My Dolly Week #10: The End of Waiting!

Welcome everybody! It is my 10th week already, talking about all doll and toy-related things that I did in the last seven days. I hope that everyone had a good week and you can also check me out on Instagram, where I like to post daily. πŸ™‚

My three girls are united and look so pretty next to each other: Pullip Laura (2015), Seila (2012) and Alura (2015)!
My three girls are united and look so pretty next to each other: Pullip Laura, Seila and Alura!

Last week two Pullip girls came home and made their way into my collection and heart. Like lots of collectors, I love completing collections. When I was able to score Pullip Seila from Mandarake, I could not help, but order Pullip Laura. She was on back-order from my go-to European sellers and so I was looking forward to her for over six weeks. And, if I have had to, I would have waited for this exquisite doll even longer! Laura was the last of the Creator’s Label Pullip with a face-up from mitsubachi@BabyBee that was still missing in my collection. Laura is the older sister of Pullip Alura and both were created with Seila’s face-up in mind from Pure Embers or Laura, who is a photographer and has one of my favorite Flickr-accounts. I am so in love with Pullip Laura, I cannot even tell you! And I need to redress Alura into one of her Momolita outfits. Still, it’s kind of fun to see her in pastel-colors…

Confirmed: I love a wide variety of Pullips!
Confirmed: I love a wide variety of Pullips!

I was going back and forth, whether to get Pullip Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon or Princess Serenity as my second doll from Groove’s Sailor Moon series. After lots of research and going back and forth between face-up comparisons, I decided on Princess Serenity. In my review about Sailor Neptune, I wrote that I also love Usagi Tsukino because of her warm personality. Princess Serenity has a beautiful face-up that almost seems lit up by the moon on her forehead. Still I am hoping that Groove will release an Eternal Sailor Moon, since this is the transformation I love the most. In the meantime, I am happy with Princess Serenity. She is such a beauty!

My Rococo-princess is intrigued!
My Rococo-princess is intrigued!

Toy-wise, the Pikachu Re-ment set, which is called Welcome to PIKACHU room!, arrived. If everything works out the way, I want it, there should be a review up next week. That is the limit of my attention span, before I will mess up the different sets. Wait, not me, my dolls! πŸ˜‰

That’s all for now from me; thank you so much for reading!

Are you waiting for any dollies right now?


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #10: The End of Waiting!”

  1. Your collection is really expanding! You have such beautiful Pullips. I only have 2 right now, and one face up that I’m waiting for.

    I just got three custom Blythes in the last couple of weeks (I posted them on instagram) and some assorted accessories. I really want to start making more outfits for them. But doll clothes are so little!!! I really have to take my time with them. πŸ˜€

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Pikachu re-ment set. My nephew loves PokΓ©mon so I was thinking of getting the set for him!

    1. I think, I know your instagram! I absolutely adore Pinky and her new sisters (I hope, it’s your account-otherwise I am just weird, sorry…)! It really makes me want to get into custom dolls. I might get my first custom Pullip this month, but I will hopefully know for sure in the following week. It is pretty exciting new territory! πŸ˜€

      Thank you for liking my collection-I cannot wait to hear about the face up that you are waiting for! I am also interested in the things that you are going to make yourself! I bet, they are going to be lovely!

      Right now, I am planning to release the post on the Re-ment set on Friday. I really hope that it is going to be heplful!

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