Gashapon: One Piece Wan Piece Mascots

One Piece Wan Piece GashaponAs if a cat themed One Piece gashapon release, would not have been amazing enough for 2017, Bandai gave us another stroke of genius to put One Piece characters in little doggy suits. After Nyan Piece, it is now finally time for Wan Piece! Just like their kitty pioneers, it is a collection out of six figures. I love that they are not keychains, so they will not end up with a hole in their head.

Boa HancockBoa Hancock is Wan Piece’s only female figure and, just like Nami in Nyan Piece, they could not get away, making a Boa figure without showing her large chest. Arguably every female character would have gotten the low-cut treatment design wise, but this has been part of the One Piece universe for 20 years now, so you cannot count me surprised. Although Boa has not played a role in the manga for years now (she will return one day and it will be glorious), she is still one of the most popular characters. I am so happy with her cute face! Her eyes are absolutely amazing blue green and her expression is blushy and excited. How she is touching her cheek with both of her paws is simply adorable!

LuffyThe reason, why Boa is blushing, has probably to do with the presence of Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Strawhat Pirates and protagonist of One Piece itself. I do not deem myself fit to name the attempted dolly kigurumis of each character, but I guess that Luffy’s is a pitbull?! Either way, Luffy is super happy and I can nearly hear his confident laughter in my ears, when looking at him. He looks so sweet and happy, I am now pretty much blushing like Boa, while writing this! And his little stretched out paws do not help at all!

SaboOften gashapon releases of popular manga and anime franchises seem a little random with their character selection, but with the inclusion of Sabo they went full circle, since Luffy’s other brother Ace was part of Nyan Piece. Sabo is super excited about his bone and is showing his teeth. Luffy is not the only character with his own signature smile! I don’t want to go into detail about some characters’ scars, since this should be a spoiler free zone because everybody should be able to have the joy of experiencing One Piece themselves!

ZoroLuffy’s first mate Zoro is the second and last Strawhat Pirate of the bunch. For some reason, he is sulking and looks quite angry. It might be about his doggy costume being too adorable for him to come across as a fierce swordsman. You don’t need to hug your little knees, Zoro, you are still very intimidating! Is he supposed to be a shiba inu?

Trafalgar LawTrafalgar Law is so, so popular! I think, it is so interesting to see, who is extremely popular and then to try and find the answers. For me, it completely makes sense with his gripping backstory and his cool persona. Next to Luffy, he is the only one who was also featured as cat. Actually, he was a tiger; didn’t I tell you, he was a cool guy?! Less grumpy than Zoro, but pretty upset, he is probably asking himself, why he always seems to end in animal costumes. Coolness has its prize!

I miss being around gashapon so much! I am so looking forward to future One Piece gashapon releases! Is Nyan or Wan Piece more up your alley?

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  1. What a cute collection! Did you get them from a gachapon machine or did you buy them as a set? If you got them from a machine, you have super good luck! πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ€

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