Review: Pullip Nana-chan

Pullip Nana-chan was released in 2014. Like all kitties she loves shopping bags!
Pullip Nana-chan was released in 2014. Like all kitties she loves shopping bags!

Some Pullip just steal your heart right away. Pullip Nana-chan is one of my biggest favorites that, in my opinion, belongs into every Pullip or even doll collection. I might also have to mention that cats are my favorite animals and this just added another reason to my long list, why Pullip Nana-chan is simply amazing. Nana, which is number seven in Japanese, is a collaboration doll with singer Mi-chan and Silver Butterfly. Nana-chan is designed with Mi-chan’s actual cat Nana-chan in mind. Mi-chan also got his own Taeyang doll. Silver Butterfly designed the clothes. She was released in 2014.

Pullip Nana-chan's subtle face-up!
Pullip Nana-chan’s subtle face-up!

Nana-chan’s face-up reminds me of the softest tabby that knows how to silently plant mischief. Her eyechips are light olive green, but have a brown circle directly around the pupils, which gives them more depth. The waterlines are lined with black eyeliner and there is also black eyeliner on the upper lid, which ends in three kitten flicks at the outer corner of her eyes. The outer half of Nana-chan’s upper lid is shaded with brown eyeshadow, while there is white shadow in the inner half. White eyeliner is above the inner corner of the upper lid and in the crease, which is also emphasized with black and reddish brown liner. The same reddish brown color is used on the drawn-on lashes on her lower lid that can only be found at the outer half. They are long and pretty. She also has black lashes and reddish brown eyebrows. They consist only out of some single strokes in the middle and get fuller towards the ends.

Pullip Nana-chan's eyelids! She is a natural kitten.
Pullip Nana-chan’s eyelids!

On her eyelids Nana-chan is wearing only shiny dark brown eyeliner. There is barely any make-up to be found on the rest of her face. Nana-chan is easily the palest Pullip in my collection because there is only the lightest pink blush at the outer corners of her cheeks and directly under her brow bones. There is also light pink in the middle of her upper and lower lip, while the rest of her lips is as pale as her face.

Pullip Nana-chan's wig!
Pullip Nana-chan’s wig!

Detail of Nana-chan's wig!Fitting her white complexion, her wig is a soft white with a slight creamy sheen. She has long bangs in the front that part above her left eyebrow because I like to show off the difference between Nana-chan’s pale teint and her darker brows. Her hair in the back is really long. Like Classical Alice, she has lovely ringlets that can frizz quite easily. In my opinion this wig fits her character perfectly because it makes her look playful and innocent.

Nana-chan and her fluffy headband!
Nana-chan and her headband!
The back!
The (official) back of the headband!

Being a cat, Nana-chan has her own headband out of fluffy plush. From what I have seen from the stock pictures, the white side is supposed to be the front and the side, on which the ears have some grey areas, is supposed to be the back. Personally, I like to switch them up from time to time. Nana-chan looks great either way! To fasten the headband, it has two strings out of white ribbon on each side that can be tied together behind her neck. It is one of those Pullip headbands that will not stay in place, once the doll is moved.

She found another bag!
Nana-chan found another bag!

Nana-chan's tail!Also out of fluffy plush is the long white and grey colored tail that is tied around Nana-chan’s waist, which is hidden by her dress. In the back of her dress, there is an opening that makes it possible to stick her tail through. There is wire inside of it, which makes it able to bend.

Nana-chan's dress is very soft! Ideal for a cat!
Nana-chan’s dress is very soft!
Dress detail!
Dress detail!

Nana-chan is wearing a long white dress that at first may seem pretty simple in contrast to other Pullip releases, but Silver Butterfly did a great job! Due to the real Nana-chan being an indoor cat, the dress is purposely playing with the aethetic of a night gown. It is out of really soft cotton that has a very subtle white square pattern. Attached to the top part, there is a wide collar, which is embellished with creamy lace and different types of beads and pearls on top. This collar cannot be removed on its own, since it is sewn on to the dress. Nana-chan is wearing long sleeves that have white lace at their ends and the hemline of the skirt shows-off two layers of cream colored lace differing in length. The dress closes in the back with velcro and inside there is also a white underskirt attached to it. Under her dress, she is wearing long white bloomers.

Choker and collar!
Choker and collar!

As an additional accessory Nana-chan is wearing a simple choker out of white ribbon with silver edges that is tied like a bow in the front, where it is also decorated with a simple white pearl. It closes in the back with velcro as well.

Nana-chan's socks!
Cutie socks!

Never having to leave the house, Nana-chan does not need nor comes with shoes. She is wearing socks out of grey wool with white lace on top. It adds to her adorableness that seems endless!

Can you resist the cuteness that is Nana-chan?!
Can you resist the cuteness?!

Have I mentioned how much I am in love with this kitty?! She adds so much to my collection that she truly is one of my favorites. I know that she was sold-out in the past, but she is available again on various sites and I highly recommend her! What Pullip stole your heart?!

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