Customizing SMART DOLL MELODY 🎡 How to CHANGE Smart Doll EYES and WIGS

Would you like to see some different sides of Smart Doll Melody? In this video I am not just letting her model the wigs I bought at Mirai Store, but I also finally learn how to change Smart Doll eyes! 🎡

What is your favourite look?

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My Customized PULLIP KIRSCHE πŸ’ // A Semi-Review!

I got my 2008 released Pullip Kirsche second-hand without her stock wig or any of her stock clothes. Luckily, all I ever wanted was her beautiful face-up and she is even still wearing those super pretty indigo blue eyechips! Kirsche means ‘cherry’ in German and you will see lots of pretty and juicy red tones in her make-up that will make you swoon! πŸ’

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Customizing PULLIP NINA 🧑 // Re-bodying PULLIP on an OBITSU

EDIT: Not all Pullips on a type-3 body come with a head consisting out of three parts. I just recently got Pullip Kirsche from 2008, whose head just has two pieces!

In this video I am showing you how to rebody a Pullip on an Obitsu body. Pullip Nina is an older Pullip, originally on a type-3 body, and the Obitsu is helping her to get a lot more articulate and expressive. The Obitsu in this video is a natural (flesh) toned 27cm Obitsu in S size with a soft bust. This also mark the day, when all of my girls are finally re-bodied! Yay! 🍾

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Doll Body Comparison: Pullip Type-3 | Pullip Type-4 | Obitsu 27 Soft Bust (Small)

It took me a while to start this post because I at first thought that I had to collect more knowledge about different types of 1/6 doll bodies. But then it hit me: Why not share, what I have learned so far and my experience with handling Pullip type-3 and type-4 bodies, while also sharing, why I like to use 27cm Soft Bust bodies by Obitsu on Pullips too?! So let’s get started!

Disclaimer: Due to this being a post that is comparing three different types of doll bodies, there is obviously some doll nudity going on. Continue reading Doll Body Comparison: Pullip Type-3 | Pullip Type-4 | Obitsu 27 Soft Bust (Small)

Customizing PULLIP TIPHONA πŸ’š

Actually, I decided to call her Bambi! 😊

I wanted to give my Pullip Tiphona a slightly softer look and went into a caramel-themed direction. She now kind of reminds me of the original release of Pullip Kiyomi, which honestly couldn’t make me happier! Do you like her? Let me know! πŸ’š

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Customizing PULLIP NANA-CHAN πŸ¦”

This is, what I do on my weekends: It was time for my Pullip Nana-chan to get a new look! Now I am super pleased with her appearance and am so in love with her again, I cannot stop staring! What are your thoughts on my little hedgehog girl? πŸ¦”

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How To Revive Old Barbie Hair!

My childhood Barbies with fresh hair!Have you ever heard or even watched something, which you did not quite believe, but still had to try out?! This happened to me last Sunday, when I rediscovered my favourite childhood Barbie dolls. They had been stored in a box for more than ten years and their hair was far from fresh looking. More like old, frizzy and well played with. This was, when my friend asked me, if I would give them a spa with fabric softener and boiling water. Doesn’t it sound brutal to boil your dolls’ hair? Don’t be fooled, only people that truly care would walk the distance! Blythe fans have known this method for years and it is also a popular technique to straighten frizzy synthetic wigs (which I will try next). Another plus is that your dolls will smell super nice and fresh in the end. So fresh and so clean! Continue reading How To Revive Old Barbie Hair!

My Dolly Week #51: Steady, steady…

Welcome to another Sunday post on Komonogatari! Have you had a nice week? Mine has been a quite turbulent up and down in my personal life, being beyond boring for hours and suddenly pretty stressful with lots of heart racing. That is why I actually called this post ‘Steady, steady…’ because I definitely need a bit less excitement next week, since the last seven days were too much! >< It also refers to the fact that there are so many doll reviews to write and pictures to take, which can feel overwhelming sometimes. Especially when there is no time due to work or the sun hiding from me on my days off. Still, I will catch up with my posts and will try my best to take cute pictures! Ganbatte!

Hattie climbing the 'Tower of Knowledge'! Continue reading My Dolly Week #51: Steady, steady…

How To Change Rubber Pullip Eyechips (on Pullip Summer Purezza)

This is going to be a quick post, since I already went super into detail in my previous post about changing plastic eyechips on Pullips. Click here to read the full article!

Pullip Summer Purezza before and after her customization.Instead of having to break the eyechips out of the eye mechanism’s sockets, you will have to cut them out with an exacto knife. I did not want to take any pictures of this process, since it was pretty gnarly looking. My recommendation would be, to cut directly into the middle of the rubber eyechips and to pull the pieces of rubber out of the sockets with your hands. In contrast to plastic eyechips, rubber eyechips are not reusable. The most delicate step is to make sure that no residue of the eyechips stays behind in the sockets, which you might need to again use your exacto knife for. It is important to be careful not to scratch the white plastic of the eye-mechanism in the process. The rest is pretty much a piece of cake!

I hope this short piece helped and thank you so much for reading!


My Dolly Week #38: Dolly Denim and Obitsus!

Welcome to another Dolly Week on my blog! This week has been super duper interesting, when it comes to new releases, but I also finally started some projects to rebodyΒ  my older Pullip girls, since I brought home four obitsus in total from Japan.

Natalia, my Pullip BlancheThe first girl I rebodied was Natalia, my Pullip Blanche. Although I do not massively hate the Pullip type-3 bodies, they do tend to make your Pullips quite stiff looking and do not allow them to pose properly. Especially the type-3 neck was bugging me, since it looks way too unnatural. Natalia always seemed to stick her head way forward in comparison to her type-4 and obitsu bodied sisters. I plan to do a more detailed post about my girls’ different body types, but for Natalia I decided on a flesh toned 27 cm obitsu, since I went for the same height as Mayu and Ruri, which I had misjudged in the past as 24cm tall. In the future, I do plan to get some of the new 24cm obitsus, but since my type-3 girls seem more grown-up anyway, they are all going to be taller than that. May I just say that I love Natalia’s new look?! I also dressed her up in the coolest dolly ensemble from Atelier Milabrocc ever! Those perfect embroidered and distressed Mom jeans are going to be a staple in my dolly wardrobe for years!

Minnie, Iris Mint by Charon DollsMinnie, Iris Mint by Charon DollsSpeaking of denim from Atelier Milabrocc, before she released the set with the jeans and the equally stylish sweater, she made the most adorable shorts in the same style. My Pullip wardrobe is full of dresses and skirts, lilacs and pinks, which I both wanted to mix up a bit (nevermind, the pink embroideries on the denim…they don’t count!). Minnie, my Charon Dolls’ custom Pullip, was the first one to try on those glorious shorts in combination with a cropped lilac knit sweater-from Atelier Milabrocc as well. Can you tell that I like her work?! πŸ˜€ Minnie looks a bit rockabilly and like a cool pastel chick in general. I am super pleased-she needs to wear the most out of this outfit before it gets too cold! Continue reading My Dolly Week #38: Dolly Denim and Obitsus!