Customizing PULLIP NINA 🧑 // Re-bodying PULLIP on an OBITSU

EDIT: Not all Pullips on a type-3 body come with a head consisting out of three parts. I just recently got Pullip Kirsche from 2008, whose head just has two pieces!

In this video I am showing you how to rebody a Pullip on an Obitsu body. Pullip Nina is an older Pullip, originally on a type-3 body, and the Obitsu is helping her to get a lot more articulate and expressive. The Obitsu in this video is a natural (flesh) toned 27cm Obitsu in S size with a soft bust. This also mark the day, when all of my girls are finally re-bodied! Yay! 🍾

Thank you so much for watching! πŸ’• Theri

My (Updated) Blogiversary Dolly Wishlist!

Pullips Elodie Day & MarieI am so excited for this post and have so much to update, since I have decided to only share my dolly wishlist every six months! This way, it is way easier for me to evaluate, which girls I actually want to move in with me (after the first phase of infatuation) and to keep track with the overall number of my cuties. This is also the first post, where I am going to talk about different types of dolls I really like and about my current collection, for example about which changes some girls might go through in the future. Let’s start! Continue reading My (Updated) Blogiversary Dolly Wishlist!

‘Neko no Kaburimono’: The most perfect Gashapon for your Dolls!

My Halloween hats from the gashapon machine!‘Neko no Kaburimono’ from Kitan Club are little hats for your cats that you can get from gasha or capsule toy machines. Unfortunately, I have no patient kitty cat on hand to tell you, how those hats fulfill their purpose on a living and breathing cutie, but when the right kind of gashapon machines finally crossed my path, I initially had to get some for my dolly collection. These hats have actually been around for quite a while, but when I was visiting Tokyo, there were several series available, which I am going to show you right now!

The fit from the sides!Detail of the ghost!The hats from above!The pumpkin on my Neo-Blythe!The machine, where the hats came from!The newest series is a set out of four different Halloween themed designs, which I was so extremely happy about, since it is my favorite holiday! πŸ˜€ I managed to get three different hats for 500 Yen each (sadly, I missed out on the bat) and I was super suprised how detailed each of them is! The hats from this series are a little big on a Pullip and a little snug on a Blythe, but still very adorable on both! The Halloween hats do come with more fabric than the hats from other series, which covers the neck and upper part of the shoulder area. They are all soft and plushy. My ghost hat still looks a bit wonky, since it came out of the capsule, but I love it nonetheless and cannot decide on a favorite! Continue reading ‘Neko no Kaburimono’: The most perfect Gashapon for your Dolls!

My Dolly Week #28: Just Married & Official Japan Diary Announcement!!

The big day was yesterday! Yay! πŸ™‚ It was a lovely wedding and day to spend with our family and friends. We were engaged for a little bit less than two years now and finally being married still feels surreal to me. I completely crashed today after coming home and slept for a few hours, which means that it is finally time for the 28th Dolly Week!

Pullip Ruri chilling on pictures from Japan 2012.Another exciting thing is that I can finally announce the start of my Japan diary on Instagram next week! I will also try and update Komonogatari (100% not missing my Sunday posts), but if you want your daily dose of Theri, you are welcome to check out my insta posts! πŸ˜‰ My cutie mouse Ruri in the picture above is lying in a sea of pictures from our first Japan journey in 2012. I am beyond happy to be able to visit this wonderful place again. Is it too clichΓ© to say that my heart sings?! πŸ˜€ I also want to thank everybody here on my blog, who congratulated me on the wedding. Thank you so, so much; you have made me super happy!

My Pullip NinaPullip Nina arrived in the middle of very stressful finishing wedding touches and managed to brighten up my days immensely with her lovely face and orange toned make-up. Everything about her sweet 11 year-old face and stock surprised me! I especially love her little 2006 flip phone, which opens, closes and even comes with its own kawaii phone charm. I call my Nina Rola after the Japanese fashion model I really like.

Last week we also got two very lovely announcements for fans of Groove dolls, who love to make their own dolls: It is now official that Dal Mocha MIO kits are going to hit the stores soon! Equally great is the fact that Pullip Style started their pre-order for a bundle of 5 Pullip Mocha MIO kits. These 5 packs will be available in a limited number before single Pullip Mocha kits will be available in a couple of weeks. I won’t take the plunge for 5 kits at once, but am definitely having my heart set on at least two sets.

Sleeping Pullip Princess Serenity.I am going to finish up on my computer now to pack my suitcase! Have a lovely week, a lovely start of fall and school everyone! I hope to see you all soon!

Thank you so much for reading!