My most trusted places to buy Pullips from!

Today I want to share, where I buy Pullips, since it is not that easy, when you first get into the hobby. Please note that I am living in Europe, that’s why my go-to online shops are also based there. When ordering, you should always be aware of shipping and eventual custom costs. Happy shopping and thank you for reading!

Princess Serenity in box. Buy Pullips.
My newest Pullip Princess Serenity still in the box!

1. Plasticpop – Link!

Plasticpop is based in Germany. I have ordered several Pullips and one Blythe from their site. Their customer service is also amazing and they are very quick to answer your questions. If a doll is not in stock, they will order her specifically for you (as long as not sold out). There are also lots of other products on their site, for example Re-ments, Azones or Momoko dolls. Also: Super fast shipping!

2. Pullipworld – Link!

Pullipworld is based in Belgium and they always have a large variety of Pullip in stock. I have also ordered several times from this site and never had any problems. The shipping is always super fast and they also have other Pullip-related products on their site. Right now, you will also find rare Pullips like The Fox, The Rose or My Melody HEN-Nako Ver. in their store! Highly recommended!

3. Mandarake – Link!

Mandarake is a Japanese second-hand store that sells practically all Japanese hobby-related products. This includes Pullips and other kinds of dolls. It is my favorite place to look for sold out Pullips and thanks to Mandarake, I have Clara, Chloi, My Melody HEN-NAKO and Seila in my collection. When it comes to very rare items, you often have to be quick, so I would recommend to register to the site beforehand. You will never know, when your dream doll will show up! Also keep in mind that, with the exception of SAHRA, Mandarake has several on-sight stores. Only when you order from SAHRA, the site will tell you the shipping costs right away and your order will go through. When you order from one of the other Mandarake-stores, the system will have to check with the store first, if the item is still available for you and will add the shipping cost after they confirmed its availability. It is a little bit more complicated than your usual store, but the service is top notch and very much recommended!

4. JP Groove – Link!

JP Groove is the official online-store from Groove Inc. in the US. They are famous for their sample sales, during which you can buy dolls that were used as samples for a cheaper price. Those dolls come without their boxes, stands, could miss some of their accessories and their quality can vary to a large extent. This sample sale takes place several times a year, but until now I never ordered sample dolls because shipping to Europe is expensive (you have a free-shipping option inside of the US, when your order exceeds $175+) and budget-wise the timing was always off. Still, there was one time, I ordered from there, due to their second-to-last Pullip KΓΌhn doll. My decision to get KΓΌhn from their site was spot on, since I haven’t seen her in stock since then and it took her only one week to get to Europe from the US. If there is a doll, you cannot get anywhere else anymore and don’t mind the shipping, I can absolutely recommend ordering from JP Groove!

5. The Doll Market – Link!

My experience with The Doll Market, who is based in the US, consists out of one order that was handled without any negative things to say. They were the only source that still had Pullip Dilletante in stock (for a normal and non-crazy-Ebay-amount) and so I decided to order her, which is, again, quite expensive for Europeans. Still, they have a large variety of different dolls and many are on clearance, which can make up for the shipping costs. Dilettante travelled for one week with a tracking number and arrived in perfect condition. No objections and very recommended!

BONUS: Pullip Style – Link!

If you follow the Pullip-community, you will have heard of Pullip Style! This US-based store has been around for years and if I was living in the United States, it would probably be my number one place to buy Pullips! Until now, I never ordered from them because something else always came up, but I made an account to check their shipping costs and they are quite reasonable! When you do your research on Pullips and stumble upon collectors from the US, chances are high that they ordered their dolls from Pullipstyle, since they are known for their awesome customer service!

Please let me know, if there are any questions left! I will gladly answer them! Where do you buy Pullips?

Thank you so much for reading!


10 thoughts on “My most trusted places to buy Pullips from!”

  1. I only have bought from Pullip Style (I live in the US). I want to try Mandarake soon, but I haven’t found the right item yet.

    Pullip Kuhn is one of my dream dolls! You are so lucky to have her! I think her face is just beautiful.

    1. Thank you, I love KΓΌhn’s face too! Are you in the Pullip Sales group on Facebook? I have seen her there fairly often and there is one for sale right now – without stock and original eyechips. I really hope that you can add her to your collection one day! πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve used dollmarket to order my whole sailor moon collection. Minus saturn who was sold out i ordered her from all arrived gorgeously in perfect condition. Now I hunt for princess serenity!

    1. Hi Riley!

      Thank you so much for sharing your Pullip shopping experiences with us!
      And I really hope that you are going to be able to add Princess Serenity to your collection!

      Have a lovely day!


  3. Hi, great post first of all, very helpful!
    I wanted to ask, how much do you usually pay for customs when ordering from Japan? I’ve been wanting Barasuishou and some others for ages but I’m scared that the customs fee will be too much.

    1. Hi Viktoria and thank you so much! πŸ˜»β€πŸ’•

      When ordering from Japan, I always calculate to pay 30-40€ in customs. It is pretty pricey, so I always think twice before ordering. But (!) there should be a free trade agreement between Japan and Europe in the works, which will eliminate custom fees altogether. Hopefully soon! 😊

      Have a lovely day! πŸ’• Theri

  4. How can someone get in contact with JPGROOVE? I have a question about purchasing one of their “rare dolls special” and I don’t understand what they mean by the “plastic band” maybe be removed. Emailed them 2 weeks ago with no response.

    1. I never had to contact them, which I guess is pretty lucky, since I have heard about them not answering their customers’ e-mails. Since getting Pullip KΓΌhn two years ago, I did not order from their site again and unfortunately cannot help you, when it comes to getting answers.
      My guess is that they mean the plastic band, which normally covers the dolls’ foreheads. πŸ€—

      Have a lovely day, Theri πŸ’•

  5. Doll Market has gone out of business. For some pullip sales, I’d recommend Fabric Friends and Dolls if you’re based in the U.S. I don’t know if they ship overseas.

  6. Hi, I’m very very new to collecting dolls and really I only collect Sylvanian families. I’m just very interested in these dolls but why so very expensive? it’s absolutely blowing my mind. Also where would I start if I were to collect them and is there any UK stores? 🀍

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