Review: Pullip Creator’s Label Callie

Pullip CalliePullip Callie is one out of two Pullip dolls, which were released in 2016 in Groove’s Creator’s Label series in collaboration with Thai doll artists Happydolly and Memento. Happydolly created the face ups and Memento the outfits. Pullip Callie is the twin sister of Pullip Cassie, who I reviewed here. The twins Pullip Callie and Cassie are sold separately.

Pullip Callie's eyelidsI already wrote a whole blog post about Pullip Callie’s face up in comparison to her sister Cassie, since both faces are quite similar, but still have their very own features that are in charge of their different expressions. You can read the full post here! Just like her sister, Callie has these gorgeous milk tea coloured eyelids with dark brown eyeliner and its subtle and ornate polka dots in two sizes.

Pullip Callie's wigPullip Callie's bun's curl!Pullip Callie's bangs!Callie’s wig is not my favourite. The idea behind it is marvellous, but its actual quality is simply dry and frizzy. I strongly feel that she would have deserved a better wig in the same pretty medium brown tone with blonde highlights. She is wearing a bun on her left side, which has its end actually curling all the way down to her elbow. This big curl, which is again a very pretty idea, is super frizzy. It is also starting to fall apart in the back. The rest of her hair in the back is short and there is only a longer, slightly curled strand on the right side. She has some longer side swept bangs in the front, but they do not cover up her face.

Pullip Callie's barrette!Pullip Callie's earrings!Because we are talking about a very detailed girl, the barrette she comes with is no joke: A bow out of beige lace with a lacey white butterfly in its center with some tiny white pearls and white flowers and intertwined ribbon at the ends. It is also a lovely touch that Callie is wearing tiny earrings, one pink bead each with golden hardware.

Pullip Callie's hat!Pullip Callie's hat from the top!The colour scheme of Callie’s overall outfit, is a very light pink that would probably best be described as a pastel salmon pink. That is the exact colour of her big hat out of very soft cotton, which has white flowers in its front and looks super cute! To get it to sit properly on her head, I had to push the very upper part of Callie’s bun into it, but I believe that the result is quite lovely!

Pullip Callie's dress!Pullip Callie's skirt!Pullip Callie's dress' bodice!Her sleeveless dress is structured into three parts, starting off with a white collar and light tulle material with a light brown bow plus white pearl in the middle of the collar. In the middle it has a simple strip of salmon pink fabric, while the skirt consists out of two layers, since there is a layer out of white tulle with floral embroidery and a dainty lace hemline over the salmon pink skirt. The pink skirt actually also has white lace on its hemline and a very cute white lacey butterfly, embellished with white pearls, on its lower right side. It is the same butterfly, Cassie is also wearing on her barrette!

Pullip Callie's cardigan!Pullip Callie's wristlet!Pullip Callie's cardigan's back!To polish up her look in a dreamy way, Callie is wearing a short sleeved cardigan out of beige lace, which also has a pretty shimmer to it. It has a tiny white flower with a pearl in its center in the back…and we are not ready with Miss Callie’s arms yet: She is wearing wristlets out of white tulle with a pink bow in the front and several white pearls in the back!

Pullip Callie's handbag!Pullip Callie's bag charm!This girl has the best handbag ever! I was waiting for a girl actually having a crossbody bag with a dainty golden chain, Eiffel Tower charm and the actual bag in shape of a white cat’s head! The bag is not functional, you cannot open/close it, and the cat has a blue and a yellow eye. Next to the Eiffel Tower charm, there is also a pink bead, the same kind that Callie is wearing as earrings!

Pullip Callie's shoes!Pullip Callie's socks!On her feet Callie is wearing amazing Mary Jane shoes! I have to say that I love her white shoes with pink bows a little more than her sister Cassie’s brown ones. They are just so whimsical and pretty! Mirroring her tiny wristlets, Callie is also wearing white lace socks with fluffy lace and a pink bow on top.

Pullip Callie and Pullip Cassie!Finally, I have to say that I could not tell you, who of the twins is my favourite or has better stock. I got Pullip Cassie first because of her fuller lips, but now I could not imagine my collection without Callie! Both of their stock is super high quality and if you love dainty, lacey fashion for your dolls, you will be very pleased! I am planning to change them out of their stock, but I cannot wait to get creative and figure out some cute styles!

Do you prefer Cassie or Callie’s stock outfit? Who is your favourite Creator’s Label doll?

Thank you so much for reading!


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