‘Starry Sky Bakery’”

    1. I can absolutely recommend it; especially because of these lovely pastels! πŸ˜‰ Have you seen the Little Twin Stars Re-ment cosmetic set? It is beautiful and so tempting! ><

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