Review: Pullip Creator’s Label Cassie

Pullip CassiePullip Cassie is a Pullip Creator’s Label release from 2016. Cassie and her twin sister Callie are a collaboration with Thai doll artists Happydolly, who did the face up, and Memento, who was in charge of designing the outfits. Their flair is very girly and flirty with lots of lace and pastel colours. Today I am going to review Pullip Cassie, the sister in the blue outfit.

Pullip Cassie's eyelids!Due to the fact that both girls are twins and therefore have quite similar outfits, I wrote a post comparing their face ups. You can read it here for a detailed description on both of the girls’ faces! Cassie also has extremely beautiful eyelids! Their overall colour looks like milk tea and above the dark brown eyeliner, there are the most beautiful and delicate tiny dots, varying in size, which are very ornate looking and add to Cassie’s vintage style!

Pullip Cassie's wig!Pullip Cassie's side bun from the back!Pullip Cassie's wig from the back!Pullip Cassie’s wig is kind of a mystery to me. A mystery in the sense that the overall idea of her hair is a fabulous idea and style, but that the execution is unfortunately quite questionable as well. The quality of her hair reminds me of overused brush bristles. Her hair feels dry and frizzy. It is a shame, really, because her hair is a nice medium brown with a bit of blonde in it and her hair has been done up on her right side into a curly mini bun. She has pretty long bangs in the front and most of her hair in the back is short too, except two longer and curled strands on her left and her right. These two curls are the epitome of frizzy.

Pullip Cassie's hat!Pullip Cassie's hat from the top!Pullip Cassie's hat's decorations!It is going to take a while, talking about Cassie’s amazing stock outfit and accessoires. If her style is completely up your alley and fits your taste, you most definitely will not be disappointed! Starting from head to toe, Cassie likes to wear a pastel blue cotton hat, which is supposed to sit sideways on top of her head with the little sewn on white flowers facing the front. I always seem to forget that Pullips have oversized heads, but with actual hats or beanies, you get a grasp of Pullip’s head situation! πŸ˜‰

Pullip Cassie's earrings!Pullip Cassie's barrette!She also has her own cute barrette, a bow out of beige lace with three white flowers in its center and tiny intertwined baby blue lace at the ends. Our girl also has earrings and I love it, when Pullips have earrings! Cassie is wearing simple baby blue studs, a bead with golden hardware.

Pullip Cassie's dress!Pullip Cassie's skirt!Pullip Cassie's skirt!Cassie’s dress is a very lightweight summer dress. Its main fabric is baby blue, but it is covered by so many elements of white lace that it overpowers the blue. It is sleeveless with a Peter Pan collar out of white lace and white lace going down in the middle front of the bodice with five pearl sewn onto it. The skirt is very short, which does not matter because there is another skirt out of pretty white lace covering it up! The lace skirt is kind of see through, so that you can see the lacey hemline and with pearls embellished butterfly of the blue mini skirt. The longer white lace skirt has floral embroidery and I love its unusual hemline!

Pullip Cassie's shoes and tights!Pullip Cassie's shoes!If anybody is still on the fence, concerning Miss Cassie’s hemline, do not worry: She is wearing very pretty white polka dot tights underneath! This also already brings me to another highlight: Her shoes are so amazing! Normally dolly shoes like that are pretty expensive, so getting them with a doll you love as well, is such a nice touch! They are brown Mary Janes with a little heel and a bow in a deeper brown colour in the front.

Pullip Cassie's cardigan!Pullip Cassie' cardigan's back!To prevent Cassie from catching a cold, she has her own cardigan out of the same beige lace like her hair bow. Its puffy sleeves go just a little over her elbow and I love the matching puffy collar. Parts of the fabric even have a silvery sheen to them, which is just gorgeous! There is a tiny white flower on the back of her cardigan.

Pullip Cassie's backpack!Pullip Cassie' backpack from the side!Pullip Cassie's necklace!For everyday trinkets, she is carying a white backpack in the form of a cat’s head with a yellow and a blue eye. The backpack is not functional; you cannot actually open it. Still, such a nice touch, literally very soft and cute! Just as whimsy is her little golden necklace with a little Eiffel Tower pendant and a blue bead matching her earrings. Lots of thoughts have gone into this special girl!

Pullip Cassie with her sister Pullip Callie!Is Pullip Cassie’s fashion style up your alley? I have seen her in so many cute clothes on social media already; she can basically wear anything! Please look forward to her twin sister Callie’s review next! (Update: You can now read Pullip Callie’s review here!)

Thank you so much for reading!


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