My Dolly Week #42: Taking a Breather (but not without Dolls)!

Welcome to another My Dolly Week post, which I normally post on Sundays, but let me tell you: Last week I was so not up for it! I had no problem keeping up with my advent calendar, but for blogging it just didn’t seem right. i just couldn’t do it and felt bad all throughout the week. And for no particular reason either, but having times like these is only natural, I guess. One thing I did do, was organizing my doll collection and planning some customizations. I am also still learning how to paint face ups. I am improving, but am not ready to share them yet. I absolutely love the mocha kits, the complexion looks so beautiful, and I cannot wait to be content enough with my skills to add a mocha Pullip to my collection!

Rise by Poison Girl's Dolls in her Snow White dress.Coming back to my advent calendar, something I was saving for weeks, was Rise’s Snow White dress from It’s My Caprice. I am getting repetitive, when it comes to my admiration for Michelle’s work, but her dresses are little pieces of art, which I could never get tired of. The fact that she was able to interpret Snow White’s classical dress from the Disney movie into a more luxurious version, makes my heart sing everytime I look at Rise and her cute little face. I love the white collar out of lace so much and every detail on the hemline. Can you tell, how happy I am! >< I sure am a fangirl for everything Pullip and Pullip fashion! There will be more pictures with ‘Snow White with the Red Hair’ because fairytale motives make me happy! 😀

Momo, my Pullip Kiyomi, with a Christmas tree.What you will also see more of, are Pullip sized Christmas trees! 😀 Momo was just checking one of them out in the picture above, but we have two of them hanging out at home. They might get decorated in the future and I sure hope that all of my baubles are small enough and not actually bigger than the trees themselves. >< I hope, Momo will help me! Today at work, I was thinking a bit about Momo, aka Pullip Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Ver., and how happy I am that she was released. It was a random thought, while I was thinking about, which new Pullip releases to get. I think about Pullips a lot!

Ruri by Poison Girl's Dolls as a Christmas unicorn.I love it, when you suddenly find things that can transform your whole setting and photographs. This is how I felt, when I found this cute star lamp with blushy cheeks and the perfect size. It is supposed to be a night light, but I don’t know, how long the batteries will last, if you leave it on for too long. So Ruri and I decided to only light it up during her and future photoshoots. Ruri is so kawaii anyway, which I wanted to emphasize for Christmas. Her floral and mint mori girl dress suits her pinky peach hair wonderfully. It is from Eldollrado and to be even more extra, her headband from Cherry Maou is white with unicorn ears and horn. I might paint it in the future, but white was perfect for now!

Bara, my Pullip The Rose, with a reindeer sleeping mask.Katie, my Pullip Kühn, being all golden and festive.Katie and Bara actually both had a mistletoe theme going on. I did not grow up with mistletoes being a thing, or a popular thing at least. Nowadays, they are an absolute must-have for Christmas time. They just look so pretty and I love green in combination with red. The mistletoe confetti are so much fun! I cannot get enough of them and they create some lovely sparkles (which I once read, every home needs…). I immediately made a big mess, when I was sprinkling them all over Bara’s hair, my Pullip The Rose. Bara was the first to also try on the reindeer sleeping mask by SK Dollhouse. It will come in handy, as soon as the big family meals are done! Katie, Pullip Kühn, had a more golden theme going on, with a basket and headband made by my Mum. Do my girls manage to give you festive vibes? 🙂

My last week’s news highlight was Groove releasing more pictures of Pullip Cinnamoroll. I am still in love with her. No lukewarm feelings whatsoever. When you visit their Instagram, you will also find a picture of Pullip Himawari, as well as Pullip Utena and Pullip Anthy in their amazing bright rose pink colored boxes. I actually wanted to wait a bit, before getting Utena or any further manga (Sailor Moon) releases, but Utena is making me quite giddy. I am not completely sure, what to do yet! ><

Takara Tomy seems to not be stopping any time soon with cute Blythes! Neo-Blythe Pretty Peony was just announced to be released in February 2018 and the fact that her hair and style would look so nice next to my Ufo A Go-Go is not helping. Not helping at all! And peonies are my favorite flowers. The doll world is way too exciting for me right now! ><

Whew, that was a lot of catching up! I want to do Suzume’s post next, but I just noticed that I do not have any good pictures of her eyelids. So, I need to get behind that first! I am also very interested to hear more about Harmonia Bloom, since they should be going on pre-order next week.

Thank you so much for reading and have a good night!


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