Review: Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint Ver.

Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint is a release from 2012 and one of the most popular!
Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint is a release from 2012 and one of the most popular!

The mint version of Pullip Alice du Jardin (the pink Alice du Jardin is the original) is a 2012 release and extremely popular among collectors, which is probably the reason why Groove Inc. is still producing both versions as of this writing. She was my first Pullip and holds a very special place in my heart. I even cried, when she arrived because I was so happy to finally own a Pullip!

The wig has the prettiest color and sheen!
The wig has the prettiest color and sheen!

I normally don’t start my reviews with discussing the wig first, but since her name-giving mint-colored hair is what makes her special, let’s start with it! The look of the wig itself is really gorgeous: It is a light mint with a silvery white sheen. Alice du Jardin has uneven bangs that cover her eyebrows and long hair in the back, which ends in pretty ringlets. As always, the problem with these ringlets is that they are really prone to get frizzy. So handle them with care, but don’t get discouraged, if the wig gets a bit messy-it happens to everybody and most of the time you can reshape the curls by simply forming them into shape with your clean hands. The only thing left to say about Alice’s wig, would be that I wish it was a little bit fuller. I don’t mind its look, when she is wearing her headband, but the wig on its own could use a little more volume.

Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint's Face-Up!
Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint’s Face-Up!

Alice du Jardin’s face-up is darling and colorful, as it should be for a garden-inspired doll! Her eyechips are a very dark purple-blue with light greish blue and turquoise accents. I like them a lot! She also wears a bit of black eyeliner around her upper lid and on her waterlines, but it is her lashes that are in focus: She has drawn-on brown and grey lashes at the outer corners of her eyes and drawn-on reddish brown and pink lashes on her lower lid. She has black lashes and is wearing light coral-colored eyeshadow. There is only some reddish brown liner in her crease with a little hint of metallic pink. Alice wears a light blossomy pink on the outer corners of her cheeks. Her blush is just as light as her blonde eyebrows, which surprised me. For some reason, I never expected her brows to be blonde.

Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint's Eyelids!
Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint’s Eyelids!

Her eyelids are a very pretty medium baby pink and she is wearing black eyeliner. The lips are very full and glossy. They are a light orangey red in the middle and face out in an orangey coral. In general her mouth is extraordinarily pretty. What a lucky girl!

Alice du Jardin in her outfit!
Alice du Jardin in her outfit!

Alice of the Garden (I guess that’s a fair enough translation) is coming with a stock that totally does her name justice. A mix out of pink and green fabrics with lots of eye-catching flowers. Literally from head to toe, when starting at her headband. It is shaped like a ribbon and out of two-layered beige and dark brown striped cotton. On each side, there are amazing rose-themed details with a bigger sea foam green rose in the middle, which is sitting next to different colored ribbons and smaller roses in mint, hot pink, baby pink and turquoise. In the middle there is a small stripe of dark brown fabric with beige polka dots. It is (as is the whole headband) decorated with beige lace around the edges. This kind of headband is the same as Classical Alice’s, which means that it is not staying on her head at all.

The dark brown fabric with beige polka dots is also used as a choker around Alice du Jardin’s neck. The only difference is that it consists only out of the before-mentioned fabric and there is no trace of lace in sight.

So much detail and so many pretty colors!
So much detail, so many colors!

My favorite and main star of the stock is the apron because it basically makes her look come together. The main fabric is a light pink with lots of roses in different pinks and purples including some leaves. There is also a big bow out of the same fabric sewn-on to its middle, which is also framed with beige lace. The bodice has another of the sea foam green roses (that are also used on the headband) in its middle and is further embellished with four long pearls and tinier roses in mint and light blue with turquoise ribbons. The skirt has some patchwork going on with seemingly random attached strips out of beige lace or light green cotton with white polka dots. On each side near the hemline, there is a bow out of this green and white polka-dotted fabric, which also has a light green ribbon and light pink bow attached to it. The hemline is out of dark brown lace and the apron closes in the back with velcro. It is also held in place with two straps over Alice’s shoulders that are out of the light green fabric and beige lace.

Fitting her apron, Alice comes with two wristlets out of the same pink and rosey material. There is also dark brown lace at the outer and light green and white polka-dotted cotton at the inner end. Attached to the light green fabric, there is also a light pink bow out of ribbon and has a white pearl attached to its middle.

It looks like Alice is in her PJ's!
It looks like Alice is in her PJ’s!

The dress is pretty, but pretty much only the canvas for the amazing accessories. The main fabric is beige cotton with a flower print that incorporates yellow, green, blue and pink into the mix. There is also light blue lace on its hemline and the skirt is pleated in a very nice way. On the top it has puff sleeves that have dark brown and dark green striped fabric at the ends that is also used on the upper part of the bodice. It closes in the back with velcro. Under the dress, there is also an underskirt out of white tulle that has two ruffly layers at the end. The first is out of dark green lace with light pink ribbon at the top. The second layer is out of the light green cotton with the white polka dots.

Alice du Jardin's prettiest shoes!
Alice du Jardin’s prettiest shoes and favorites!

On her feet are probably my most favorite Pullip shoes ever! They are metallic mint platform heels with a golden ribbon on top and light pink paper roses on top. They are simply amazing and I am trying to take good care of them because they can break easily. In combination with those shoes, Alice also wears beige and dark brown colored knee socks that also have beige lace at the top. They stay in place and do their job.

Finally, you do not only get Alice du Jardin, but also her little bunny friend. It is out of pink plush and has moveable limbs. Around its body, it is wearing a sash out of the light green and white polka-dotted cotton, which is framed with white lace and has a clock pendant and light blue ribbon attached to it. Being a fashionable rabbit, it also has turquoise roses and light pink ribbon attached to its ears.

Sweet dreams of flowers and carrots!
Sweet dreams of flowers and carrots!

If you are living somewhere like me, where it still snows in the middle of April, Alice du Jardin might be the best answer to bring a little bit of flowery fun and happiness into your home! She reminds you to stop and smell the roses!

Do you have any of the Alice Pullips or is one of them on your wishlist?

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. Can you believe I don’t have a single Alice doll? I’m not sure why, but I think it’s their hair that keeps me from getting one. I like putting my dolls in different outfits and elaborate hairstyles seem problematic. Of course, if I got one, I would get mint Alice!

    1. I totally get, what you mean! It’s fun to try different looks on your dolls, but curls are easy to get messed up. I also prefer to dress up my girls with straight wigs! My most redressed doll must be Bloody Red Hood. Who is yours? πŸ™‚

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