Meet Iris Mint by Charon Dolls!

Iris Mint is a child of spring! She is a full custom Pullip by Charon Dolls and was created for the Omocha Crush Tea Party in London last May. She immediately caught my eye, since I am loving all things pastel and mint, but unfortunately I did not have the funds for her at the time and tried to let her go in my mind. That I am still super lucky to now be able to call her part of my collection must have been destiny! πŸ˜€

Iris Mint from Charon DollsIris Mint from Charon DollsIf you are familiar with Charon’s work, you will already know that she creates her Pullips after certain themes. The name Iris Mint says it all: We are talking about the prettiest minty iris flower ever! My favorite make-up point are the actual iris blossoms, which Iris Mint is rocking on her lower lashline and on her eyelids on a base of matte mint. Her eyeshadow is a lighter mint with a pearly sheen in the inner and a pastel lilac in the outer corners. The transition of the shades is flawless. For the eyeliner Charon chose a dark brownish aubergine with the cutest little curling flick at the outer corners. To complete the look with a special pop of color, Iris Mint is wearing a dash of hot pink in the inner corners of her eyes. The hot pink works so phenomenally well; Minnie (that’s my nickname for her) is an accumulation of happy colors! To complement her stylish look, Charon picked out deep indigo blue eyechips with purple shimmer from Lullaby for Dolls. These eyechips are simply perfect for giving her gaze a certain depth and curiosity! Have you noticed Minnie’s nostrils?! I love them so much!

Iris Mint from Charon DollsBut we are not done talking about her make-up just yet! Remember the dash of hot pink?! Look at her mouth and cheeks. It is most prominent between her lips including the corners of her mouth and a little more muted in the middle of the lips, which are also super glossy. Another highlight of her face up for me are her minty eyebrows, which have this super lovely full look to them and are blended in such a lovely way that they almost seem photoshopped!

Iris Mint from Charon DollsMinnie is wearing a lovely wig from Leeke World with bangs and longer face framing layers in the front and long big curls in the back. The quality is very nice, as is its light mint color with a certain silvery sheen. Being a fashionable girl, she even has a minty mani- and pedicure! I am a little bit afraid that she is going to come for my mint nail polish soon! ><

Iris Mint from Charon DollsIris Mint from Charon DollsIris Mint from Charon DollsSpeaking of fashion, Charon had the outfit commissioned from Elena Dolls, who created a beautiful hairpiece and dress especially for Iris Mint herself. The hairpiece is floral heaven and is such a fancy addition to Minnie’s look. Just like the event that started her creation, she is ready for her afternoon tea in style. I love the darker purple and hot pink tones in it, combined with the lighter pastels, which were used for her dress. The dress is an actual two piece out of a fluffy lilac underskirt out of tulle and the loveliest cotton dress. The collar and hemline ruffles of Minnie’s dress are out of a white fabric with an actual iris print on it. There are even shiny lilac beads sewn onto the collar. The rest of the dress’ fabric is out of pastel lilac cotton and manages to feel so soft and amazing, while looking fancy. And how cute are those floral embellishments in the middle of her dress?! Her outfit is rounded up by mint tights from Hello Cool Cat, petrol platform heels from The Handflower AND a little AlPacasso friend called Miranda. I have wanted an AlPacasso for so long and Minnie said that she is totally fine with sharing Miranda occasionally. We are still in the middle of working out the details. πŸ˜‰

I really hope that this was a nice introduction to my cute little Minnie mouse and a warm welcome into my collection. We are now going to play with Miranda!

Thank you so much for reading!


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    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I think that she manages to give them such expressive faces, which is something only true artists can do. There is nothing I admire more than a certain signature look, which will melt your heart! πŸ™‚ Her dolls are just the cutest, which includes your darling Tosca! <3

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