My Dolly Week #74: Rikku Changes Things!

Welcome to a new Dolly Week, everybody! This time I am one year older and the proud owner of my first MiniFee and Silkstone Barbie.

The ending of ‘Final Fantasy X’ completely broke my heart and I am now playing its successor ‘FFX-2’. I love these games so much, it makes me so happy that I called my MiniFee Shushu, Rikku! I actually think that it fits her character really well and that she is super cute. Last week her wig came in the mail and now only her shoes are missing for her first video appearance. I love her so much, it is literally a whole new world!

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It’s Been A Year: Komonogatari’s First Blogiversary!

Exactly one year ago, my review of Pullip Optical Alice, who I got one day prior brand new from Japan, went online. She was the perfect reason to finally create a blog, an idea, which had been dancing in my head for months and went in lieu with dozens hours of brainstorming because I did not want to start under a blog name or social media handles, which I would have want to change after a short while. And there was one more thing: I was scared! Scared of my own writing and photographing skills and even more scared of not finding anybody to share my passions with! Today I consider February 23rd, 2017 as one of the best days of my life because it was the start of me, putting myself out there. I am a strong believer that the more open I am about my passions and feelings here, the more I hope to deliver the message that it is okay to be passionate about the things you are passionate about!

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My Dolly Week #42: Taking a Breather (but not without Dolls)!

Welcome to another My Dolly Week post, which I normally post on Sundays, but let me tell you: Last week I was so not up for it! I had no problem keeping up with my advent calendar, but for blogging it just didn’t seem right. i just couldn’t do it and felt bad all throughout the week. And for no particular reason either, but having times like these is only natural, I guess. One thing I did do, was organizing my doll collection and planning some customizations. I am also still learning how to paint face ups. I am improving, but am not ready to share them yet. I absolutely love the mocha kits, the complexion looks so beautiful, and I cannot wait to be content enough with my skills to add a mocha Pullip to my collection!

Rise by Poison Girl's Dolls in her Snow White dress.Coming back to my advent calendar, something I was saving for weeks, was Rise’s Snow White dress from It’s My Caprice. I am getting repetitive, when it comes to my admiration for Michelle’s work, but her dresses are little pieces of art, which I could never get tired of. The fact that she was able to interpret Snow White’s classical dress from the Disney movie into a more luxurious version, makes my heart sing everytime I look at Rise and her cute little face. I love the white collar out of lace so much and every detail on the hemline. Can you tell, how happy I am! >< I sure am a fangirl for everything Pullip and Pullip fashion! There will be more pictures with ‘Snow White with the Red Hair’ because fairytale motives make me happy! ๐Ÿ˜€ Continue reading My Dolly Week #42: Taking a Breather (but not without Dolls)!

Re-ment: Little Twin Stars ‘Starry Sky Bakery’

Momo, my Pullip Kiyomi with Little Twin Stars Re-mentsThe outside of the box.It has been a while, since I got a whole set from Re-ment, but this adorable set starring Little Twin Stars from Sanrio and its typical color scheme of pastels just spoke to me. I honestly cannot wait to show you each box separately because these are just too cute to not write about them. Continue reading Re-ment: Little Twin Stars ‘Starry Sky Bakery’

My Junie Moon Haul 2017

Bee and Ki-chan in Junie Moon Dollywear.Today I want to share with you my tiny treasures from the Junie Moon stores in Shibuya and Shinjuku, which are specializing in selling Blythe dolls and accessories for them. Those stores are absolutely amazing, since most of their stuff can also fit different dolls like Pullip, Azone Pure Neemo M and Momoko. If you ever are going to visit one of them, do be prepared to spend a lot of money or at least to be in constant danger to do so! Continue reading My Junie Moon Haul 2017

Review: Pullip Premium Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Ver.

Pullip Kiyomi in her stockEverybody that knows a little bit about Groove Inc.’s Pullip release history, knows how much Groove loves to bring out recolored versions of their dolls. In early 2016 Pullip Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Ver. was released, a recolored version of the original 2012 Kiyomi from the Beary Fairy series. Next to being a recolored version of an older release, which had been long sold out, Groove also called Mint Ice Cream Kiyomi part of a new Pullip Premium series. Until now there have been two more Pullip Premium releases, both recolored versions, Romantic Alice Monochrome and Veritas Deep Crimson. Continue reading Review: Pullip Premium Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Ver.