Gashapon: One Piece Wan Piece Mascots

One Piece Wan Piece GashaponAs if a cat themed One Piece gashapon release, would not have been amazing enough for 2017, Bandai gave us another stroke of genius to put One Piece characters in little doggy suits. After Nyan Piece, it is now finally time for Wan Piece! Just like their kitty pioneers, it is a collection out of six figures. I love that they are not keychains, so they will not end up with a hole in their head. Continue reading Gashapon: One Piece Wan Piece Mascots

Putitto! Japan’s Newest Blind Box Trend!

Non Putitto Figures!
Sailor Moon and One Piece figures I have collected before Putitto came along!
Putitto boxes in Tokyu Hands!
Putitto boxes in Tokyu Hands!

Little figures, which are able to sit on the edge of your glasses to keep you company, are no new concept for Japanese blind boxes or gashapon. In the past years, I have already picked up various cuties, for example from Sailor Moon or One Piece. Now in 2017 these kinds of figures are more available than ever under the collective brand name Putitto. They have licenses with Disney, Pokémon, SAN-X and many, many more. Their figures are mainly sold in blind boxes, but I also found some in gashapon machines.

Putitto: Alice in WonderlandDisney’s Alice in Wonderland

There are lots of Disney Putitto series around (Toy Story, Disney Princesses, Classic Disney Scenes, etc.) and they looked mostly very well made and beautiful. My only beef with some of them were the wonky faces of the human characters, especially those of the Disney princesses! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite, if not my favorite Disney movie of all time! After already having invested a fair share of my shopping budget on Alice goods, my resistance towards these blind boxes proved to be futile, when I caved near the end of my trip and bought three boxes. I got super lucky and did not get Alice or the Mad Hatter, but my favorites: Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the Baby Oysters.

Putitto Cheshire CatThe Cheshire Cat looks so funny tipping his pink ears and eyebrows like a hat! The pose of his paws is simply darling! His face and expression are perfect and I can say that all of my Alice-figures are super well made! Continue reading Putitto! Japan’s Newest Blind Box Trend!

One Piece Halloween Gashapon

My whole collection!The actual current gashapon machines.It has been a while, since I wrote about anything One Piece related, which is one of my favorite manga and anime. I first discovered a One Piece Halloween gashapon series in Japan in 2015 and I could not help myself, but fall in love with Luffy’s figure. I just think that he is the cutest with this big Jack-o’-lantern on his head. Getting him from a capsule machine was next to impossible, but after getting lots of devil fruit keychains (which I am not collecting, by the way) I finally got him from a machine on the last day of our trip in front of the Shounen Jump Store in Tokyo Station.

Luffy 2015 GashaponFrom the back!Luffy 2017 GashaponLittle did I know that in the following years similar Halloween Luffys were going to be released. Last year there were figures for your mobile phone in the gashapon machines and this year, the keychains were back! 2017’s Luffy is basically no different from 2015 with the minor differences of Luffy’s skin looking not as grey, wearing dark red pants instead of blue ones and having his eyes closed. Those figures are so cute, hanging with sunken shoulders like fruit! 😀 Continue reading One Piece Halloween Gashapon

More Perfect Gashapon For Your Dolls!

Are you ready for more gashapon that are perfect for your dolls and for your (in my case imaginary) doll house?! Then let’s begin right away! 😉

Camera Keyrings

Charlotte with an oldschool camera.Back of gashapon camera.Gashapon cameras.Gashapon Cameras.I was so happy, when I found these! These keyrings (the actual keyrings can be super easily removed) came in two different designs with tons of different color variations. The first design imitates an oldschool camera, which looks pretty cool. But I had to play three times until I got the modern looking DSLR, which I really wanted for my dolls to have. Both kinds light up by pressing a button in accordance with a super fake sounding shutter noise. From my experience, I only saw this machine once and it sold out pretty quickly. Also the sound and light effect is already broken on one camera and pretty weak on another, which let’s me guess that they are pretty old. So get on it as long as you still can!

Pullip Saya and Lu with cameras. Continue reading More Perfect Gashapon For Your Dolls!

‘Neko no Kaburimono’: The most perfect Gashapon for your Dolls!

My Halloween hats from the gashapon machine!‘Neko no Kaburimono’ from Kitan Club are little hats for your cats that you can get from gasha or capsule toy machines. Unfortunately, I have no patient kitty cat on hand to tell you, how those hats fulfill their purpose on a living and breathing cutie, but when the right kind of gashapon machines finally crossed my path, I initially had to get some for my dolly collection. These hats have actually been around for quite a while, but when I was visiting Tokyo, there were several series available, which I am going to show you right now!

The fit from the sides!Detail of the ghost!The hats from above!The pumpkin on my Neo-Blythe!The machine, where the hats came from!The newest series is a set out of four different Halloween themed designs, which I was so extremely happy about, since it is my favorite holiday! 😀 I managed to get three different hats for 500 Yen each (sadly, I missed out on the bat) and I was super suprised how detailed each of them is! The hats from this series are a little big on a Pullip and a little snug on a Blythe, but still very adorable on both! The Halloween hats do come with more fabric than the hats from other series, which covers the neck and upper part of the shoulder area. They are all soft and plushy. My ghost hat still looks a bit wonky, since it came out of the capsule, but I love it nonetheless and cannot decide on a favorite! Continue reading ‘Neko no Kaburimono’: The most perfect Gashapon for your Dolls!

Gashapon: One Piece Nyan Piece Mascots

Gashapon are one of my favorite things about Japan! I would love to be able to walk down the street and check out the new toys in the capsule machines. Furthermore there is no stigma involved that these tiny toys are only for children, which explains why you can get toys from all sorts of franchises.

The whole Nyan Piece gashapon collection.Today I am going to write about a gashapon series from one of my favorite anime. For years I was not interested in One Piece at all, but now I am up to date with the manga and I am always catching up with the anime. Due to its huge popularity in Japan, there are regular One Piece gashapon releases, but in January Bandai totally hit it out of the park with this adorable and creative Nyan Piece Mascots series. If anybody important at Bandai is reading this: I would absolutely not mind having a second series with more characters! Continue reading Gashapon: One Piece Nyan Piece Mascots