In 2013 Pullip Classical White Rabbit hopped onto the doll scene to be shortly followed by Classical Alice afterwards. She is a classic through and through…plus oh so cute! 🐰

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Now that two Pullips from the ‘Optical Alice Series’ have been released, I simply had to put Optical Alice back into her stock outfit again and make a comparison video between her and Optical Queen. Both are amazingly creative releases and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Pullip Optical Queen is the second release of the Optical Alice series. I was so happy that Groove and AGA decided to continue this series after pretty much exactly two years – which is the same amount of time as me blogging on Komonogatari!

What are your thoughts on Optical Queen? ❀

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Disney Haul // Tokyo Disney Resort Plans, Merch & Outfits 🐻🐰😺

I bought things for my upcoming visits to Tokyo Disney Resort – that is basically the gist of this video! 😊 At the same time I am also sharing my plans, dreams and merchandise collection. There is lots of love for Duffy merchandise in this video as well! 🐻

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PULLIP DOLL HOLIDAY GIFT & SHOPPING GUIDE 2018 πŸŽ„ // Who is available right now?!

This might be a bit soon, but at the same time editing this video just made me too excited to not share right away: Are you looking to gift a Pullip doll to somebody, but have no clue where to begin? Or are you a doll collector, who is a little out of the loop, when it comes to the world of Pullips? No problem, this gift guide has you covered! 😊

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Crystalux Disney Characters #1: Alice in Wonderland

Today is a very exciting post, since I am finally writing about a new Disney figure series available in Japanese arcades: Crystalux! They kicked off with Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and will continue with Snow White, who I will be showing you as well in the spring! The idea behind the Crystalux figures is that they have kind of clear reflective chips in front of their eyes, which setsΒ  them apart from your usual painted on eyes on figures. For doll collectors ‘eyechips’ are not a new concept at all, but I have to say that I am quite intrigued by the idea of incorporating it into figures, which additionally do not break the bank as well!

Crystalux Alice in WonderlandWhat made me the most excited about the Crystalux releases (the two that have been released/announced so far), is the appearance of the Disney girls and that they are portrayed in their actual movie look. It is super refreshing to have this range of Disney figures next to Chibi versions like Qposket. Alice is captured in the secene at the very beginning of the movie, while she is actually talking to her cat Dinah. Honestly, I need a tiny Dinah to accompany her! Alice is (theoretically) sitting on a meadow and made a wreath out of daisies, which she is still holding in her hands. Continue reading Crystalux Disney Characters #1: Alice in Wonderland

Qposket: Alice in Wonderland (Special Coloring vol. 1)

It happened. I am in love with Qposket figures now. I bet, this statement is absolutely shocking nobody that is halfway familiar with the things I am investing my money in, so please look forward to my latest cutie: Alice from the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland, which is my most beloved Disney film ever! I got her in the recolored edition, since the original Alice figure that came out a few years ago, is far more expensive now. When I found out about the newer version, I did not want to miss out again and ordered her from Ebay.

Qposket's AliceIn general the figures of this series count 13,5 cm/5,3 inches, which is neither too big or too small in my opinion. I also like that they are quite sturdy. In the Qposket universe ‘recolored version’ basically means that her hair is painted in a color with a pearly sheen. The rest of the colors of her dress are slightly different as well, but the most prominent difference is definitely the shimmering metallic effect of her hair. If you are not a fan of this look, I highly recommend you to stay away from the recolored Qposket figures and to rather look for the original releases. Continue reading Qposket: Alice in Wonderland (Special Coloring vol. 1)

Review: Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint Ver.

Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint is a release from 2012 and one of the most popular!
Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint is a release from 2012 and one of the most popular!

The mint version of Pullip Alice du Jardin (the pink Alice du Jardin is the original) is a 2012 release and extremely popular among collectors, which is probably the reason why Groove Inc. is still producing both versions as of this writing. She was my first Pullip and holds a very special place in my heart. I even cried, when she arrived because I was so happy to finally own a Pullip! Continue reading Review: Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint Ver.

Review: Pullip Classical Alice

Pullip Classical Alice
Pullip Classical Alice at her recent tea party! Would you like to join her?

What Pullip was the first you ever set eyes on? Mine was Classical Alice. I remember her from a tiny stock-photo on, popping up in my recommendations. I did not know what a Pullip was back then, but I thought that she was the most incredibly beautiful doll I ever saw. (Imagine me, when I found out that Pullips can move their eyes side to side. What a revelation of endless possibilities!) It was during a time, when I had just stopped collecting Monster High dolls because the new releases weren’t my cup of tea anymore and there was also self-induced pressure to grow up. (Because all of those collectibles out there are for children-pure logic!) So I kept Classical Alice on my wishlist for several years and silently watched Groove release the Sailor Moon Series, while denying myself the fact how desperately I wanted to get into Pullip-collecting. Continue reading Review: Pullip Classical Alice