Meet Pullip Suzume with a Face Up by Mikiyochii: How to Style a Pullip around her Custom Face Up!

Pullip SuzumeA little girl of mine is ready to say ‘hello’ today to all of you: It’s Suzume, aka Suzy, who is my autumnal mori girl with a love for nature and green as her favorite color. I was super lucky to score a face up slot from talented German Pullip artist Mikiyochii, who was super nice throughout the process of creating the face up and I could not be happier with the outcome and cherish it forever and ever! Since it was my first time not getting a full custom, I wanted Suzume’s style to be extra cute and fitting to the image I had of her. I am now happy to be able to share the whole process with you around creating my Pullip’s character!

Suzume's Face UpIt all started with the face up. My inspiration was autumn and all the lovely colors that are associated with it. What I wanted the most was an eye make up with lots of emerald green and gold. The rest of her face; lashes, cheeks and eyebrows; would compliment these colors in a reddish brown, suiting the wig I had in mind. Also: Lovely natural glossy lips! Mikiyochii completely delivered and painted the face up in her own amazing style. What fascinates me the most are probably Suzume’s precise and beautiful thin painted lashes. I saw this feature a lot in her previous work and always loved them. The fact that I have a Pullip with the same style, is making me super happy. But (!) I also need to mention her heart shaped lips and her amazing golden highlights on her cheekbones and all around her eye make up. Her face is simply amazing! πŸ˜€ In addition to the face plate, the painting of the eyelids is (usually) included as well, when comissioning a face up. Suzume’s lids are centered around her forest and nature loving concept: Golden leaves on a dark green base. Mikiyochii was so considerate to paint some leaves on the lashline, which results in making the tiny space of her eyelids, which are peeking out from behind Pullips’ face plates, a golden green. And the shape of the eyebrows is so cute with a beautiful color gradation from a light to a dark reddish brown. I am a bit envious of those brows, if I am completely honest! ><

Pullip SuzumeBefore sending my MIO kit faceplate, eyelids and -mechanism away, I also knew that I wanted to use a pair of eyechips from Almond Doll. Almond Doll is a doll artist, who mainly customizes Blythe, but also makes eyechips for Groove dolls from time to time. Her eyechips look like little gems.Β  I would say that they are right in the middle between realistic and teddy bear eyechips. Their style and design leans towards realistic eyechips, while the colors and shine invites you into a land of fantasy. The pair I selected for Suzume, is a very dark brown, which almost looks black in indirect lighting. The color actually reminds me a lot of tiger’s stone.

Pullip SuzumeFinding the correct wig (for now; I like to change things up from time to time), was a bit of a struggle, since I was looking for a reddish brown color. Some were too red, some were too orange and/or the shipping cost was too much to justify at that particular moment. Then I discovered Leeke World’s ‘Winter Love’ wig, which I was a bit afraid of being too brown. When it arrived, I could not be happier! Its reddish sheen is more prominent in person and I like that I did not need to trim the bangs in the front, so Suzume’s bangs are not completely covered up by them. The wig has three big curls in the back, which are slowly falling apart. A part in me want to brush through them and hope for bouncy waves. I am not completely sure yet, what to do with them.

Pullip SuzumeCreating her ‘stock outfit’ was so much fun! Dark green is one of my favorite colors and I happened to find the perfect dress from Audrey Clara Katy, whose dresses are perfection! It is a set out of a dress and headband, both out of the loveliest dark green floral fabric. The style is very vintage, with little lace details on the dress and the headband having a big bow on top. And what could be more perfect for a mori girl than a touch of vintage?!

Suzume, being a child of autumn, needs to make sure to stay warm during long days in the woods! Kuki Dolls makes some of my favorite hats for Pullips and Suzume’s knitted wool beret is from her too! It is multi colored with greens, purples and a touch of blue at the very top. The color combination is so cute and the bow in the front is such a nice touch! πŸ™‚ The khaki green scarf actually was a freeby from Kuki Dolls, when I got the hat! I was so happy with how nice it looks in combination with it and suits the look in general!

Instead of a jacket or a coat, I decided to add a simple long cardigan to the look, which wouldn’t cover up her pretty dress. I found the perfect olive green cardigan from Pariflora Dolls, who also makes high quality doll fashion! It has such a nice feel to it and I love the tiny details like the beads (posing as buttons) and the pockets. I got ressourceful, when it comes to her socks, since I Pullip Galene’s stock knee socks had the perfect color to go with the lace on the dress’ hemline. Suzume’s shoes are little brown biker booties from Obitsu. I think that their little heel is adorable!

Speaking of adorable, I like my girls to have a sidekick: Suzume is a practical girl and needs a place to store her warm clothes, when she gets too hot, while being on the go! Along came Saru, her monkey friend with lots of storage space from SK Dollhouse. He is the sturdiest dolly backpack I have ever seen! The quality is no joke at all: Every detail is perfect and a girl could not hope for a better friend!

Finally, I have to admit that I initially wanted to call Suzume ‘Mori’. But in person, she just did not seem like a Mori at all. Then I remembered a movie I was watching on the plane to Tokyo, where the female protagonist was called Suzume, which is Japanese for ‘sparrow’. The movie (‘Daytime Shooting Star’) was nothing I would recommend, but the name Suzume is so cute! And I like that you can abbreviate it with Suzy. That is even cuter in Theri’s book of adorable! πŸ˜€

What do you think about my styling choices? Do you like them? Would you have done something differently? I am a little bit curious to see, how green eyechips would suit her. We will see, which journey my girl Suzy will make in the future!

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. I think Mikiyochii’s face ups are so incredible! So detailed and delicate. Suzume is gorgeous! You made all the right choices for her!

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