Pokémon Center Plush: Alolan Vulpix Pokémon Doll & Collection

The Pokémon Center plushies from Japan are by far my favorite Pokémon plush releases. The detail that goes into designing most collections is amazing and I am also content with the quality. In general the Pokémon plushies from Japan are much nicer than those you can buy in Europe. Almost every week, sometimes even on several days, are new collections available in the physical Pokémon Centers or online. It can get quite overwhelming, but it helps, when you keep your focus mainly on your favorites.

My newest Alolan Vulpix addition to my collection!
My newest Alolan Vulpix addition to my Pokémon Center-collection! Isn’t it adorable?!

That being said, last year a new Pokémon generation in the form of games Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon was released and with this release a new favorite of mine: Alolan Vulpix, the snow white version of the original red cutiepie-fox! Since then I try to be up to date, when it comes to Alolan Vulpix releases and started a new collection. The latest release is this Pokémon Doll, which reinterprets Pokémon in a cute chibi-form.

Alolan Vulpix is my first Pokémon Doll, since it has been years since they last had been released and I was not quite as internet-savvy back then, as I am now. (I have to say that Alolan Raichu is also calling my name, but I have to keep my priorities straight!) I love this Alolan Vulpix Pokémon Doll so much! It has the cutest little face and big shiny purple eyes that melt your heart. The rest just looks like big layers of snowy fluff with the occasional light blue in the mix. Cute and strange are his six tails that are dragging on the floor, if you do not give them some support. Six tails are too much for a tiny Alolan Vulpix! Well, the only tiny thing is his body because the head and tails are on a different scale. That rhymed!

My collection so far, which I love!
My collection so far, which I love!

This Pokémon Doll is my fourth Alolan Vulpix Pokémon Center plush to date and is right now the smallest in my collection. All Alolan Vulpix releases have sold out in stores and online so far. Fans are not totally sure, if this popularity for the new Vulpix is authentic or the product of clever marketing and re-sellers, since this kind of hype did not happen with regular Vulpix releases. In my opinion, we also should not forget that Alolan Vulpix is the official mascot for the new store in Sapporo, which also shows, how important it is for the whole franchise. Actually, my Poncho Pikachu was part of the Sapporo opening event merchandise.

I also wanted to share close-ups of my collection. Even though popular Pokémon have pretty much regular releases, they still (at least most of the time) manage to get their own design and personalities. I adore my first Alolan Vulpix with its cute expression of pure astonishment. Or the playful Alolan Vulpix that I bought in the Skytree Pokémon Center last December that plays with its snow pokéball. There is not really much to say about Poncho Pikachus; there were so many releases that I can’t even count and I own quite some of them, but I still had to get both Vulpix versions. Comparing the face of the Pokémon Dolls’ Alolan Vulpix, it has such reduced and simple features that it looks like a baby, which could not make me any happier!

Two of my favorite Pokémon in one place!
Two of my favorite Pokémon in one place!

Part of the Sapporo Pokémon Center opening campaign were also some freebies. I got a little charm that I do not know, what to do with and that’s the reason why I keep it on my desk to admire it regularly. The coaster was hidden in a blind bag and is way too pretty to be used! It immediately joined the charm on my desk!

What are your favorite Pokémon? And how often do they change?

Thank you so much for reading!


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