Review: Pullip Bonnie

Pullip Bonnie in her stock outfit!In 2016 we were blessed with so many beautiful Pullip releases and Pullip Bonnie is one of them! She is an original release and the more time you spend with her, the more you will fall in love! She also is a prime example of the fact that the face up should be the main reason for getting a doll, since her concept is not up my alley at all. That being said, I will write this review, strictly looking at the quality of the stock and to show you every detail as usual. I hope, you will like it! 🙂

Bonnie's eyechips!First of all Bonnie’s most wonderful quality: Her face and her eyechips are strikenly beautiful! There is this harmony between her salmon toned face up and these chocolate brown eyechips, which itself are very detailed! The fine light grey and light brown rays and big white dot add depth and vitality to her gaze. I really love them!

Bonnie's face up!This face up is a work of art! As already mentioned, salmon pink is the dominating colour. It is used extensively all over her face, the most obvious being her full, pouty and glossy lips. But also her blushing on her cheeks, forehead, around her nose, under her lower lip and under her chin. Finally, the inner corners of her eyes and there is some subtle salmon pink all around her eye make up as a blending colour. Bonnie’s eyeliner is dark brown with two flicks at the outer ends facing downwards, which are called puppydog eyes. The colour on her lower waterline is dark grey and her drawn on lower lashes alternate between one dark brown lash and two light brown lashes. Along her lower lashline, there is a very subtle glossy line to emphasize her fresh look! The crease is accentuated in dark brown and white, while she is also wearing some blended brown eyeshadow. It suits her ombré eyebrows, which are middle brown in the center and fade out into a light brown colour with many painted single eyebrow hairs.

Bonnie's eyelids!The eyelids themselves are plain with thick glossy eyeliner in black. I really don’t have more to say than that. It feels like more often than not, stock dolls’ eyelids are not used to their full potential.

Bonnie's wig!Bonnie's ringlets!Bonnie's patring in the back!Bonnie’s wig is quite nice! The colour is a rather unusual strawberry blonde, which is already a winner in my book! I imagine the style being either hit and miss for many Pullip fans, since her style of ringlets is famous for frizzing out, when the doll is moved too much. That being said, Bonnie’s pig tails consist out of many ringlets and therefore tighter curls; they are not too bad to manage! Of course, there is a stray hair here and there, but it does not hurt its overall style too much. There is a single loose ringlet in front of each of her pig tails and the parting in the back is zig-zagged, which is a cute little detail!

Bonnie's bangs!In the front she has the thickest and fullest bangs that I have ever seen on a Pullip stock wig! They are so long that they are constantly covering her face and need to be pushed to the side. As it is often the case with stock wigs, you can see the wig cap  at the very top at the root of her bangs, but it is very minimal and barely noticeable.

Bonnie's headdress!Bonnie's headdress' detail!Detail of the headdress!Clearly the name Bonnie is very similar to the word ‘bunny’, which completely matches her Playboy bunny inspired stock outfit. It all starts with her headdress out of light pink plushy material. It has wire inside of it and is one of those headdresses, which love to slip off of your doll’s head. Also, the wire is starting to make its way to the outside and has to be constantly pushed back in. It is embellished with a row of white pearls and also a little bow with white lace and three pearls on top, while the bunny ears themselves are also lined with pink and black polka dotted fabric and have golden thread along the edges. They too have wire inside ot them, so you can pose the ears just as you like!

Bonnie's skirt!If you prefer Bonnie’s look rather sweet than full on playmate, she is wearing a fluffy skirt out of several layers out of white lace with a pink bow with black dots in its top middle, which is out of the same fabric that her bunny ears are lined with. It feels very nice and I love its shape!

Bonnie's bodysuit!The bodysuit's back!Bonnie's stockings!Under the skirt, Bonnie is wearing a full on bodysuit with her stockings being attached by a rose pink garter belt and a tuxedo tail – including an actual bunny tail – in the back. Its main colour is salmon pink and the top is halterless. The whole bodysuit has golden thread along its edges and there are many decorative elements out of beige lace, which might seem out of place after the many white details of the headdress and the skirt itself. But it actually suits the colour of the fishnet stockings, which have beige lace on their tops as well. However, there are also four white pearls on the bodysuit, continuing the overall theme.

Bonnie's choker!Bonnie's gloves!Bonnie’s choker and gloves are out of the same salmon pink material as her bodysuit. The choker has a big bow in the front with two tiny white pearls. Gloves on Pullips always look like mittens and these are no exception. They are about elbow length and each of them has a bow on top with a single white pearl.

Bonnie's shoes!Bonnie's plushy!The shoes are simple white plastic pumps. Although they are simple, they definitely can come in handy and the white is a nice contrast to the beige coloured stockings. Bonnie also comes with a little bunny plushy. You can fully move its limbs and the only thing to complain about, are its glued on eyes. It is also wearing a pink bow with black polka dots.

Did Pullip Bonnie manage to grab your attention? Do you love her face as much as I do? Bonnie actually came out in the same month as Pullip Marie did – you can click here for Marie’s review!

Thank you so much for reading!


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