Pullip Funassyi, Pullip Dilettante & Pullip Bonnie Are Available For Pre-Order (Again)!

Pretty in Pink!This is going to be a rather quick post, but I think that it should definitely be worth a mention that some of my favourite dolls are going to make a comeback – as well as Pullip Funassyi being available in a super limited number on Pullip Style!

Pullip Funassyi Classical Lolita VersionWhen Pullip Funassyi was announced, I mentioned on this blog, how much I was in love with the whole look, but especially with the doll’s sweet look itself, since her faceup seems to have a nice balance between sweetness and innocence with rather unique and interesting makeup. You can get her through shipping services in Japan, since she is exclusive to Funassyi Stores, but luckily Pullip Style got the okay for a limited pre-order; making it easier for buyers overseas. And yes: This June (or more realistically July) you will be able to see a review of Pullip Funassyi from me!

Close-up of Pullip DilettanteI also need to point out the return of Pullip Dilettante, one of my grail dolls! She is so interesting with her modern day work outfit, ginger wig and amazing purple themed eye makeup! You can read my review about her here or watch my ‘Pullip Grail’ video, in which she makes an appearance, here!

Pullip Bonnie, I named her Vivi.Then there is Pullip Bonnie: You can read my review about her here and I will admit right away that, while I am not a fan of her stock outfit, I believe that she is one of the most beautiful Pullips in the last few years. I need to take more pictures of her, but every day I am amazed by her beautiful lips and sophisticated eyes. Her making a comeback is truly great news!

Are you happy about these girls being available again? I have to admit that sometimes the second (or third or fourth) round of availability for older releases gets me even more excited than new ones; it’s like finding a pot of gold! (Considering that Saint Patrick’s Day was yesterday…)

Thank you so much for reading!


PULLIP DOLL HOLIDAY GIFT & SHOPPING GUIDE 2018 πŸŽ„ // Who is available right now?!

This might be a bit soon, but at the same time editing this video just made me too excited to not share right away: Are you looking to gift a Pullip doll to somebody, but have no clue where to begin? Or are you a doll collector, who is a little out of the loop, when it comes to the world of Pullips? No problem, this gift guide has you covered! 😊

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

My Dolly Week #62: Mia in May!

Mia being fluffy!Welcome everybody! I hope that you are all having a lovely long weekend and are welcoming May with lots of joy in your hearts! The last few days already felt like the middle of summer and I am spending lots of time outside in the sun. It is kind of a cute contrast to Miss Mia’s outfit. She is wearing her original outfit because I finally want to start to properly introduce her to you and also because these colours suit her so well. You cannot really see her ear muffs, but they are very fluffy and since Mia prefers to stay warm, everything is perfect! Continue reading My Dolly Week #62: Mia in May!

My Dolly Week #60: Candy Candy!

Welcome to another ‘My Dolly Week’ post; before we start, I highly recommend you to play Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s ‘ Candy Candy‘ in the background, since I have been listening to it on loop since Thursday! I honestly have no idea, why it took me about a thousand years to get into her music, but better late than never – and this ironically also applies to my Pullip collection! πŸ˜‰

Vivi, my Bonnie, with her new wig!

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Review: Pullip Bonnie

Pullip Bonnie in her stock outfit!In 2016 we were blessed with so many beautiful Pullip releases and Pullip Bonnie is one of them! She is an original release and the more time you spend with her, the more you will fall in love! She also is a prime example of the fact that the face up should be the main reason for getting a doll, since her concept is not up my alley at all. That being said, I will write this review, strictly looking at the quality of the stock and to show you every detail as usual. I hope, you will like it! πŸ™‚ Continue reading Review: Pullip Bonnie

My Dolly Week #55: Pullip Bonnie & Little Else!

Okay, that title is not exactly true. I did receive Vivi, Pullip Bonnie, last week and dolly time felt limited, but in my private life a looot happened. Basically, my husband is changing jobs and is finally able to work in his dream profession, which equally means that we are not going to have opposite schedules anymore! Wheee for more sleep and a normal daily routine! πŸ™‚

Pullip Bonnie, I named her Vivi. Continue reading My Dolly Week #55: Pullip Bonnie & Little Else!