My Dolly Week #74: Rikku Changes Things!

Welcome to a new Dolly Week, everybody! This time I am one year older and the proud owner of my first MiniFee and Silkstone Barbie.

The ending of ‘Final Fantasy X’ completely broke my heart and I am now playing its successor ‘FFX-2’. I love these games so much, it makes me so happy that I called my MiniFee Shushu, Rikku! I actually think that it fits her character really well and that she is super cute. Last week her wig came in the mail and now only her shoes are missing for her first video appearance. I love her so much, it is literally a whole new world!

For my birthday I got the Proudly Pink Signature Barbie by Mattel. She has a vintage design, is made out of Silkstone (a heavier, higher quality material than their usual plastic) and has the coolest hair colour, I’ve ever seen! I could not bring myself to unbox her yet, but maybe tomorrow I’ll get enough time for an unboxing and review video!

Also for my birthday, my husband was the cutest and agreed to style one of my Pullips for me. He chose Fern, my Optical Queen, and put her into a navy blue preppy dress by Azone International. I added Perhona’s hat, which I got at Tokyo One Piece Tower and the cape by Princesa Yukijiro. Now I only want to add a blouse to her look, but I think that he nailed it, which makes me very proud, hihi!

Just one hour away from Vienna, there is a beautiful region, called ‘Wachau’ along the Danube. Today my parents took us along for a lovely day in the sun. I am going to show off more pretty pictures of it in my Instagram Stories and Momo, Pullip Kiyomi Mint, was enjoying her day as well, which you can see in the post above!

I am not completely sure, what next week will bring, but I will keep an open mind, since I hope that some pool time will be involved. And hopefully Rikku will get her shoes!

Thank you so much for reading!


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