My (Halloween) Pokémon Center Haul 2017

My most anticipated Pokémon Center release is their yearly Halloween collection. This year’s collection had the simple name Halloween Time and I really loved to see it in person, since it was brand new at the beginning of September. Being the Pokémon fan that I am, I also managed to get some lovely merchandise from previous collections.

Halloween Time Plush

Halloween Pikachu PlushHalloween Pikachu PlushHalloween Pikachu PlushHalloween Pikachu PlushI have a lot of Pikachu plushies and try to stay clear of them for most of the time. Along came this kawaii trick-or-treater in a ghost costume. What I love the most about him, is the fact that he is sticking out his tongue, a feature I had not seen before on a Pikachu plush. And his tongue is even shiny, as are the pink cheeks on his costume’s face. Speaking of his costume: It is out of thin white polyester with a satiny sheen and wrinkles easily. It has a hole in the back for Pikachu’s tail, which is sewn onto his back. The face on the costume’s front has a blue and a green felt button for eyes, while the rest is stitched on. Lifting his costume, you will see shiny pumpkin-themed pants out of velvet with lots of ruffles. They are sewn to his belly. But one of my most favorite things ever, is Pikachu’s plushy Jack-o’-lantern basket with some yummy treats out of felt inside. I feel so lucky to have him! 😀

Popplio Halloween PlushHalloween Popplio PlushHalloween Popplio PlushHalloween Popplio PlushThe second plush I want to show you, is one of a handful of mascot plush keychains that were released as well. It is my first Popplio plush ever and even my first plush of the new starters from the Sun and Moon generation. The feature I could not help, but fall in love with, is his adorable Jack-o’-lantern out of felt as the tip of his nose. He is also wearing a special velvet Halloween cape, which reminds me of Pikachu’s pants. Isn’t this Popplio just super special?!

Pokémon Little Tales

Pokémon Little Tales PouchPokémon Little Tales EarringsPokémon Little Tales SocksPokémon Little Tales PouchA lovely surprise was seeing some leftover goods from this year’s Pokémon Little Tales promotion designed from artist Shinzi Katoh. A few months ago, I wrote an article about the two plushy berry-picking Pikachus, who are the protagonists of this whole collection. The first thing I picked up, was a big cotton puch with amazing illustrations in the front, but also all over its back. While the Pikachus are playing on the swing in front of their house with two Pichus hiding behind a tree, you will find even more Pokémon friends in the back with a Cleffa, who is one of my favorites! Also from the Little Tales series, I picked up two pairs of socks and a set consisting out of four earrings. I love them so much: A tiny apple, a tiny envelope and two Pikachus, who are looking at each other with a dangling pearl right under each cutie. The earrings were probably my luckiest find in the Pokémon Center this year!

Dessert Plate

Dessert Plate pouch and clearfilePokémon Dessert PlateI already shared my blind boxes from this collection in the past, but I loved the artwork so much that I also got blue a make-up bag (which now houses all of my dolly sized handbags) and the clearfile set. In general, clearfiles from the Center are amazing, since they are the most affordable option, when you really fell in love with a collection’s artwork. We are talking about two clearfiles in pink and blue, which definitely fall into the kawaii category!


Pokémon StickersAnother affordable way to get the most out of a collection you love, is getting stickers. When I visited in September, I was super impressed with how many characters were featured in this year’s Halloween stickers. The Center’s Eevee promotion had been over for a while, but I got super lucky and scored three sticker sets, which include all Eeveelutions. I haven’t used any of them yet, because I treasure them so much!


Pokémon GashaponPokémon Centers are known for their exclusive gashapon collections, which you will not find in any other store, arcade or on the streets. My first gashapon were an Espeon and an Umbreon from the Eevee Puttito series, which you can put on your glass. They were joined by a Pikachu with a baseball cap, who is sleeping. From this series basically every Pikachu is a win, since they are all just too adorable!

This is everything I got from the Pokémon Center this year. Do you have any favorites?

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My (Halloween) Pokémon Center Haul 2017”

  1. Yay! Pokemon Little Tales! It’s really my favorite Pokemon line. I’m so glad they still had some products left for you! Do you know if this line is produced every year?

    1. I think so! This year was their third or fourth collaboration. I love it so much! Probably even more than their Halloween promotions to be honest! 😀

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