My Dolly Week #57: Cute As A Button!

Welcome to Komonogatari’s Sunday post! How has your dolly week been? Mine was good with finally giving Pullip Cassie and Callie the attention they deserve and being able to introduce a very adorable someone!

Mia is getting ready for Easter!One of my most favourite expressions in the English language is ‘cute as a button’; before learning that I had never spent a thought on the adorable quality of buttons! And being cute and adorable definitely fits little Miss Mia, my new full custom Pullip from Poison Girl’s Dolls. When she was available for adoption, my heart was literally racing – I don’t think that I’ve ever moved faster in my life! XD I loved her sweet face from the moment María announced her. She is so cute!

Mia has such a cute expression!That is basically why Mia’s nickname is Miss Button and she will be properly introduced to you soon; she definitely brightened up my days and we are having lots of conversations about fashion. And plushies, Mia loves plushies! I am still figuring out her style, but I feel like she is the youngest out of my ‘Poison Girls’ and she just looks so cute in white and light blue – and mustard yellow! Mustard yellow probably excites me the most, since it is a hard colour to pull off and Mia rocks it!

Audrey's new wig!Hermione's new wig!After my Creator’s Label Happydolly twins got all of their photos taken and posts written, they got new lashes and new wigs by Leeke World. If I wasn’t doing dolly reviews, I would customize my girls way sooner after getting them, but I also love to check back on my reviews from time to time for their stock look. In the case of Hermione (Pullip Cassie) and Audrey (Pullip Callie), I had the feeling that they would probably look very nice in Leeke’s ‘Whisper Blue’. It is one of the prettiest baby blues in person that I ever saw! Audrey’s wig was so long and swooshy, I decided to give her braids to tame them! XD

Announcements were few; Pullip Cinnamoroll and Pullip Himawari are popping up all over Instagram in their new homes and I am sitting at the edge of my chair now. They are so pretty! There is also a whole post on Groove’s blog showing Himawari in and fresh out of the box, plus another post with displays of new releases in various doll shops and you get a very good look at Pullip Eileen!

I hope that your bio rhythm is okay after daylight savings and that we’ll see each other again next week!

Thank you so much for reading!


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