Re-ment: Sumikko Gurashi ‘Sumikko Patisserie’

Rise is Sailor Strawberry and likes strawberries!Sumikko PatisserieOops, I did it again: I got a Re-ment set, got lost in the miniature world for Pullips, Pullips…I am sorry, but it had to get out someday that I was a big Britney fan growing up and that I am still singing this song everytime I get something, I really like! 😀 Sumikko Gurashi are my favourite characters for so-called ‘character goods’ from Japan because they are simply too cute. If you are not familiar with the characters and their names yet, don’t worry: I emphasized them in the text, so you won’t get confused in the Sumikko universe too much. I hope, you will enjoy this post full of sweets with sweet faces on them! Continue reading Re-ment: Sumikko Gurashi ‘Sumikko Patisserie’

Re-ment: Little Twin Stars ‘Starry Sky Bakery’

Momo, my Pullip Kiyomi with Little Twin Stars Re-mentsThe outside of the box.It has been a while, since I got a whole set from Re-ment, but this adorable set starring Little Twin Stars from Sanrio and its typical color scheme of pastels just spoke to me. I honestly cannot wait to show you each box separately because these are just too cute to not write about them. Continue reading Re-ment: Little Twin Stars ‘Starry Sky Bakery’

Re-ment: Welcome to PIKACHU room!

Welcome to PIKACHU room! is a Re-ment set that came out in late 2016 and generally consists out of eight blind boxes. I bought the whole set, which comes in a sealed box that promises to contain the complete set and no doubles. Every set consists out of several items that are Pokémon-themed and a leaflet that explains each item in Japanese. At the very back of the leaflet, there is always at least one bonus item to cut out of and add to your set. Now please let me share everything with you!

Are you a fan of Pikachu? Have you ever dreamt of a PIKACHU room? Here's your chance!
Are you a fan of Pikachu? Have you ever dreamt of a PIKACHU room? Here’s your chance!

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