My Dolly Week #51: Steady, steady…

Welcome to another Sunday post on Komonogatari! Have you had a nice week? Mine has been a quite turbulent up and down in my personal life, being beyond boring for hours and suddenly pretty stressful with lots of heart racing. That is why I actually called this post ‘Steady, steady…’ because I definitely need a bit less excitement next week, since the last seven days were too much! >< It also refers to the fact that there are so many doll reviews to write and pictures to take, which can feel overwhelming sometimes. Especially when there is no time due to work or the sun hiding from me on my days off. Still, I will catch up with my posts and will try my best to take cute pictures! Ganbatte!

Hattie climbing the 'Tower of Knowledge'!There is another confession, I have to make: I hardly read any books last year! It is one of my many (haha) resolutions to get out of that funk. This is also the concept/story behind the picture above with my beloved Hattie (Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint Ver.). Also that finding yourself in a new hobby, should not mean to let go of prior passions (unless you absolutely do not like them anymore…let it go, let it gooo…)! I also feel like Hattie finally has her perfect outfit, which is, again, from Sugar Lattice Doll Boutique! I highly enjoy this look on her, which I often and mainly call too whimsy for my other girls. Her bow is very ‘Kiki’ and the combination of pastel pink and petrol simply lovely. The fact that there are lots of bunnies printed on the skirt, makes it only better! Hattie absolutely approves of the ‘Bunnylicious’ dress!

Suzume wearing her birdy dress!Going more into a birdylicious direction is Suzume‘s current outfit from Thirst 4 Blythe Clothes. I really liked the fact that the fabric is hot pink mixed with cute birds and its unique, retro inspired shape. Even though its shape is quite roomy, it does not swallow up your doll and, quite contrary, looks nice and en vogue. Suzy looks like she is ready to go to a fancy wedding (nevermind the brown booties). She also switched back to her reddish brown wig for now, since I cannot seem to make up my mind on doll wigs recently. At least Suzy’s long locks work really nice with Lullaby For Dolls‘ dark blue flower crown and Pullip The Fox‘ stock tight, which both compliment the blue bow on her dress!

Lily's new look!Miss Lily (Pullip Nana-chan) finally also got her outstanding makeover and much needed attention. The ringlets of her stock wig started to unfortunately look worse and worse the more I handled her. When I removed it from her head, some of them completely frizzed out. If you are a regular reader of this blog (thank you so, so much!), you will know that I let lots of things handle themselves by pure coincidence. This was also the case, when trying on Leeke World’s ‘Forest’ wig on Lily! Paired with these stunning eyechips by Chewy Rabbit and new lashes, she now feels more contemporary and has earned her nickname ‘Little Turtle’ because turtles are green and cute! 😉

Something I was already questioning myself about, has been confirmed for a few days now: Hand in hand with the upcoming Pullip exhibition in Yokohama, including the Doll Carnival, there will be a contest with the winner’s doll being transformed into an official Groove release. The winner will be determined by the visitors’ votes and right now you have the chance to sign up and participate! It is all explained in this blog post by Groove in English! As if this was not exciting enough, Sailor Moon fans and collectors finally got to see the first pictures of Isul Helios, who looks super cute next to Dal Small Lada and/or Dal Chibi Moon! He is so cute and I know that people have been asking for more Sailor Moon releases!

Promotional photographs for a new Neo-Blythe started popping up all over Instagram and it seems as if they belong to a cutie called ‘Jillian’s Dream’. As I am writing this on Saturday evening, no article from Junie Moon has been posted so far, but I am sure that they will do so in a few hours. May I just say that I love this girl’s stock outfit?! Takara Tomy does not stop nailing it since last year!

Only three days to go until Valentine’s Day and I still have to do some pictures with the heart shaped confetti I purchased! >< How is February going so far for you?

Thank you so much for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Dolly Week #51: Steady, steady…”

  1. Oh, I feel the same way! This year has been tough! I’m trying to take care of myself and eat better, but chocolate is so tasty!

    All of your dollies look so cute! I love what you’ve done with Nana chan. Her new eyechips and wig make her look so sophisticated!!!

    It’s so funny how much is going on in the dolly world right now! Remember a few months ago when we were so sad there weren’t any new Pullips out? Now every week it seems there’s a new Blythe or Pullip or an event announced! So fun!

    1. Thank you so much, Mari; you are way too kind! I hope that the rest of the year will be way better and amazing for you!

      Haha, we were so looking forward for new dolls, but months and months without any news now looks like another dimension with so many releases! XD I am hoping so much that the winner doll of the Pullip contest in Yokohama will be the cutest!

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