One Piece Halloween Gashapon

My whole collection!The actual current gashapon machines.It has been a while, since I wrote about anything One Piece related, which is one of my favorite manga and anime. I first discovered a One Piece Halloween gashapon series in Japan in 2015 and I could not help myself, but fall in love with Luffy’s figure. I just think that he is the cutest with this big Jack-o’-lantern on his head. Getting him from a capsule machine was next to impossible, but after getting lots of devil fruit keychains (which I am not collecting, by the way) I finally got him from a machine on the last day of our trip in front of the Shounen Jump Store in Tokyo Station.

Luffy 2015 GashaponFrom the back!Luffy 2017 GashaponLittle did I know that in the following years similar Halloween Luffys were going to be released. Last year there were figures for your mobile phone in the gashapon machines and this year, the keychains were back! 2017’s Luffy is basically no different from 2015 with the minor differences of Luffy’s skin looking not as grey, wearing dark red pants instead of blue ones and having his eyes closed. Those figures are so cute, hanging with sunken shoulders like fruit! 😀 Continue reading One Piece Halloween Gashapon

My Dolly Week #35: The Countdown to Halloween Has Begun!

Pullip Wednesday with CinnamorollHanako and GigiWelcome to another Sunday post on Komonogatari! The 35th one to be precise, which is a tiny little bit unbelievable for me, but also makes me very happy! Another thing that is super fun for me is my Halloween countdown, which you can follow everyday on my Instagram account since Friday. I have been preparing everything for about two weeks and am pretty happy to be now able to share it little by little, day by day with all of you.

Ruri-chan as SherlockAlthough I have this Halloween series going down on Instagram, I will still have my regular posts on Komonogatari. My plan is it to stick to my current schedule of posting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. I am super duper looking forward to showing you all of my dollies’ Halloween outfits and hope that you will also enjoy my rhymes. 😉

While the weather is getting colder, I pretty much clothed my whole collection in warmer clothes, so please look forward towards lots of layering! And speaking of new outfits: Groove announced their second collaboration with the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena in the form of two new sets for their Outfit Selection line featuring Utena and Anthy’s (school) uniforms. Can I just say that I really love Anthy’s uniform? It is so super cute that I am definitely going to pick it up. The turquoise collar and skirt in combination with the puffy sleeves of the blouse will look incredible not just on Anthy, but also on Pullips you already have in your collection! These sets are going to be released in Japan in January and can I just say that I am also really hyped that Groove is finally releasing more outfits for our dollies?!

What was your dolly week like?

Thank you so much for reading!


My (Halloween) Pokémon Center Haul 2017

My most anticipated Pokémon Center release is their yearly Halloween collection. This year’s collection had the simple name Halloween Time and I really loved to see it in person, since it was brand new at the beginning of September. Being the Pokémon fan that I am, I also managed to get some lovely merchandise from previous collections.

Halloween Time Plush

Halloween Pikachu PlushHalloween Pikachu PlushHalloween Pikachu PlushHalloween Pikachu PlushI have a lot of Pikachu plushies and try to stay clear of them for most of the time. Along came this kawaii trick-or-treater in a ghost costume. What I love the most about him, is the fact that he is sticking out his tongue, a feature I had not seen before on a Pikachu plush. And his tongue is even shiny, as are the pink cheeks on his costume’s face. Speaking of his costume: It is out of thin white polyester with a satiny sheen and wrinkles easily. It has a hole in the back for Pikachu’s tail, which is sewn onto his back. The face on the costume’s front has a blue and a green felt button for eyes, while the rest is stitched on. Lifting his costume, you will see shiny pumpkin-themed pants out of velvet with lots of ruffles. They are sewn to his belly. But one of my most favorite things ever, is Pikachu’s plushy Jack-o’-lantern basket with some yummy treats out of felt inside. I feel so lucky to have him! 😀

Popplio Halloween PlushHalloween Popplio PlushHalloween Popplio PlushHalloween Popplio PlushThe second plush I want to show you, is one of a handful of mascot plush keychains that were released as well. It is my first Popplio plush ever and even my first plush of the new starters from the Sun and Moon generation. The feature I could not help, but fall in love with, is his adorable Jack-o’-lantern out of felt as the tip of his nose. He is also wearing a special velvet Halloween cape, which reminds me of Pikachu’s pants. Isn’t this Popplio just super special?! Continue reading My (Halloween) Pokémon Center Haul 2017

My Dolly Week #32: Is it Halloween already?!

Welcome everybody at the very beginning of my favorite month: October! The air feels fresh and crisp with the excitement of Halloween being only a few weeks away. Unfortunately, Halloween is not really a thing in Central Europe and is pretty much looked down on as imported holiday-which has never stopped me to absolutely love it! 😀 Pumpkins, black cats, witches, bats and ghosts are seriously my thing. This is why I am so thankful to be finally able to share my love for Halloween this year through blogging and taking pictures. Etsy also is kind of a dangerous place for me at the moment…but I am digressing. ><

Wednesday and Tsukimi, my Pullip Laura und Alura.Last week everyday life started to set in, which also means me making plans for the future of Komonogatari and trying to work on a schedule, which I will be able to fulfill on a weekly basis. I am not completely sure yet, which days besides Sunday will become regular posting days, but if there is something, which I am not lacking anything of, it is blogging material with lots of different projects, hauls and reviews. I might have amazing news in the following week, but I do not want to jinx it right now. Please be patient for a little while longer! <3

Minka, my Pullip Cheshire Cat.No secret is that I am gathering all of the tools that I will be needing to customize my MIO kits. Right now, I am still missing some acrylic colors and sanding paper, but I finally need to conquer my fear of failing and start these projects. I have some concepts in my mind, but I know that the really troubling part for me is to decide on one. Basically, if I have finished on one concept of a doll that would add beautifully to my collection, the next one follows immediately. >< Continue reading My Dolly Week #32: Is it Halloween already?!