My Dolly Week #59: So Satisfying!

Welcome to a very springy ‘My Dolly Week’! That’s right, spring has sprung, but there are so many other exciting and – as the title suggests – satisfying things to talk about, which just feel good! Remember, when I was talking about getting into filming, despite knowing that my beginnings will suck?! I put my money, where my mouth is today and the outcome was a nauseous inducing mess, but it also took away some of my anxiety that I had about starting. I love making stuff up, as I go – which is basically also the story of this blog! Whee! Hopefully next week I will be equipped with a tripod and external mic and I will try again! πŸ˜‰

Ruri, a true floral munchkin and MVP!Ruri is so ready for spring! I love layering my dolls’ clothes, but somehow I just wanted to take a picture to welcome spring and I think that Ruri kind of looks like she is ready for her first music festival! (Even though I would never allow it, don’t tell her!) Her little set out of the white shirt and floral shorts was made by Atelier Mila Brocc and her flower crown by Lullaby for Dolls. Ruri is my munchkin!

Mia, another MVP, prefers dresses so far and looks awesome in yellow!Mia's new hair swag!Equally floral is little Mia’s outfit, especially her yellow dress with white and blue floral lace on top by Dollily Studio! It is my first yellow Pullip dress and Mia is happy to have found the perfect colour for her. My goal is to style her hair in little buns next. I even got some hair tools, so the next time you see her, her hair will hopefully look even more adorable than now!

The last MVP for this week: Suzume now has ginger hair; finally!Long wig is long, but too beautiful to be cut and trimmed!My most satisfying moment of the week, was when I got a package in the mail last Friday with a Luts wig in the colour ‘Carrot’. It was for Miss Suzume, who has been going through various changes in the past, but I always grew tired of it. When Pullip Style announced their new stock of Luts wigs and the shipping to Europe was pretty good, my time had come to order my first ‘carrot’. The wig I got, is style no. DW-104 and it is crazy long on a Pullip, so perfect for a fantasy approach. The colour also suits Suzume more nicely than a true red or brunette. In addition to her new hair, I also learned that blonde looks pretty on her, she is wearing new eyechips by Chewy Rabbit. When I now look at her, I am filled with joy! I believe, it’s the most satisfying thing for a Pullip collector to finally have the feeling that you brought out the best of an artist’s face up! I am so happy! πŸ™‚

Now for news, I got very excited last week, when Groove announced all of this year’s participants of their custom contest. It contains many known names and even the artists, who are still unknown to me, make me so excited because I want to see everyone’s Pullips! I hope to God that we don’t have to wait for much longer. I need to obsess about these dolls! πŸ™‚ Also, if you are interested in Pullip Eileen and the Sailor Moon wedding duo, all of these dolls’ pre-orders went up on Pullip Style a few days ago!

Are you as excited as I am to see all of the customs for Yokohama? I think, what makes me the most excited, is how different artists interprete the same topic. And in the end ‘Dreams’ is a great theme, which can go either very whimsy, very dark or even both! I know that some people are so lucky to visit the exhibition in person and will be so lovely to share their experience. Yaaay! πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for reading!


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