Re-ment: Welcome to PIKACHU room!

Welcome to PIKACHU room! is a Re-ment set that came out in late 2016 and generally consists out of eight blind boxes. I bought the whole set, which comes in a sealed box that promises to contain the complete set and no doubles. Every set consists out of several items that are Pokémon-themed and a leaflet that explains each item in Japanese. At the very back of the leaflet, there is always at least one bonus item to cut out of and add to your set. Now please let me share everything with you!

Are you a fan of Pikachu? Have you ever dreamt of a PIKACHU room? Here's your chance!
Are you a fan of Pikachu? Have you ever dreamt of a PIKACHU room? Here’s your chance!

1. Favorite interior

Favorite interior: That mirror!
Favorite interior: I want that mirror!

The first set contains two of the bigger items, which is the tall mirror and the hatstand, which has to be assembled. The mirror is not functional, but very cute with the Pikachu on top of it. You also get a Pikachu shopping bag and a see-through figure to decorate your room with. The last item is a brown trash can with a Pichu (baby Pikachu) on it and you can cut out an extra rug out of your leaflet.

2. Happy breakfast

Happy breakfast: Omurice and toast!
Happy breakfast: Omurice and toast!

As the name suggests, this set is very food centered. Basically, our breakfast consists out of some omurice (omelett filled with rice and ketchup) and toast. The omurice itself is shaped like Pikachu’s head (who could eat that sweet, sweet face?!) and comes with some tiny green garnish, which is both supposed to go on the Pikachu plate and eaten with a silver spoon that has a Pokéball on top. Additionally you also get a ketchup bottle, which is Pikachu themed as well, that opens and closes. My favorite thing from this set is the yellow Pikachu toaster that comes with one piece of toast with Gengar on it. With the Pikachu tail on its side, you can pop the piece of Gengar in and out of your toaster. You can also cut out a Pikachu place mat out of the complimentary leaflet.

3. Drawing practice

Drawing practice: That's what I need!
Drawing practice: That’s what I need!

The biggest piece of the third set is the Pokéball themed desk, which is such a nice accessory to have, when you like to take pictures of toys. You also get a Pikachu desk lamp, which looks quite unusual, but that’s what the description says. Then there is a cute drawing of Pikachu, a Pokéball and some flowers. The tiniest parts of the set are supposed to go into the Pikachu pen holder and consist out of a pencil, a yellow pen and the tiniest eraser ever. You can cut out a lovely poster from the leaflet, which features Pikachu and Pichu. It is a very lovely set and one of my favorites!

4. Pokémon goods

Pokémon goods: Finally we get to Pokémon! ;-)
Pokémon goods: Finally we get to Pokémon!

This set is so nice! I love the tiny Pikachu slippers (which are unfortunately too tiny for my dolls, but I will figure something out) and the Pikachu clock. Look how happy he is, telling you the time! You also get a desk calender, which features a sticker for the month of October and a Charmander. To bring back another first generation starter Pokémon, you will find a green Bulbasaur on the flower pot, which houses a mini-tree that is shaped like Pikachu’s head. If you want it to get even more adorable than that, check out your leaflet, from which you can cut out a pin board, which features pictures of Eevee and Pikachu sleeping next to each other or Pikachu and Pichu!

5. Break time

Break time: Everything is so adorable!
Break time: Everything is so adorable!

In my imagination, the one living in this Pikachu room is somebody working for Pokémon that illustrates Pokémon for a living. With the amount of Pokémon goods that are getting pumped out each week, you would seriously need to take a break from time to time! Squirtle animates you to drink from its bottle of soda, while you can snack from your pink Pokéball plate with two Pikachu cookies on it. The set also comes with a Pikachu pillow to sit on and a Pikachu MP3-player that has Pokéball themed headphones. The last item is a humidifier in shape of a Masterball, which you can actually open, and you can cut out and fold your own Pikachu cookie box from the leaflet.

6. Watch television

Watch television: Time for more Pokémon anime!
Watch television: Time for more Pokémon anime!

This set is another favorite of mine, since it comes with this nice looking TV. You have to cut out one of the images from your leaflet (I chose the one with several Pokémon) and easily stick the two halves together. Quick and easy enough for children! In general, I would say that the whole Re-ment sets never require any complicated craftsmanship and would totally recommend them to parents, as long as your children are old enough not to swallow small parts. To round up your TV night, you also get a glass of lemon juice and a big bowl of popcorn that features Eevee and Pikachu on its packaging.

7. Tea time

Tea time: It's always 5 o'clock somewhere!
Tea time: It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!

The Tea time set features a lovely Pikachu tea pot and tea cup, for which you can cut out two different coasters from your leaflet. You can also cut out a napkin and chopsticks, although those would be extra tiny. This set also comes with a big item, which is a yellow shelf with brown feet and a lightning bolt on its side. For your entertainment, while enjoying your tea, you also get two Pokémon novels. One is opened and even features cute illustrations.

8. Relax time

Relax time: This Pikachu is my spirit animal!
Relax time: This Pikachu is my spirit animal!

After having a break, watching TV and having tea time, you are in need of relaxing! Sounds like my favorite kind of day! It also seems to be Pikachu’s favorite, since this is the set our main star comes with. It is a Pichaku body pillow, which explains his irregular mould and implies his squishiness. To fully relax you can light your Superball candle and read your Weekly Pokémon magazine, which also fits perfectly next to the other books on the shelf. Because being too relaxed, often lets you fall asleep, you should make use of your Pikachu toothbrush and Vaporeon tooth paste first which you can both store in your Pikachu cup. As a bonus you can cut out and glue together your own Pikachu diary!

There is so much stuff in this set! Let's play!
There is so much stuff in this set! Let’s play!

When you buy the whole set, you also get this cardboard floor and wall to imitate your Pikachu room even better. There is so much stuff in total, which makes it impossible to fit it all in. But it looks just so adorable and I will use individual pieces as nerdy accessories for my dolls.

I hope that this review has been helpful. Do you own any Re-ment sets or do you like buying their single blind boxes?

Thank you so much for reading!


4 thoughts on “Re-ment: Welcome to PIKACHU room!”

  1. AAHHHH!!! SO KAWAII!!!!!

    I can’t bear how cute everything is! It really is such a nice set. Don’t you wish everything was life sized? Or we were doll sized so we could enjoy everything? Thank you for reviewing it – I can’t wait to get it for my nephew.

    I bought my daughter the Sanrio “Iimono Umaimono” re-ment set for her birthday.
    But really, my sister and I were the ones who enjoyed it the most! It’s a wonderful set. Little surprises in each box (like this one!) I need to take some photos of my dolls with them!

    1. You are very welcome! I really enjoyed playing around with it. I often wish, I was doll-sized and could borrow my dolls’ clothes. That would be so much fun. And then I would rock my Pokémon headphones! 😉

      I just clicked on the link and gee! Why does every Re-ment set have to be so much fun?! And you are right, you always get a lot more surprises than you first think! 😀

      If you take some photos of your dolls with the Re-ments, please share them on your instagram! Have a lovely day! <3

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