Blind Boxes: Pokémon Dessert Plate

Pokémon Dessert Plate Blind BoxOutside BoxA few weeks ago the Pokémon Center released their Dessert Plate collection, which featured a lot of super cute artwork and also a series of blind boxes. There are 8 different small figures of plastic dishes in Pokémon designs. First of all: How adorable is the outside of these boxes alone, not even speaking of what’s inside yet?! I really would have loved to get the whole set, but am at least able to show you three different figures today.Venusaur's Dessert PlateVenusaur's Dessert PlateVenusaur's Dessert PlateThe first box I opened contained the dessert plate featuring Venusaur in front of some lovely fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and a flower design on top. It is so cute, I almost have no words. My favorite thing about this figure is how the tiny square of butter is sparkling under the layer of syrup. So realistic and yummy looking!

Eevee's Dessert PlateEevee's Dessert PlateEevee's Dessert PlateEevee's Dessert PlateIn my second box I got the Eevee plate, which has the tiniest Eevee ever in front of a fruity star shaped jelly pudding on it. The transparent part of the dessert actually comes separately and has to be placed on top of the pudding, which has various fruit printed on it. When looking all around the main dessert, this plate features a wider variety of small decorations, including colorful stars and bubbles.

Audino's Dessert PlateAudino's Dessert PlateEevee's Dessert PlateEevee's Dessert PlateMy third and final plate is my favorite of the bunch and made me feel very lucky because it actually was my favorite out of all the 8 different figures: It is the Audino cupcake dessert plate! It is bigger than the Venausaur and Eevee plate and its main colors are pastel pink and pastel yellow. Audino is standing on top of the cupcake, which is also decorated with small metallic pink beads, ear shaped cookies and orange sugar work. You simply cannot walk away from a gorgeous dessert like that!

Which one of those is your favorite? Is it one of my dessert plates or another from the series? Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. This is the cutest series! I’ve never seen it before! I love all the ones you got, but if there’s a ice cream sundae, that would be my favorite!!! 😜

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