Whee, here I am! πŸ™ˆ Being in front of the camera is a completely different experience, but at least I had good company. πŸ˜‰ This tag is really old, but I thought that it would be a nice way to introduce myself to you. That being said, it took me three times to film this thing and lots of computer crashes while editing, so to finally be able to share it, is my own personal miracle! 😹

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Video: My Custom Pullip Doll Collection! ❀

The day has finally come: My first video on YouTube! I decided to talk about something that is very close to my heart and is bringing me lots of happiness: My Custom Pullips! Here they all are in one place and I hope that you are going to enjoy it! Thank you for watching and loving Pullips!

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My Dolly Week #68: A Bouquet of Pullips!

Here we are, another week went by and there is no complaining on my side, since the last seven days were filled with enough dolly content to fill my post with!

Claire & Choux, a bouquet of Pullips!Sisters, forever united!I turned 28 years old on Thursday and my husband managed to majorly surprise me by taking the day off. This way we could spend the hottest day of the year (literally, not trying to sound conceited) together and get to know these two little girls above: Claire and Choux, who both have been created by Thai artist Kitasin Doll House on Etsy. He gave the girls such sweet expressions that I named them after some of my favourite French pastries; Claire after Γ©clairs and Choux after cream puffs. (And also: I knew that I would use this plant pot from Ikea for my doll photography one day, don’t ever let your spouse convince you otherwise! Ihihihi!) Continue reading My Dolly Week #68: A Bouquet of Pullips!

My Dolly Week #62: Mia in May!

Mia being fluffy!Welcome everybody! I hope that you are all having a lovely long weekend and are welcoming May with lots of joy in your hearts! The last few days already felt like the middle of summer and I am spending lots of time outside in the sun. It is kind of a cute contrast to Miss Mia’s outfit. She is wearing her original outfit because I finally want to start to properly introduce her to you and also because these colours suit her so well. You cannot really see her ear muffs, but they are very fluffy and since Mia prefers to stay warm, everything is perfect! Continue reading My Dolly Week #62: Mia in May!

My Dolly Week #61: Pullip’s 15th Anniversary Custom Contest!

Welcome to this very high spirited ‘My Dolly Week’ post! After months of waiting, all the entries for Groove’s custom contest have been revealed and there are some serious works of art in the run! And the best thing about this? You can vote too, even if you are unable to attend the exhibition in Yokohama! Click here for the complete contestant list and click on the individual doll pictures for more details on the creators and more importantly: Detailed pictures of the dolls and their face ups! After checking out all of the dollies (even though mostly Pullips, there are also appearances of Isul, Taeyang and Dal), you can click here for the voting ballot and support your favourite! The doll with the most votes, will be made into a Groove Creator’s Label stock doll! I am so happy that so many wonderful artists are participating and am excited to have discovered some new artists to follow!

Mia with lots of toys!

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My Dolly Week #59: So Satisfying!

Welcome to a very springy ‘My Dolly Week’! That’s right, spring has sprung, but there are so many other exciting and – as the title suggests – satisfying things to talk about, which just feel good! Remember, when I was talking about getting into filming, despite knowing that my beginnings will suck?! I put my money, where my mouth is today and the outcome was a nauseous inducing mess, but it also took away some of my anxiety that I had about starting. I love making stuff up, as I go – which is basically also the story of this blog! Whee! Hopefully next week I will be equipped with a tripod and external mic and I will try again! πŸ˜‰

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My Dolly Week #57: Cute As A Button!

Welcome to Komonogatari’s Sunday post! How has your dolly week been? Mine was good with finally giving Pullip Cassie and Callie the attention they deserve and being able to introduce a very adorable someone!

Mia is getting ready for Easter!One of my most favourite expressions in the English language is ‘cute as a button’; before learning that I had never spent a thought on the adorable quality of buttons! And being cute and adorable definitely fits little Miss Mia, my new full custom Pullip from Poison Girl’s Dolls. When she was available for adoption, my heart was literally racing – I don’t think that I’ve ever moved faster in my life! XD I loved her sweet face from the moment MarΓ­a announced her. She is so cute!

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